Wed.Nov 23, 2011

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5 Keys to Effectively Communicating Appreciation in the Workplace

Great Leadership By Dan

Burn-out is the common theme, as people in the workplace express that they are becoming more negative, cynical, and discouraged. Way to go, team!”

7 Ways to Be a More Thankful Person

Ron Edmondson

Are you truly thankful? I find at times I am, and at other times, I’m like the rest of God’s children. I can be a grumbler. Need help?

Blind spots that smart people should be aware of

Rajesh Setty

Blind spots are a problem for everyone – not just for smart people. I have picked 7 such blind spots to consider. Photo credit: John K on Flickr.

How Noisy Is Your Leadership?

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Light Your World Self Leadership Popular views of leaders focus primarily on positional leadership. Many of my [.] How Noisy Is Your Leadership? Light Your World Self Leadership Character-based Leadership community Difference frank taylor Inspiration leader Servant Leaders values

Thinking Beyond Disciplines: Why We Need it

Leading in Context

What is Transdiciplinarity? The Institute for the Future and the University of Phoenix Research Institute list transdisciplinarity as #7 in a list of skills critical for Workforce 2020. They define it as "understanding concepts across multiple disciplines.".

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Being in a State of Gratitude


Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. The tradition of preparing and eating lots of wonderful food, watching football, and being with family and friends is wonderful. Yet for me, it’s the intent behind the holiday – giving thanks – that reigns as my all-time favorite thing about it. Yet I wonder if giving


Rapport: The Key To Sales

Strategy Driven

Every sales person knows how important good communication is in building business relationships. James From early childhood, Dr. Matthew B.

Book Review: “Great by Choice: Uncertainty, Chaos, and Luck – Why Some Thrive Despite Them All”

The Practical Leader

This is a very timely, inspiring, and practical book for leading in turbulent times. " How true that’s proved to be in the last 10 years!

Leadership Follies: Training Is Not A Cure-All

Linked 2 Leadership

For many years consultants and experts have tried to convince leaders that training can impact performance. It seems like the problem is no longer that they don’t believe that training is important, but that now those same leaders thing that training is the “cure-all” or “silver-bullet.”

Does Change Happen to You or with You?


What can Darwin teach you about organizational life? When you build a successful company, department, NGO, or team, you build upon successes.

NGO 10

One Page Talent Management

Harvard Business Review

We all know it takes top talent to win in today's marketplace. You spend a lot of time and money to attract and retain the best talent.

Teddy bears to the rescue again

Chartered Management Institute

I wrote a few months ago about the positive effect a teddy bear can have on the ethical behaviour of both individual managers and their companies. Apparently teddy bears have the potential to provide similar boosts to sense of belonging as well, at least according to some new research published recently.

Thanksgiving and Gratitude

Your Voice of Encouragement

This time of year, we are often reminded to count our blessings and reflect on what we’re thankful for.

Power 4

Forget Feedback, Try Feed Forward

Roundtable Talk

Even though I know it’s good for me, I still find “constructive” fee dback difficult. Good thing my husband’s a therapist.

Winning In Emerging Markets

Harvard Business Review

Conventional wisdom holds that the best way to select emerging markets is to evaluate their size and/or growth potential.

A Timeout to Consider “The Leader’s List for Giving Thanks”

Management Excellence

Note from Art: I run this list every Thanksgiving.not because it's convenient, but because the thoughts are heartfelt and unchanging. Those who serve by leading have many reasons to truly be grateful for the opportunity and for those who support them every day. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Taking Measure of Talent With Analytics

Harvard Business Review

An organization's workforce is its most important asset as well as one of its greatest investments. Listen here.

Imaginary Advice


From a lawyer: "Please don't consult me until all of the major decisions have been made and trouble erupts. When you do get around to calling - remember, no rush - try to withhold crucial information since it might complicate my analysis. Give me plenty of opinions cloaked as facts. An occasional lie is also entertaining. Supreme Court.

The Five Skills of Disruptive Innovators

Harvard Business Review

Creativity and innovative thinking are not genetic traits. View webinar: A conversation with Clay Christensen and Hal Gregersen.



