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Good Leaders Will Always Frustrate You

Ron Edmondson

This is a guest post from Jeff Goins. Jeff is a writer, speaker, and blogger. He’s a sharp young mind you should get to know. Ready to lead?

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Peter Drucker And The Five Deadly Business Sins

Terry Starbucker

It was entitled, “ The Five Deadly Business Sins ”. After scanning through the lessons I remembered why I took the time to make a copy of the article.

Five Ways to Transfuse Energy into your Team

Kevin Eikenberry

A blood transfusion is a process of receiving blood products into your blood stream intravenously. In the past, whole blood was introduced into the patient’s blood stream. Today, typically, particular blood parts like red blood cells or plasma are injected as needed. Leadership Learning Success Uncategorized

The Key Missing Piece


I just know somehow that you are a good leader. I know that if you make the effort to read this blog, you are trying your

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Introducing Evernote for Pastors

Ron Edmondson

I’m a pastor. I love pastors and one of my favorite things to do is help pastors be better pastors. I’m not a techie.

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5 Things Every Leader Needs to Hear

Ron Edmondson

Sure I’m a leader. So this may appear to be a self-serving post. I understand the risk. I trust you – Leadership is about influence.

Don’t Confuse Accountability With Responsibility

Modern Servant Leader

Danger Will Robinson, Danger! One symptom of a leader caving to her own ego is one who begins to confuse accountability with responsibility.

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One Piece of Paper: The Simple Approach to Powerful, Personal Leadership

Kevin Eikenberry

This week’s Resource Recommendation is One Piece of Paper: The Simple Approach to Powerful, Personal Leadership by Mike Figliuolo. This new book, focused on the leader as an individual, promotes an important idea with a creative approach. Books Leadership Learning Success maxims values

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Why MANY smart people are not social?

Rajesh Setty

You and I both have met enough smart people who are not social. I went on a journey to explore the reasons for the same. Have a great week ahead!

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10 Questions to Assess the Health of a Leader

Ron Edmondson

I work with a lot of church leaders. They are facing burnout. They are tired. The bigger question is, however… Does any of this describe you?

Lessons in Winning Gracefully from Coach K

Next Level Blog

In what ended up being a pretty close game, Duke beat Michigan State at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday night. In the process, Coach Mike Krzyzewski set a record by winning his 903 division I. Please click the headline to read the whole story. Leadership Personal Presence Andy Katz Duke espn leading with grace Michigan State Mike Krzyzewski

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Time to Think

Kevin Eikenberry

I grew up on a farm, so I know what it is like to work hard physically. Many times I’ve started working before dawn and finished long after dark. I know what it feels like to be physically dog tired. in my work now, there are days I am every bit [.]. Leadership Learning Quotations Setting Goals Success Ralph Waldo Emerson thinking

We are stronger, wiser & more beautiful together.

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Development My husband and I recently attended the most beautiful and unique dinner party of our lives. Every family in attendance was from a different part of the world: Russia, Canada, Mexico, Africa, Asia, India, Pakistan, South America, and the United States. We were a variety of colors and ages.

10 Resolutions Guaranteed to Improve Your Ministry Leadership

Ron Edmondson

The best leadership, in my opinion, comes out of the resolve a leader has made in his or her heart. The resolve of a leader is powerful. Be honest.

Do You Have Moral Overconfidence?

Leading Blog

In a recent Bloomberg Businessweek article , Harvard Business School Dean, Nitin Nohria stated that because we all suffer from “ moral overconfidence ,” the most important thing business schools could be teaching is humility. He writes: Many people view “character” as an immutable trait formed during childhood and adolescence. This kills influence.

Four Leadership Lessons from Coach Mike Krzyzewski

Kevin Eikenberry

Last night Duke University’s men’s basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski won his 903rd game. It’s the most of any men’s college basketball coach ever (Tennessee’s Pat Summitt has won over 1000 coaching women’s college basketball). He’s been coaching for 37 years. Leadership Success Coach K Duke Mike Krzyzewski

Six Questions to Make Sure You Have Communicated Effectively

The Recovering Engineer

The communication process really should be easy. You say something to another person. They hear it. End of discussion. And, it’s not quite that easy.

