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A CEO’s Unintended Consequence of Joining LinkedIn

C-Level Strategies

And then he shared with me something I hadn’t anticipated. When I told them, they seemed to breathe a sigh of relief. Thank you!

CEO 116

20 Things to Stop Waiting For


Leaders everywhere are called “leaders” because they don’t wait for things to happen. If you want to be a leader, you must stop waiting for someone else to: Say what needs to be said when others aren’t. Yes, it’s risky, but who better than a leader to say it? Simplify the complexity. Take away frustrating barriers.

Who is an Entrepreneur?

Rajesh Setty

It’s hard to “box” an entrepreneur as there are so many different kinds of them. Here they are (in no particular order). #1

Business Leader Future : A Sketch

Leading in Context

Leading in a Complex Global Context I did some research about global trends and challenges and how they will change the way we lead in the future. The answers I found explain why we sometimes feel that we're in a perpetual state of disequilibrium.

Who is your Tom Brady?

Bud to Boss

Football fan or not, the Super Bowl is this weekend. Patriots fan or not, the New England Patriots are headed to Super Bowl XLVI. Whether you are a die-hard Pats fan, a “Hatriot” or an uninterested bystander, it’s hard not to at least respect the partnership of Coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady. Which ones make you better?

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Share the why as you share the what…

Ron Edmondson

When you are leading people…. When you are introducing change…. When you want people to follow…. When you want buy-in to the plans….

Win the Rat Race: Taking 6 Steps Back

Linked 2 Leadership

Remembering that “everyone running the rat race is still a rat,” I have lately been watching some beautiful 1950’s black and white films to hearken back to a slower time. I’m particularly drawn to their lavish sets, dramatic dialogue and most desirably, the simplicity of life.

Film 25

Should I Consider Full-Time Vocational Ministry?

Ron Edmondson

I get asked this question a lot… I spent more than twenty years in business before entering vocational ministry. Many hear that and turn to me for advice on the subject of transitioning into a full-time ministry position. Here is an email I received recently: (I changed a few details to protect identities, but left the intent the same.).

How To Inspire People.

Rich Gee Group

Tell them WHY you do it. Business Coaching C-Level Career Coaching Tip Media Piece Social Media Ways & Tips TED

What’s the Companies goal & how do you fit in? Team Building Activity

Create Learning

The majority of problems within teams and organizations comes from unclear goals. What’s The Goal? Objective. Materials. Flip chart paper. Markers.

Getting Corporate Leaders Coming to You

Leadership Freak

** Don’t worry about getting noticed by senior leadership; care but don’t worry. Mike Myatt said, “Great leaders don’t need to worry about influencing the C-Suite, the C-Suite will always come to them.” Stop trying: Organizations don’t need needy people. Doug Conant remarked, “Don’t try too hard to connect with senior leadership.”

Feed It Forward

Marshall Goldsmith

I have observed more than 50,000 leaders from around the world as they participated in a fascinating experiential exercise, in which I ask participants to play two roles. In one role, they provide "Feed Forward ": They give another participant suggestions and as much as they can help with a specific issue. One of the most common words used is "fun."

Getting Corporate Leaders Coming to You

Leadership Freak

** Don’t worry about getting noticed by senior leadership; care but don’t worry. Mike Myatt said, “Great leaders don’t need to worry about influencing the C-Suite, the C-Suite will always come to them.” Stop trying: Organizations don’t need needy people. Doug Conant remarked, “Don’t try too hard to connect with senior leadership.”

Creating Demand: The Secrets of Truly Magnetic Offers

First Friday Book Synopsis

How do some companies generate runaway growth and extraordinary customer loyalty, even in a sluggish economy? Adrian Slywotzky, an Oliver Wyman senior partner and bestselling author, examines the unpredictable dynamics of demand creation in his latest book, Demand: Creating What People Love Before They Know They Want It.

Blog 16

Love this #ted talk from Shawn Achor - Will help you be happier.

Management Craft

Check out this supercharged and amusing talk from Shawn Achor - it is excellent and has the potential to help us all live more fulfilling - and successful - lives. 12 minutes. Breakthroughs Workplace Happiness

Losing the War of Talent, a Telling Leading Indicator – The Challenge for RIM (BlackBerry)

First Friday Book Synopsis

As in ancient times, talent has become the coin of the realm. Companies that multiply their human talents will prosper. Companies that don’t will struggle. Talented People are scarce. Ed Michaels, Helen Handfield-Jones, Beth Axelrod: The War for Talent ————— So, here’s the problem. People do [.].

Blog 16

Innovation Soul Food? Irritation!

