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Steve Jobs vs. Herb Kelleher – Hero Worship vs. Servant Leadership

Modern Servant Leader

Top Row: Steve Jobs, Herb Kelleher; Bottom Row: Steve Wozniak, Tim Cook, Colleen Barrett, Gary Kelly. What is Hero Worship? Lacks sustainability.

3 Tips To De-Complexify Your Life.

Rich Gee Group

It's not as hard as you think. Blog Business Coaching C-Level Career Coaching Tip Ways & Tips Communication Complex Complexify Information Larry Constantine Presentations

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12 Things I’ve Learned About God

Ron Edmondson

God is not afraid to stretch you to fit His will. God is patient. God never lacks for resources. God has creative ways of accomplishing His will. God is never stressed by my current situation. God works bad for good in its time. God loves a good redemption story. God is never interested in a halftime commitment. God’s power knows no bounds.


Chris Brady

I love watching people who are at the top of their game. Whether it be the type of performance readily seen (such as sports, preaching, musical performing, acting, or public speaking), or those which. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]. LLR Daily Application

A conversation with executive coaching client Ron Dimon. Part 4

Tony Mayo

This latest podcast is part four of a funny and useful conversation between top executive coach Tony Mayo and his longtime client Ron Dimon. Ron is an expert on the use of information by executives of large organizations. Listen as two experienced business people play with useful ideas in this episode including; Low [.]. More at: [link].

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Academic Equality for Global Economic Survival

Coaching Tip

By Guest Author Jan K. Katz, MS. The middle-class axiom “study hard and you’ll get a good job” has proven untrue in the recent economic downturn. This axiom rarely exists at poverty level, where academic accomplishment could be interpreted as an attempt to separate oneself from the community. The United States only holds a middle rank. (5)

Have You Tied Your Organization’s Goals To Your Noble Cause?

Tanveer Naseer

Why do the goals that you’ve set out for your team to accomplish matter? At first, the answer to this question might seem obvious – the goals you’ve established are meant to ensure your organization’s continued profitability, to increase or sustain your market share, create a new demand for your products or services, and so forth.

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Hiring for Attitude: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Hiring for Attitude: A Revolutionary Approach to Recruiting Star Performers with Both Tremendous Skills and Super Attitude Mark Murphy McGraw-Hill (2012) With rare exception, attitude determines altitude Long ago, I became convinced that most human limits are self-imposed.

Do You Choose Trust?


Yes," they cried. The crowd again erupted into cheers of confidence in their hero. frontpage


Interview: Common obstacles PMs introduce

Crossderry Blog

This question — about problems project managers impose on their projects — wraps up my interview with Stephen Ritchie (@ruthlesshelp, blog here ). Haste. I like to say, “schedule pressure is the enemy of good design.” ” During project retrospectives, all too often, I find the primary technical design driver was haste.

Dave Gardner on Using Social Media to Connect With Big Companies

Rajesh Setty

The story was fascinating and it was very different from the stories that are common out there. How did this come to be? Dave Gardner: They sure did.

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Don't forget! Tomorrow you can to put a question to renowned management thinker Julian Birkinshaw

Chartered Management Institute

The latest CMI Management and Consulting Book Club Q&A sees CMI welcome Professor Julian Birkinshaw. Julian is Professor of Strategic and International Management at the London Business School. He is also Research Director and Co-founder of the Management Innovation Lab. You are not watching this post, click to start watching.

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How to Admit You Don’t Know All the Answers

First Friday Book Synopsis

Here is another valuable Management Tip of the Day from Harvard Business Review. To sign up for a free subscription to any/all HBR newsletters, please click here. Leaders who insist on making all the decisions often find themselves with disengaged employees. Bob's blog entries "Fire Harvard Business Review.

My shocking productivity habit

The Organized Executive's Blog

The first time people see me do it, they often seem stunned or uncomfortable. It takes them a moment to continue our conversation. But I have adopted this habit because I am committed to giving my full attention to the people and tasks in front of me. I will ignore a ringing phone. What practices allow you to control your attention? Image Source ].

What's Your Big Idea? How Many Can You Generate? #management #innovation

Management Craft

This post is inspired by four thoughts coming together. A few years ago I pitched a book idea to Berrett-Koehler's President, Steve Piersanti. He passed on the book because the idea was unremarkable. He asked, "what's your big idea?" And he said, "I don't see it here." He was right, BTW. He was wrong, BTW. Ironically, his topic is innovation.

Images From TeamBuilding & Leadership in Austin Texas.

Create Learning

I had a great time in Texas with ASQ’s Human Development & Leadership Division. 3 days of Team Development, planning and leadership facilitation.

