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Never say, “It's Just Semantics.” | Top Executive Coaching with.

Tony Mayo

Languages shape the way we think about space, time, colors, and objects.

Road Rage, Interpretations, and Workplace Conflict

The Recovering Engineer

When we passed each other, he looked at me sheepishly and waved

FAQ 55

Tim Hawkins - The Government Can

Orrin Woodward

Tim Hawkins is the best clean comedian out there and Laurie and I enjoy watching his videos. Here is one of his best music videos. Enjoy!

Blog 31

Equipped for the job

Managing Leadership

Years ago, Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks did spontaneous comic interviews at parties that became so popular they recorded some of them. In one, Reiner interviewed Brooks, who was supposed to be an astronaut. After a string of still-funny responses, Reiner finally told Brooks that he didn’t think he was equipped to be an astronaut. What do you mean?”

Why SAP ramp-ups are hard to get into

Crossderry Blog

Ramp-up interview in progress. Another note from the Dave Rosenberg post on cloud services (Dave's post here) inked to in my last post on software engineering (my post here). I was often asked why SAP made it so hard to enter ramp-ups

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PM Quote of the Day — Anatole France

Crossderry Blog

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe. Posted in PMO Tagged: action, Anatole France, belief, dreamers, planning, PM Quote of the Day

Learn Legal Terms Quickly

Eric Jacobson

As a manager, you likely review vendor agreements, sales contracts and other documents with legal terms you may not know so well. Gifis. You can find the book on Amazon for less than $5.00. You'll need that information to help you navigate your next legal document. Don't sign or approve a document with legal language you don't understand.

Disaster-Prone Business Organizations 30

Self Help Zen

Do not have specific, measurable and practical mission statement. Allow internal conflicts get in the way of doing what is right for the customer. Don’t offer their customer a good and fair deal. Unwilling to invest time in building customer relationships. Try to maximize short term profits at the expense of building long-term relationships.

Courting confusion

Managing Leadership

So, in the course of the past week or so, we’ve geeked up pretty thoroughly – lots of gadgets and applications and each with its intricately rationalized time and place. And now it’s only fair to ask, where has it gotten us? What’s the point? What does all of this do for us that we lacked before? No evidence that they extend our grasp.”. Do they?


Women in the LEAD

Early in my leadership career women role models were few and far between.

Do This Exercise With Your Team/Department

Eric Jacobson

One of my most talented former direct reports uses with her team the book "Now, Discover Your Strengths" and the exercise that accompanies that book. She recently got me hooked on the book/exercise program. The program helps you identify your five most important strengths in ways I've never seen before. Marcus Buckingham and Donald O. Clifton, Ph.D.

Federal Reserve - An Honest Dollar?

Orrin Woodward

In 1913 there were two big issues in our Congress. The enacting of the Federal Reserve and the introduction of a Federal Income Tax.


Managing Leadership

In our current discussion of portable time-management gadgets, we began by focusing on paper-based daily planners/organizers. We then moved on to a progression of computerized versions of these. These new functions seem almost indispensable now. Or, rather, let’s take a look at those that I presently use. Satellite computer: HP tx-2. Please join in.

Stepping Up Into Leadership

Women in the LEAD

It is amazing to think that we all live on the same planet. The more research that I do on feminine attributes and the differences between masculine and feminine communication the more I realize that it is a miracle that the planet

Get A Second Read On Your Important Documents

Eric Jacobson

When writing important memos, policies, instructions and/or global communications, ask a co-worker or fellow manager to read your document before you distribute it. Getting that second opinion/read can be very helpful. Often, the other person will spot misspellings. And most important, she can point out areas that are unclear. Writing Skills

10 reasons why you should submit articles to The Management Blog

Chartered Management Institute

The CMI has over 80,000 members, all with unique skills and experience that I'd love to be able to share with the rest of the community. Submitting an article to The Management Blog is a great way of sharing your knowledge and improving your own exposure and personal branding. You are not watching this post, click to start watching.

Multiple intelligences

Managing Leadership

As we’ve talked about gadgets over the past week , we’ve seen the daily organizers and planners that I have found myself using decrease in size and number while simultaneously increasing in capability, flexibility, and usability. Short message service (SMS) – simple text messaging which can include multimedia features. An expense tracker. Gmail.

Can I Join You in the Pool – A Question that Muslim Women Are.

Women in the LEAD

I recently read an article about a woman who tried to go swimming in a head to toe burquini. Burquinis are swim attire designed for Muslim women to allow them to swim in public while following her religious requirement of being fully

Be Visible

Eric Jacobson

If you are a manager in a small business or not so large department, it's probably easy for you to be visible to your employees and co-workers. If you manage a large business, department or organization , you'll want to make a conscious effort to be visible. Don't spend your days behind closed doors or constantly in meetings. Walk around.

I’m Speaking at Social Media Business Forum in Durham, North Carolina on October 23

Managing Communities

Shortly after I get back from Blog World Expo 2009, I’ll be heading to Durham, North Carolina for the Social Media Business Forum at the North Carolina Central University School of Education. It’s being organized by Kipp Bodnar of Howard, Merrell & Partners, Wayne Sutton of OurHashtag, Ryan Boyles of IBM and Jeff Cohen of [.].

Hire To Complement, Not To Duplicate

Eric Jacobson

Despite the temptation to hire someone like yourself, hire someone to complement your skills --not to duplicate your skills. Managers often find it easier, more comfortable, or less threatening to hire someone with similar skills and work habits. This may all seem like common sense. Hiring

Provide Constructive Feedback

Eric Jacobson

Think about how much feedback a football coach gives his players. Or, how much feedback you get from a private lesson golf instructor. Think about how much feedback you give your kid when she is first learning to ride a bike. We all are learn from getting constructive feedback. We learn what we're doing well. We learn what we need to improve.

Plan A Job Learning Day Each Month

Eric Jacobson

Having your employees learn more about what their fellow employees do is invaluable. When everyone knows how each job/position on your team fits together, your team can accomplish so much more. So, plan a half day where you pair up employees. Once paired, one employee explains to his (or her) partner what he does in a "typical" day.

Does Your Community Receive a Lot of Traffic From Social Bookmarking, Networking or Sharing Sites? Install WP Greet Box

Managing Communities

Does your online community receive a lot of traffic from sites that are big on link sharing? For example: Social bookmarking sites like delicious and StumbleUpon. Social news sites like Digg. Social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace. Microblogging services like Twitter. Social aggregators like FriendFeed.