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Interview: Ruthlessly helpful project management

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I worked on fixed-asset accounting software, but I was never an accountant. Continuing my interview with Stephen Ritchie (@ruthlesshelp, blog here ). author of Pro.NET Best Practices (Amazon paperback & Kindle , Barnes & Noble ). Have them draw out and diagram their thinking.

Making Time For Time

Lead Change Blog

Time is a non-renewable resource; a fixed asset. I grew up in a home full of reminders of the brevity of time. Tempus fugit. Time flies.

Lead with a Coherent Strategy

Coaching Tip

Bringing on more fixed assets, instead of building market-leading capabilities. As a result, they forgo the right to win in any market.

Status Quophiles and Quophobes

Mills Scofield

SQ : Nice idea, but we have to recognize the sunk costs of our existing fixed assets. Ever know anyone who will explicitly say he/she doesn't think innovation is important? So listen carefully for the magic word - "but". Status Quophobes are Innovators - they see the half empty glass as half full, waiting to be filled up! Count them.

The Three Decisions You Need to Own

Harvard Business Review

CEOs face countless decisions. The best executives understand which ones they need to focus on and which ones they can delegate.

Finally, Proof That Managing for the Long Term Pays Off

Harvard Business Review

” Economic profit represents a company’s profit after subtracting a charge for the capital that the firm has invested (working capital, fixed assets, goodwill). This has long seemed intuitively true to us. We’ve seen companies such as Unilever, AT&T, and Amazon succeed by sticking resolutely to a long-term view.


In Beijing and Washington, Business as Usual

Harvard Business Review

Will Zhang Gaoli, as overseer of the economy, continue China's fixation on fixed-asset investment? Last week the United States held a hotly contested election that demonstrated the challenges and strengths of the American political system. They voted for continuity. There have been many more coups d'état than peaceful transitions.)

Retailers Beware: Markets Punish Stores with Too Much Inventory

Harvard Business Review

It is derived by adjusting for changes in gross margin, capital intensity (fixed assets as a proportion of total assets), and positively for sales surprise (the degree to which actual sales exceeds or falls short of forecast). This post is part of the HBR Forum, The Future of Retail. Benchmarking Inventory Levels. to 8.53.

Resolution 2011: Make Your Strategy Coherent

Harvard Business Review

Focus on capabilities rather than just fixed assets: Fixed assets, including brands, are more difficult to leverage across diverse businesses and tend to expire, become obsolete, or give way to related services. There's no doubt about it; numbers don't lie. Similarly, think about every item of cost as an investment.

The Three Reforms China Must Enact: Land, Social Services, and Taxes

Harvard Business Review

China’s global economic power continues to grow, yet the decision-making dynamics of its top leadership remain a mystery. What Needs to Change.


What It Takes to Be a Great Employer

Harvard Business Review

Even in the absence of a fixed definition, more than 100 studies have now demonstrated a strong relationship between employee engagement and organizational performance. Only one out of ten employees feel they're treated as vital corporate assets. One of the primary definitions of the word "engagement" is "a hostile encounter; a battle."