It’s Always About Leadership

Management Excellence

Leaders step up during times of crisis. This is where people in positions of responsibility finally earn the right to the “L” label. Unfortunately, in this instance, much like just about every other crisis we’ve created or viewed, leadership seems to take a holiday, replaced by “everyone for himself” and “it’s not my fault.”.

Amy Lyman Kicked My Assumptions

Leadership Freak

** Marshall McLuhan said, “Most of our assumptions have outlived their uselessness.” Author, Amy Lyman showed me one of mine. Our assumptions expose us: Beliefs about, the world, ourselves, and others form assumptions. For example, some assume my direct style and enjoyment of controversy is a strategy to drive traffic to my blog. You might [.].

Dave Gardner on Using Social Media to Connect With Big Companies

Rajesh Setty

The story was fascinating and it was very different from the stories that are common out there. How did this come to be? Dave Gardner: They sure did.

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Leadership Look Back: The Top 10 Leadership eBooks of 2011

Linked 2 Leadership

It’s that time of year: The time to take a “Leadership Look Back” at the past year to see what eBook publications provided the greatest impact for people interested in leadership development, organizational health, and personal & professional growth.

"No" is the New "Yes": Four Practices to Reprioritize Your Life

Harvard Business Review

I was sitting with the CEO and senior team of a well-respected organization. One at a time, they told me they spend their long days either in back-to-back meetings, responding to email, or putting out fires. They also readily acknowledged this way of working wasn't serving them well — personally or professionally. Carpe Diem.

Managers: Embrace your flawedness - and everyone's. @brenebrown

Management Craft

I love this article from Brene Brown called, Want to be Happy? Stop trying to be perfect. When I teach management, I often talk about how we are all highly flawed and highly talented and embracing it all is a recipe for success (not just the talent part). I don't freak out when people do annoying or strange little things - we all do this.

How to Network Across Cultures

Harvard Business Review

This post is part of the HBR Insight Center, The Next Generation of Global Leaders. Picture this: You are at a networking event and see across the room a potential employer from a company you're interested in. You walk over to that person, look him in the eye, and say the following: "Hello, I noticed that you're from IBM. b) Not direct enough. (c)

Management Training Programmes for 2012

Talent Technologies

Special Offer Management Training Programmes (Thailand only). Communication – Presentation Talent! Presentation Talent! Latest News Leadership

Kodak and the Brutal Difficulty of Transformation

Harvard Business Review

2012 has not gotten off to a great start for Eastman Kodak. Three of the company's directors quit near the end of last year, and word recently emerged that the company was on the brink of filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The easy narrative is that Kodak is a classic case of a company blind to the disruptive changes in its marketplace.

Circling the Project


Productivity expert David Allen says that we don't work on projects; projects are instead the result of what we work on. Is it a cloud or a box?

Tactical Execution Best Practice 6 – Succession of Authority

Strategy Driven

“You are not open for business unless you are ready to do business.”. StrategyDriven Contributors. Want to learn more? Consider leaving a comment!

Style Tips from a Master


Cultural Offering , always rich in its topics and content, gives an interesting take on style by the great Fred Astaire

RapidBI in top 100 Tweeters on Management

Rapid BI

RapidBI in top 100 Tweeters on Management Many of you may know Evan Carmichael’s site. Using a range of tools Evan measures and publishes top blogs and tweeters on a range of business related topics. I am pleased to say that @RapidBI is not only in the top 50, but we are number 26. Looking at the list (only [.]. Management top 100 twitter

Black Wednesday Is a Wake-Up Call for IT Executives

Harvard Business Review

Are you ready for Black Wednesday ? The screens of many of our favorite web sites may well be black tomorrow, January 18, as webmasters and site owners protest against proposed U.S. piracy" legislation aimed at preventing theft of intellectual property. Second, the legislation would add a new element of risk to business and nonprofit operations.

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The trailers for: " The Professional " " Black Water " " Roma " " San Francisco " " Quest for Fire " " The Way " " Stalingrad


Stop Bashing HR

Harvard Business Review

Especially today , recruitment, retention, and development of human capital is a critical success factor for almost any organization. Yet the area charged with helping line managers leverage their human capital — Human Resources — is often regarded with outright disdain. These comments are not unusual. So what's going on?

Sherlock Flat


For all of the "Sherlock" fans out there, a rental property in London


A Bias Toward Favored Treatment For Men – a Problem that Has Not Gone Away

First Friday Book Synopsis

Women don’t ask. They don’t ask for raises and promotions and better job opportunities. They don’t ask for recognition for the good work they do. They don’t ask for more help at home. In other words, women are much less likely than men to use negotiation to get what they want. Linda Babcock and Sara [.].

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