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7 Essentials For A Quality Culture

The Leadership Advisor

Culture is a simple way of saying how an organization expresses itself internally and externally. No organization is without culture.

Leave Before You Have To…

Ron Edmondson

You’ll do more harm to your reputation, your attitude and the organization during the miserable days. Can the Founder Ever Leave?

Working on holiday? Would the worliday work for you?

Chartered Management Institute

Since the arrival of smart phones and other technologies the line between work and play have become a little fuzzy, the general feeling is that the work-life blance is becoming more work than life but Lucy Kellaway of the Financial Times thinks a 'Worliday' is the answer. You are not watching this post, click to start watching

Hacking the Creative Process

Leading Blog

While creativity is associated with artists, creativity is really part of life. It is how we shape our work into something meaningful. Benjamin Franklin put it this way: “To cease to think creatively is but little different from ceasing to live.” While a designer will solve a problem visually, a manager may solve it by developing a new process.

On Leadership and Economic Combat

Linked 2 Leadership

The recent trend has moved toward ‘parachuting’ successful managers into troubled zones as a quick, easy way to improve performance. However, the analogy between combat and performance management doesn’t stop at ‘parachuting.’ So, below I [.].

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"Oops, I'm a manager! Where's the manual?"

What Do You Want From Them

Fresh out of college or professional certification school in your chosen field you've got a shiny new piece of paper that says you're qualified - that is until you have 20 employees staring you in the face looking for direction and one who barely shows up at all. What to do? There must be a manual for this part of life, right? Where to go?

Systems Drive Behaviors

Create Learning

“Mike, we need this team to talk more.”. Are they not talking now?”. “In Are they saying what you want to hear?”. What does the model say to do?”.

Putting It Back in the Box


When I was a kid, I had a love/hate relationship with the game of Monopoly. The idea of the game intrigued me. Erecting houses and hotels was a thrill.

Hotels 11

The August 2011 Leadership Development RoundTable Challenge: A Coaching Dilemma


Welcome to the August Round Table! How it works: each month, a core member of The Roundtable will introduce a leadership challenge and solicit a 200 word maximum answer from the other core members plus one special guest. Readers can then contribute their own answers and/or vote for their favorite below. Dan McCarthy, from Great Leadership.

Free English Test – Thailand

Talent Technologies

If you are looking for a free English language test in Thailand, then you may be interested in the document attached below. However, for a little bit more we believe we have the most reliable way to test a candidate’s English language skills. The world’s best English language test comes to Thailand. Let me explain. But it gets better.l.

Reinventing the Wheel: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Reinventing the Wheel: The Science of Creating Lifetime Customers Chris Zane Ben Bella Books (2011) How to establish and then sustain long-term (if not lifetime) customer relationships What we have in this book is a personal account by the founder and CEO of Zane’s Cycles. It began when Chris Zane was 12 and repairing bikes [.].

The Lost Art of Killing Time

Next Level Blog

This past weekend, I had the great opportunity to spend a couple of days with the crew of the U.S. Coast Guard cutter Venturous on patrol in the Florida Straits. I’m organizing my thoughts, pictures. Please click the headline to read the whole story. Random observations

Rediscovering Steinbeck at the Mayeux Family Reunion

First Friday Book Synopsis

I just got back from our now annual family reunion in Natchitoches, Louisiana. We talked, and ate, and talked, and ate… You know the routine. I ate gator, and shrimp, and brisket, and home-made ice cream (Yes, I went back for seconds thirds fourths. I ate at least one full week’s worth of calories in [.].

Blog 9

Management According To Thomas Teal

Eric Jacobson

Some words of wisdom from author Thomas Teal : Integrity in management means: being responsible. communicating clearly. keeping promises.



My friend Paul Batz wrote this blog post about a dear friend of ours and all of it is true. Lynn Casey. Leadership Lynn Casey


Be a Leader in Two Seconds

Leadership Freak

The more you’re respected the less you need to say and the more power you have. You can earn respect while you’re speaking if you speak with compassion, integrity, and competence. People feel compassion when your words align with their needs. People see integrity when they believe you’re speaking for the good of others. People [.].

