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Trusted Leadership Advisor – Free ebook!

Nathan Magnuson

I’m happy to announce that last week I posted my first ebook Trusted Leadership Advisor: Accelerating the Leadership Journey of Others.

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New eBook: Our Top 16 Blog Posts of 2016


What better time than the start of a new year to look back as a way to look forward. Free Downloads

Marketing your book on Amazon – five tips to boost sales of your Kindle ebook

Krishna De

This is especially helpful for giving your ebook a boost on Amazon. Two Bonus Tips To Help You Sell More eBooks On The Amazon Kindle.

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New eBook: How To Think Like A CEO


My new eBook, How To Think Like A CEO , helps you look inside the brain of your CEO. Understanding how others think is critical to influencing them and getting results. It’s the key to persuading people and moving them to action. Doing so will help you take stock of your own professional strengths and weaknesses. And five more!

New eBook: The Workplace Diet - Communication & Leadership Strategies You Need To Cook Up Great Results


It was this thought that inspired me to write The Workplace Diet eBook. Learn how to: Clearly share expectations with your team. David Grossma

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The 3 Best Leadership & Communication eBooks of 2013


Here are the most popular (meaning helpful) eBooks we published in 2013. You voted, and the results are in! David Grossman

New eBook – Bosses: Good vs. Bad, 6 Must-Do Strategies to Lead with Your Inner Angel


Download our new free eBook, Bosses: Good vs. Bad and get 6 must-do strategies to ensure you lead with your inner angel. Don’t be a bad boss.

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eBook Teaches How To Manage Email In The Workplace

Eric Jacobson

Finally, in the ebook, Grossman talks about the CEO of French technology giant Atos, who plans to phase out internal emails by 2014.

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Make Way for Introverts in Business and Leadership!

C-Level Strategies

As many of you now know, I was inspired by my blog readers to write a series of similar blog posts that has now been turned into an eBook!

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Possibility Maximizer: More Free eBooks From Ben Eubanks!

Maximizing Possibility

To I have a special 3-for-1 post for you featuring three great eBooks from Ben Eubanks. The Resources: 3 Recent eBooks by Ben Eubanks: Where do you Think You're Going? A Guide to Onboarding and New Hire Orientation A while back you may recall that I featured another free eBook from Ben Eubanks. Happy Friday! Enjoy!

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Leadership Caffeine™ for the Project Manager eBook Now Available!

Management Excellence

We've Moved! Update your Reader Now. This feed has moved to: [link] Update your reader now with this changed subscription address to get your latest updates from us. Leadership Leadership Caffeine Leadership Caffeine Podcast Project Management Project Leadership Resources for Project Managers

Special Leadership Savings at

Coaching Tip

Special Limited Time Offer for purchase of this new eBook on Wednesday, June 11 th beginning at 11AM Eastern U.S. Time Zone: $1.99.

Free How-to Coaching Ebook for People Who Help Each Other

Building Personal Strength

We also offer this ebook free to people who want to do their best when helping others succeed. Who do you coach? I hope you find it helpful.

The Introvert’s Guide to Boosting Your Career Through Blogging

C-Level Strategies

A sincere thank you to @sarahmae who inspired me 2 write an eBook when she co-hosted #blogchat last spring! HER eBook: [link].

The Great Leadership Development and Succession Planning eBook

Great Leadership By Dan

I'm pleased to announce the availability of my first eBook! toolkit leadership development amazon ebook succession planningJoel A.

New Communication eBook: The Courageous Communicator Quest


So it was with that my latest eBook – The Courageous Communicator Quest – was born. Be prepared to: Unlearn some of what you have learned.

New eBook: Tips, Tactics, and Strategies for Your Leadership Toolbox


Whether you use all the tools or just a few selectively, visit and download our new eBook today!

Graceful Leadership 101 (Free PDF)


People are promoted to lead others based on their seniority in technical areas. More considerate and kind. How can you use this list?

New eBook - Cutting to Win: 6 Steps for Getting Employees on Your Side During Cost Cuts


Drawing from case studies of leading businesses, our latest eBook, Cutting to Win: 6 Steps for Getting Employees on Your Side During Cost Cuts , offers 6 critical steps and strategies to help you navigate through times of change within your company, including: Use a smart, well-planned and fair process. Build a strong business case.

I’ve Got Bad News & Good News.

Rich Gee Group

I’ve developed an eBook that will help you not only hit the ground running — but it will accelerate your job search exponentially. Enjoy!

New eBook—Top 10 Barriers Communicators Face: How to Get Your Leader on Board with Internal Communication


This eBook will help communication professionals recognize the 10 most common barriers to effective communication that leaders construct. Helping leaders lead more effectively and courageously is one of the biggest challenges that today’s communication professionals face. Trapped in the tactical. Not engaged in communication planning.