Mills Scofield

Seriously! You know when you have an idea for a new business, product, service or process and you tell someone and they pick it apart? Great advice!

Harvard Business Review on Aligning Technology with Strategy: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Harvard Business Review on Aligning Technology with Strategy Various Contributors Harvard Business Review Press (2011) How and why technology should support your organization’s strategy…not the other way around This is one of the volumes in a series of anthologies of articles that first appeared in Harvard Business Review. Crow David P.

Tame Your Technology and Get More Sleep

The Practical Leader

Electronic tools are incredible. They can enhance communications, build relationships, and increase time effectiveness.

Media 10

Why You Should Stop Trying to Delight Your Customers: The Idea in Practice

First Friday Book Synopsis

Here is an article written by Matthew Dixon, Lara Ponomareff, and Anastasia Milgramm for the Harvard Business Review blog. To read the complete article, check out the wealth of free resources, and sign up for a subscription to HBR email alerts, please click here. * * * The notion of going above and beyond customer needs [.].

Native Language – Use Common Phrases in Most Popular Languages

Modern Servant Leader

The world is shrinking. Across my career, I’ve worked on many multicultural and international teams. Hello - ?????. Goodbye - ?????. Yes - ???.

No One Asked My Opinion…But $100 Billion for What?

Management Excellence

As of this writing, the world is abuzz with the expected Facebook IPO. The number $100 billion is being floated and passed around (probably by those who stand to benefit from a big IPO), and whether real or wild speculation, that’s a number that gives one cause to pause. Management Education Social Commentary Strategy Dot Com Bust Facebook IBO


Top leaders have great communication skills

My Own Coach

Top Leaders need to have great communication skills because their whole purpose is about getting results through others. Can you a hold a conversation?

Seven Types Of Student Leaders To Avoid

Tim Milburn

In just a few short weeks, we will begin the process of selecting and electing new student leaders. I always have my eye out for potential leaders.

Leadership Transitions: How Not to Fail

Linked 2 Leadership

In the October 2009 edition of Chief Learning Officer, Michael D. Watkins’ article “The Eight Toughest Transitions for Leaders” outlined the top transitions that most business leaders have to navigate during their career.

The Days of "Manager Knows Best" Are Ending

Harvard Business Review

To get a glimpse of what tomorrow's young global managers might be like as leaders, take a look at how today's young people think about communications. For one thing, they are devoted to connectivity. Tomorrow's young managers will share these attitudes, and workplaces will inevitably become more flexible.

Call for Papers on SLR


As longtime readers know, several months ago we launched a partnership with the Strategic Leadership Review , an upstart scholarly journal with articles aimed at practitioners. You might notice the similarities in website design. From time to time, we highlight SLR articles. Today, we’re looking for a few more. Followership. Motivation.

When Presenting, Remember to Pause

Harvard Business Review

After several high school and college courses, a few classes at Berlitz, and numerous trips to France and Italy, I have developed enough facility in their languages to get by in their restaurants, hotels, and shops, but not nearly enough to have full conversations. Therein lies a lesson for presenters. Communication Global business Presentations

The Effects of Excessive Ego


An excessive ego can be a chain that slows our advance. It can also resemble a curtain that keeps out the light. All of us have fallen under its spell.

Crisis 2

Fiat's Smart U.S. Launch Strategy — Really

Harvard Business Review

The automotive press has been relentlessly critical of Chrysler CEO Sergio Marcchione — savior of Chrysler and Italy's auto industry — about Fiat's return to the United States. The company's initial foray, the Fiat 500 , sold only about 26,000 units in its first year, far short of Marcchione's 50,000 unit goal. in the next two years.

Not So Cozy


At Unhappy Hipsters : When it came to staring contests, they were a triple-threat


Instead, Develop the Traits That Matter

Self Help Zen

She was managing one of the most important projects of the company for past 26 months. One day, the junior most team member asked her if he was smart, she said, “No”. He asked him again if he thinks that he wanted to have him in her team, she said “No”. He thought he had heard enough and wanted to resign. Some team members are indispensable.

Setting the Stage


Let's see now. I'll be working this evening on a plan to roll out a brilliant and insightful (if-I-say-so-myself) workshop. Should I have some depressing news reports droning in the background or pop in an excellent Gershwin CD that will increase brainpower and spirits? Decisions, decisions

Crowd-Sourced Labor: Will It Trump Permanent Employment?

Harvard Business Review

A few weeks ago, I wrote up some of the trends that I'm going to be watching in 2012. One was the interesting phenomena of access to assets replacing ownership of assets in more and more realms. Indeed, owning anything may soon be seen as an industrial-age relic in a lot of cases. Indeed, a lot of "regular" jobs aren't all that attractive.