Don't knock the placebo effect

Chartered Management Institute

The power of expectation is crucial to management. Whether you believe something will succeed or fail, you are probably right, says columnist Simon Caulkin. You are not watching this post, click to start watching

Crisis Management Essentials

Tanveer Naseer

The following is a guest post by Daniel Diermeier. Daniel is the IBM Professor of Regulation and Competitive Practices at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and the director of the Ford Motor Company Center for Global Citizenship. Business, it seems, has entered the age of crisis. Second, the crisis is misunderstood.

Radio Show: Lessons Learned From A Change Derailed

Change Starts Here

Listen to hear her story – plus the warning signs and lessons she learned so you can benefit from her experience. Change Agents

Google Concedes that Technology Isn't Free

Harvard Business Review

"If you want to dance, you must pay the fiddler.". billion. Google, the losing bidder in the Nortel auction, yesterday announced the $12.5 billion acquisition of Motorola Mobility , whose crown jewel is 17,000 awarded patents and 7,500 pending patents. Apple acquired more than 200 patents from Freescale. million) and S3 Graphics ($300 million).



Before there was Google, there was 3M. Before there was Zappos, there was Nordstrom. Before there was TOMS, there was Hershey. Innovation. Customer Service. Social Business practices. These ideas are not new. The champions are not the authors. There isn’t much unique about the “unique” practices they demonstrate. Click Here to Help Our Research.

The Problem with Perfection

Harvard Business Review

If you're not familiar with the law of diminishing returns , it states that at a certain point adding more effort will not produce significantly more gains. The challenge is knowing when you've reached that point. Several years ago I worked with a project team charged with increasing sales to its large corporate customers.

Human Performance Management Best Practice 3 – Qualify, Verify, and Validate

Strategy Driven

Human error reduction not only applies to the performance of operational activities but to analytical tasks as well. Want to learn more?

Vanity and Fear


Two paralyzing - and motivating - forces in life are vanity and fear. To direct them in positive directions, it helps to use some counterweights.



Before there was Google, there was 3M. Before there was Zappos, there was Nordstrom. Before there was TOMS, there was Hershey. Innovation. Customer Service. Social Business practices. These ideas are not new. The champions are not the authors. There isn’t much unique about the “unique” practices they demonstrate.

Organizational Controls In Non-Profits Are Instrumental To.

Michael VanBruaene


First Paragraph


The grocery store on Uhuru Avenue (formerly Queensway) was owned by Sam Fong, a Chinese immigrant. They called him an immigrant; actually he had lived in East Africa longer than the Prime Minister, who was an African. From Fong and the Indians by Paul Theroux


How old is your email?

The Organized Executive's Blog

When a friend complained that her email provider had lost all of her messages going back to 1999, I was unsympathetic. Why,” I asked, “would you be keeping email from 1999?”. If this had been my friend who can’t park in her garage because it’s stuffed with boxes, I wouldn’t have been surprised. You don’t need a separate set of folders in Outlook.

11% of Cell Phone Users are Just Pretending


Rob Long examines the ramifications of this serious national problem


Groupon Doomed by Too Much of a Good Thing

Harvard Business Review

"Alright, you caught us. We're actually not making any money. In fact, we are really losing a lot of money.". This is the essence of Groupon's declaration last week that it will remove the controversial accounting metric called Adjusted Consolidated Segment Operating Income (ACSOI) from its financial statements. million. million.

Vulnerability Management


Gary McCully on signs that your vulnerability management program is failing. An excerpt: As a security consultant, I have performed my share of quarterly vulnerability assessments for many of our clients. To my amazement, I find that the critical vulnerability I had said should be addressed as soon as possible had not been addressed

Time For New Yorker Levity From Barbara Smaller

Bird's Eye View

To be polite, you ask her, "so tell me about yourself, where you grew up and what you do.". Here's what Barbara says about her life.

Miscellaneous and Fast


Wally Bock : Make appointments with yourself. Narcissism : This should be required reading for selection committees. Mary Jo Asmus : "Midwest Nice" and conflict. Art Contrarian on depictions of Helen of Troy. Tanmay Vora : Change, vision, and execution. Der Spiegel : Nostalgia for the Berlin Wall. Rob Long : The secrets of Amish business

Charlie's Uncle Gives Him "The Talk"

Building Personal Strength

My friend Charlie told me this story. When he was 12, his uncle took him out for breakfast and they talked all morning. And not just guys. Almost.