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Snow Drifts, Driving Lessons, and Conflict Resolution

The Recovering Engineer

Last week, we got a snow fall that closed school for a day. During the day, road crews cleared the roads. As is often the case here in

FAQ 59

Why I Don't Like Fireworks

Building Personal Strength

Christmas and New Year's Day come and go, and then the lighted Christmas tree comes down. People love fireworks. But we attended the year before.

Loyalty - Be There for the People Who Are Important to You

Your Voice of Encouragement

It's not easy to be true to your relationships when people you care about are going through tough times. But you have what it takes to be the kind of

eBook 17

Why Theory?


During WWII, Allied bomber losses were high, so high that the British Air Ministry undertook a rigorous analysis in hopes of finding a solution. Their engineers set out to eyeball every bomber they could, gathering data on each bullet hole. It didn’t work. Enter Abraham Wald. Any time you only examine the successes, you will skew the results.

No More Excuses – Leadership Skill Development from Sam Silverstein


My friend Sam Silverstein is the best of the best when it comes to speaking and consulting on accountability.

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GTD Weekly Review Coach

2020 IT Leader

In this video David Allen, founder of Getting Things Done talks about the moment he realised the value of a software-driven GTD Weekly Review and how e-Productivity has implemented that vision. You’ll find out about the benefits of automating the format of your thinking! Be sure to check out the takeaways below after you watch [.] No related posts.

Compassion - Spread the Love

Building Personal Strength

Life is full of disappointments. With so much pain in the world, it’s easy to create barriers to protect yourself from being hurt.


Challenge Yourselef To Be More Effective

Survive Your Promotion

We've talked a fair amount here about the practical strategies and tools associated with being a manager.

Week 2 Performance Report — Operation Dunk 2010

Crossderry Blog

I was about to post on how unreliable performance reporting — progress, status, and forecast — is one of the first signs of project trouble. However, I realized that I hadn't posted on my own “Operation Dunk 2010” performance

Quality and Quantity – The Conversation Continues


On 8th Jan, 2010, I wrote a post on Quality and Quantity – Compliance and Excellence. The post resulted in some very interesting conversations in form of comments and in-person conversations. The gist of my post was

Compassion and Change - Michael Jackson's "Man in the Mirror"

Building Personal Strength

Yesterday I posted a brief article about compassion. In my opinion, it's a fabulous song. A funny story. Border Patrol. My tactic had backfired.

The Intersection of Blog and Life – More About Motivation

Survive Your Promotion

This week my son (a second grader) came home from school with a packet of work and a note from his teacher.

Notes for the New Year

Managing Leadership

Events drive others until you prioritize, imposing some degree of control on their flow and on the degree to which that affects you – or, better yet, reversing the direction of that influence. In my case, a re-prioritization was called for by events of late last year, and one of the events affected by it is the publishing schedule of this blog.

Great Quotes: It is not the critic who counts – Theodore Roosevelt


You are not doing much if you are not being criticized, it is said. As you set out to start your week, remember the following quote from Theodore Roosevelt. It is awe-inspiring. “It It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points

A Leader's Guide to Making Luck (or, You Never Know When Instant.

Terry Starbucker

Karma Sometimes the smallest, most seemingly insignificant things can end up being the most important. And more often than not, those “things” are basic common courtesies. Returning a phone call. Sending a thank you note (extra credit

Pigeons, Superstitions and Effective Incentive Programs

Survive Your Promotion

To get a degree in psychology, you have to spend a fair amount of time learning about pigeon behavior. You can teach a pigeon to do a lot of great

Avoid These 8 Pitfalls

Eric Jacobson

When Armstrong isn't writing books, she's reading. based in Overland Park, KS.

It Is Habit Forming

Lead from Within

Our habits, whatever they may be, were greatly influenced, if not totally formed, during childhood. Share with me how you break your habits?

Women in the LEAD: Dr. King: Rosa Parks on Role Models

Women in the LEAD

One was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. She recalled

Tame Your To-Do List!

Survive Your Promotion

Lead With Passion

Eric Jacobson

If you lead with passion you will gain supporters and followers who will feed off your passion. Passion is contagious.

Orrin Woodward Leadership Team :: Building Numbers in Network.

Orrin Woodward

My good friend Art Jonak did this interview with me just prior to the last MasterMind Event.

Distraction…A Challenge to Good Leadership

You're Not the Boss of Me

Adlai Stevenson once said, “It's hard to lead a cavalry charge if you think you look funny on a horse”.

It's 7PM – Do you know where your employees are?

Survive Your Promotion

Years ago I worked with a guy who set his pager to go off at 4:54PM every day. At 5:00 on the dot he bid us all a good night and walked


SPIRITUALITY - My Relation to the Universe

Building Personal Strength

Today is Tuesday. Tuesday evenings I search the science channels for programs about Earth, the planets, and the cosmos. Enjoy.

Video 1

Isaiah's Job - Reaching the Remnant

Orrin Woodward

I have been reading several books by Albert Jay Nock. I love people who think, even when they think differently

How Do You Make Money From Your Online Forums?

Managing Communities

photo credit: I’m planning a series on the many ways of generating revenue from your online forums. Before I get into this, however, I wanted to start by asking you: how are you making money from your online forums? Please go into detail. For example, if you work with advertising networks, say which ones. If [.].

It's 7PM – Do you know where your employees are?

Survive Your Promotion

Years ago I worked with a guy who set his pager to go off at 4:54PM every day. At 5:00 on the dot he bid us all a good night and walked


Book Review: Leadership & The One Minute Manager


At first it may seem an odd choice for a book review. The One Minute Manager series is known for being a simple, easy to digest series of books seemingly designed for busy managers stuck at an airport bookstore with $20 to burn. And in fact, that is exactly what Leadership and the One Minute Manager is, with one important difference.

Steve Farber

In Greater Than Yourself , I made a commitment to document the story of my GTY Project, Tommy Spaulding , which I have done in video (there are transcripts as well) over at In the book, I also suggested that others should do something similar with their own Projects. But at least one is taking us all along on her journey.

Guidelines for Blocking URLs, Links and Sites From Your Community

Managing Communities

photo credit: chrisdlugosz The act of blocking URLs from being posted on your community is a great tool and one that you should have in your arsenal. I’ve used it to block out spammers, affiliate links and sites that were determined to harm my community or attack my members. I have Censor Block in place, [.].