Your Favorite eBooks From 2014: On Top CEO Care-Abouts, Internal Communications Barriers & Effective Communication Strategies


As we head toward the New Year, I wanted to share with you the Top 3 most popular eBooks from 2014. We’re humbled when we hit the mark on content that makes a difference for you. Use them to learn something new before year-end, to finish 2014 strong, or to make resolutions for what you want to work on in 2015. Here they are in order: 3.

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A Reference Guide to Build Leadership Skills

Coaching Tip

Kindle Edition (eBook or paperback): John Agno: Can''t Get Enough Leadership: Self-Coaching Secrets . Buy all eBook formats at S mashwords: . With so much structural change happening within the world economy, people recognize that we need leaders more than ever before. In the past 15-20 years, that output has more than doubled.

New eBook: 7 Most Important Ways to Reduce Email Overload @ Work


Few companies are immune to email overload inside their organization today, it’s costly and needs to be managed. Free Downloads

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Interpersonal Dynamics @ Work

Coaching Tip

Can't Get Enough Leadership (ebook at $.99). ebook at $.99). More importantly: is there anything that can be done about it? It can.

New eBook - Enterprise Social Media: 5 Ways to Maximize Trust and Master Social Media on the Inside


In the world of internal communications, few tools have enhanced the way employees learn and interact, as much as social media. Free Downloads

New eBook - The A-List Part 2: Strategic Leadership Through Big-Picture Communication


And in case you missed it - the first ebook in the series focused on “Getting to Know Your Employees.” Can a list make you a better leader?

New eBook: Our Top 14 Blog Posts of 2014—Your Favorite leadercommunicator Posts Together in One Place to Help You Lead Even Better in the New Year


I’ve compiled the most viewed and shared posts—each full of actionable leadership strategies— and created an eBook for them. And 9 more!

Employee Engagement: A Story and a Few Resources


eBook on Employee Engagement that features best ideas, specific tips and stories about engagement. A few more resources for HR Leaders: Ben Eubanks also compiled an eBook " Onboarding and New Hire Orientation " David Zinger is a thought leader in employee engagement whom I have admired since long. How do we engage our people?

Get the New Free Ebook! The A List: The 17 Most Read, Most Commented On, and Most Thought-Provoking Lists for Communicating Your Way to Great Leadership


Who doesn't love a list? Without fail, my list articles have been the most popular and the most shared. Download it today

David Grossman Offers New eBook For Communications Professionals

Eric Jacobson

Communications expert David Grossman of The Grossman Group has a new eBook that's free and available for download.

Developing a Habit to Think

Coaching Tip

Women, Know Thyself: The most important knowledge is self-knowledge. (ebook and paperback editions) . Women and Time (ebook and paperback editions) . ebook and Workbook Edition in paperback at $13.41) . It is important to spend time thinking strategically about the future of your business. What does it look like?

Do You Know Your Personality Type?

Coaching Tip

When Doing It All Won't Do: A self-coaching guide for career women. (ebook edition $0.99, Workbook Edition in paperback $13.41) .

Must-Read eBooks From David Grossman

Eric Jacobson

He also offers for free via his website a host of ebooks about primarily leadership and communication.

Pay What You Want Ebooks


What happened when readers got to choose which price to pay for a bundle of ebooks? The result may surprise you

Complimentary Resource – How to Create Effective eBooks for your Clients

Strategy Driven

How to Create Effective eBooks for your Clients. Download this template now and learn: How to effectively use PowerPoint to create eBooks.

101 Ways to Unleash Your Potential

Kevin Eikenberry

Leadership Learning Personal Development e-book ebook free potentialTypically in this space I write about books (about 80% of the time) written by other people. I review these books because they are excellent resources, and as people often tell me my recommendations are expensive, because I influence them to buy a lot of books! I’m sorry.

David Grossman's Five Steps To Thrive eBook -- Communication Primer For Leaders

Eric Jacobson

David has worked with Microsoft, Cisco Systems and Virgin Atlantic, and is the president and founder of The Grossman Group in Chicago, IL.

New ebook – The “Secret Weapon” Every CEO Needs: 11 Pieces of Solid Evidence That Prove the Value of Effective Internal Communications


Our latest eBook –The “Secret” Communications Weapon Every CEO Needs: 11 pieces of Solid Evidence Proving the Value in Communications— will help you understand the importance of internal communications for your organization. CEOs are under more communication pressure than ever before. Internal Communications.

Visionary Leadership: Proof of Power in Pursuing Passion

C-Level Strategies

She is now making a full-time living focusing on ePublishing and on creating communities around her eBooks. Sarah Mae is one of these people.

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