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Say Yes to Being Late (in these four situations)

Kevin Eikenberry

Most successful people pride themselves on being on top of things, delivering when promised and generally being on time. In fact the highest achievers are typically high achievers because they don’t procrastinate and are able to get lots done on time. Think about this another way, most of us have been taught the value of [.]. Leadership Learning

The Happiness Advantage: Escaping the Cult of the Average

Strategy Driven

Excerpt from The Happiness Advantage … The graph below (see Figure 1) may seem boring, but it is the very reason I wake up excited every morning.

Exercise your way to productivity

Chartered Management Institute

I like to keep active and regularly ride a few hundred km on my bike each week. It's a very rare day when I return from my ride feeling more sluggish than when I left, with such increases in general energy resulting in more productive time as the brain is jolted into life by the physical exertions.

101 Ways to Unleash Your Potential

Kevin Eikenberry

Typically in this space I write about books (about 80% of the time) written by other people. I review these books because they are excellent resources, and as people often tell me my recommendations are expensive, because I influence them to buy a lot of books! I’m sorry. Well, not that sorry). Today, I humbly [.].

Do You Need to Take the WHAT Test?

Ron Edmondson

W H A T. I’ve often written this with three steps, but I’ve found something is more memorable if it has an easy to remember formula. Where Where do you want to go? Seriously talk through the end goal. What do you want to accomplish? Define a win! Make sure this part is very clear up front. How – How will you get there?

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Ones Should be CEOs, Twos Should Not

Leading Blog

Vivek Ranadivé and Kevin Many say that technology is reaching a breaking point. The amount of data is even overwhelming computing capabilities. A new model of information technology is needed. A new model is being found by applying the predictive nature of the brain to the way computers "think." We chuck all types of information.

Kevin Maney: An interview by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Kevin Maney is an author and journalist who has interviewed many of the biggest names in business in a career spanning 25 years. His most recent book is Trade-Off: Why Some Things Catch On, and Others Don’t, published in 2009 by Broadway Books. His other published books include the critically-acclaimed The Maverick and His Machine: [.].

Blog 16

Corporate Team Building & Leadership

Create Learning

Working with a group of executives that are all re-starting their academic careers in pursuit of an Executive MBA is a challenge that I welcome.

The September Leadership Development Carnival: Back to School Sale


Drive on over the Great Leadership site, grab your shopping cart and browse the contributions of bloggers who are offering a great selection of posts on leadership. But WAIT!!! For stopping over to this massive sale, we’ll give you more than you bargained for. Yes, click now and experience great insights for FREE! Thanks Dan for

Of Elves, Links, and Leadership Quotes

Steve Farber

For those of you who follow me on Twitter , you may have noticed a steady stream of links (at the rate of a couple a day, usually) to great thoughts and perspectives on leadership from fellow voices in the leadership blogosphere (do we still call it that?) It’s a time-consuming endeavor, finding all that good stuff. But I’m lucky.

When smart people are bad employees

First Friday Book Synopsis

Here is an except from a post featured at Ben’s Blog where Ben Horowitz shares his wit and wisdom about the most important business issues. To read the complete article, check out others, and sign up for a free subscription, please click here. * * * In hi-tech, intelligence is always a critical element in [.].

How Will You Be Remembered As A Leader?

Eric Jacobson

As a leader, you likely have asked yourself, " How do I want to be remembered as a leader ?" You can't be afraid of trying something".

The Communicators: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

The Communicators: Leadership in an Age if Crisis Richard S. Bob's blog entries Charles Slack Effective leadership as demonstrated by mindset-guided and values-driven behavior Lao Tzu Richard S. Levick Sun Tzu Tao Te Ching The Art of War The Communicators: Leadership in an Age if Crisis Watershed Press

What have the Archbishop of Canterbury, a boy who makes jam and the author of a book about getting more out of the public sector got in common?

Chartered Management Institute

Amazingly, the answer is they are all entrants in the eBook category of this year’s CMI Management Book of the year competition. Related Content: Update on CMI Management Book of the Year entries How and why do companies, governments and their leaders fail? The maddest management book title ever?

Learning is to Leadership as Seeding is to Reaping

The Practical Leader

This week kicks off a new academic year in much of the Northern Hemisphere. September, from the Tres Riches Heures du Duc de Berry.

Why Labor Day Needs a More Inspirational Name

C-Level Strategies

Don’t you wish instead of celebrating “Labor Day&# we were celebrating “Passion Day?&#. Happy Passion Day, America! ~.

In Search of NOWLeaders…NOW

You're Not the Boss of Me

This week’s post is a little different from my usual fare. As you read it, I’d like to ask you to think about leaders you know. If so, why is that?

Art Break: Habermann's Women


Art Contrarian looks at the work of Freiherr Hugo von Habermann


Before You Try to Change Your Organization, Understand Why People Fight it So Fiercely

Strategy Driven

Change is hard. Changing your organization is even harder – sometimes, nearly impossible. Jolt! : In Jolt! It’s all about me. About the Author.

Great Moments in Advertising: Banned Ads


At Business Pundit : 10 ads that were banned for sexual content. I would have posted this earlier but I had to go buy a new Renault

Multi dimensional goal setting

Jason Womack

I learn best when 2 things happen: 1. Information comes toward me in a variety of ways; and 2. Information comes toward me again, later. Is a goal you have set for the next 6-18 months clear? Do you know where you are heading, ready to turn left when it's time? See it : Surely you've got a to do list that you update with some regularity. See it.

First Paragraph


Somewhere near Venice, Guy began talking with a heavy, elderly man, a refugee from Germany on his way to Trieste. Guy asked questions. The refugee eagerly replied. Neither seemed aware when the train stopped. In the confusion of a newly created war, the train was stopping every twenty minutes or so. From The Great Fortune by Olivia Manning

Some thoughts on Learning Individuals in Learning Organizations

First Friday Book Synopsis

What have you learned? When have you learned? How do you keep learning? Does the average employee get better at his or her job? Does the average company/organization actually help people learn, so that that they can get better? Are you getting better at your job? (Yes, Yes, go ahead and ask me: “Are you, Randy [.].



"You asked for my opinion. I've listened to both sides and here's my take on the situation. Jack is alleging that Mary made an offensive remark. Mary notes that there is nothing inherently insensitive, offensive, or cruel about her remark. Jack concedes that point but alleges that the context, given various events, makes the comment offensive.


Honor and Esteem our Workers; Protect our Workers – Two Simple Reminders on this Labor Day

First Friday Book Synopsis

I have two simple recommendations for Labor Day: #1 – Let’s honor and esteem our workers. #2 2 – Let’s protect our workers. There seems to be a whole lot of anti-labor sentiment these days. That is, I think, a little wrong-headed. And it reveals some very short memories. Let’s take them in reverse order: #2 –Let’s [.].

Quote of the Day


Precision is not reality. Henri Matisse


Leadership Quote

Eric Jacobson

This quote from James Varrichio is inspiring: " Motivated by achieving the impossible honorably.".

September Leadership Development Carnival-Back to School Sale Edition

Management Excellence

Run, don't walk to get a jump on the other shoppers over at Dan McCarthy's Great Leadership site, with the September Leadership Development Carnival-Back to School Sale edition. Dan is marking down and moving out the best ideas in leadership and management to help make the unofficial end to summer a bit more bearable for all of us.

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Krishna De

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Teen Smoking - Jason Gets an Earful from His Uncle

Building Personal Strength

Jason and Uncle Earl were sitting on folding chairs in front of his uncle’s open garage door. They were cleaning and oiling tools. No, I don’t. No.” “If