Some fences that can confine our thinking: Titles Labels Procedures Policies Precedents Bias Passion Fatigue Time Resources Priorities Peers Status Criticism Ideology Distance Architecture Appearance Assumptions Speed

Social Media Fail, Airline Style

Harvard Business Review

The capacity to operate a 747 is incompatible with social media smarts. That's the conclusion one might draw from the social media fail of the week — a prize that should exist if it doesn't yet. QantasLuxury is having a CEO who thinks a 71% pay rise is fair and workers are greedy for asking for 3%", read one not-atypical tweet. Why airlines?

Quote of the Day


The best labor-saving device is a wastebasket. Anonymous


China's Small Town Problem

Harvard Business Review

For Chinese tourists the big Western cities come as a huge disappointment. New York's Time Square is just a busy junction, not the wide square of their imaginings. In the downtowns Los Angeles, Atlanta and Phoenix, you rarely see a soul apart from the occasional tramp. It's so desolate that it feels scary to walk there even in the daytime. China

Miscellaneous and Fast


"The New World": The trailer. Neatorama : The Thanksgiving Food Pyramid. Heather Mac Donald on the Zuccotti Park protesters. Patrick H. Caddell and Douglas E. Schoen on the possible swing to Hillary. Cultural Offering has a message from the Occupy Bagram demonstrators. Sit down and shut up : Scott Turow's proposal re free speech. Hugo": The trailer.

The Myth of Monotasking

Harvard Business Review

An interview with Cathy Davidson , Duke University professor and author of Now You See It: How the Brain Science of Attention Will Transform the Way We Live, Work, and Learn. Download this podcast. Education Productivity Technology

Thank you note

Change Starts Here

Thank you, blog reader. You challenge me to share practical tips and worthwhile ideas on a regular basis. Thank you, coaching client. It is an honor to walk beside you as you influence change in your organization. Thank you, workshop attendee. You inspire me to develop frameworks that make complex work manageable. Thank you, newsletter subscriber.

The Products Chinese Consumers Want

Harvard Business Review

China's consumer goods market expanded rapidly over the past two decades primarily because of the growing number of first-time buyers, who were eager to buy goods and services that were previously unavailable or unaffordable. That's a concern for many companies, as a recent McKinsey survey highlights. Geographic expansion holds promise too. billion.

One day to be selfish

Deep Imprints

Do you ever want that? Just one day to be selfish, whatever that means? Some days you want a simple bubble bath. Maybe you just want quiet. Musings

The Auto Industry Embraces Its Own Disruption

Harvard Business Review

In a flashback to our days on the playground, a growing number of consumers are embracing the idea of sharing. People are sharing everything from apartments to designer dresses , and the surge in popularity has given rise to what has been called the " sharing economy." A category that has led the charge in the growing sharing movement is carsharing.

Own Your Actions, Own Your Happiness!

Utpal Writes

You, only you, are in charge of your actions, not anyone else. Stop imprecating others, start taking actions that make you happy.

Who's Your Brand's Editor-in-Chief?

Harvard Business Review

If you're a retailer and you're not generating a non-stop flow of customized, interactive content, the writing's on the wall: Publish or perish. Publishing has become an essential tool for keeping customers close as they pursue their decision journeys on the way to purchase. Just look around. Macy's mBlog offers "news, reviews, magic and more," J.

Black Friday, Hourly Wage and the Decline of Thanksgiving

ReThink HR

At 7:20pm on 11/23/11 I saw this image on my Facebook news feed from a friend with the following tagline: “Seriously?! It’s only Wednesday!

The Kids' Table? No Thanks

Harvard Business Review

Do you remember being stuck at the kids' table for Thanksgiving dinner growing up? There were always too many of us to all sit around one dinner table, so we had a secondary table off to the side, sometimes even in a separate room, to which the younger generation was relegated. I feel this most acutely in the debates around education reform.

Why an Identity Crisis Might Be Just What Your Brain Needs

Harvard Business Review

At the 2011 Neuroleadership Summit in San Francisco this month, attendees learned how allowing your brain to have an identity crisis may be just the thing to improve personal and company performance. For example, if someone speeds past you at 90 miles an hour on the highway, odds are you won't chase them down and issue a ticket. What happens?