7 Ways to Sleep Soundly each Night

Ron Edmondson

If you lie down, you will not be afraid; when you lie down, your sleep will be sweet. Proverbs 3:24. It was distressing. It helps you prepare to relax.

Learn to “Act” like a Leader

Great Leadership By Dan

Like it or not, “presence” is an important competency for any leader. Pay attention to your “entrance”. Delivery of your “lines”. Know your lines.

Homeless, Not Helpless: Entrepreneurship in Unlikely Places | In the.

In the CEO Afterlife

I've never thought of the homeless as innovative or entrepreneurial. I suspect few do. I understand why

Five Questions to Make Sure that You Understand Others Correctly

The Recovering Engineer

So far, everyone I have asked this question in a face-to-face conversation answers pretty much the same way. And, the truth is, so have I. Tweet This!

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Jesus on Leadership: Interject a Little Fear

Ron Edmondson

I love a good leadership principle learned from observing Jesus. There’s a story in Matthew 14:22-33. End of story). It actually happened.

There Is No Essence to Leadership


The field of Leadership Studies is fragmented and obscured by self-proclaimed experts who claim to have discovered the "essence" of leadership.

What Makes a Best place to Work a Best Place to Work? (from the annual D-FW survey)

First Friday Book Synopsis

We opened our copy of the Dallas Morning News this morning to a wonderful supplement, a magazine on the Top 100 Places to Work 2011 in D-FW. This is the third year for this project). At number one is Gaylord, and as one of our clients (we’ve presented some of our book synopses for one [.].

What The Marshmallow Challenge Can Teach Us About Fostering Team Success

Tanveer Naseer

The reason why kindergarteners performed better than most adults is because they are more open to ideas and suggestions.

A Leader’s Worst Day…

Ron Edmondson

…can often be the best day for the organization! Leaders are called to make difficult decisions. Seek wisdom. Leadership

Overcoming Short-Termism: Understanding Cognitive Biases In Times Of Uncertainty

What Do You Want From Them

This is a positive message and an important one. Management processes may be broken and must be re-invented, our economy is struggling and long-term value creation has taken a backseat, but we can turn these pressures into opportunities. You can use the ideas below to expand the long-term mindset in your organization.

The Leadership Skill That is Most Overlooked

Great Results Team Building

My 8 year old son was playing at the beach last summer with a borrowed skim board. The next day, another boy joined him, interested in learning.

Leaders: Generation “Y” Is Getting A Bum Rap

Linked 2 Leadership

I am a man in his fifties who spent the majority of his career as a manager of people. During that time I have managed Boomers, Generation “X”, Generation “Y” and even a few Traditionals. Traditionals are people now in their late sixties to early nineties. Of all the age or generation groups I had the [.].

What Your Attitude Needs Is A Swift Kick in the Butt…

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Development I hate being around “downers.” ” You know the kind I’m talking about. Not only is the glass “half empty” to them, but they would be quick to add, “My glass is chipped, it has a greasy film on it, the water is lukewarm and hey, I wanted tea, not water!”

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Quote of the Day


It's pretty hard to be efficient without being obnoxious. Frank McKinney Hubbard

How to Set Your Tebows Up for Success

Next Level Blog

Week by week, Fox and his staff have made adjustments in the game plan to take advantage of Tebow's strengths. You have to give them credit for that because a lot of coaches wouldn't. There are a few. Please click the headline to read the whole story. Current Affairs Leadership Denver Broncos Football leveraging strengths Tim Tebow

How to Become a Level 5 Leader

Linked 2 Leadership

Leadership is one of my greatest passions! I am totally immersed in it, I love teaching it, and I love learning from it! And the more teaching I do on the subject of leadership, the more learning I receive from it. I learn from the process and from the wonderfully diverse people with whom I engage on the [.]. Maxwell leadership

Giving Up On Need To Be ‘Rational Always’


As we grow, our belief system firms up with notions of what is right and what is wrong. What works and what not. At work, our beliefs further solidify according to the context we work in. Understanding of data, facts and trends is important because it make us “rational”. The problem starts however, when we try to be rational all the time.