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Quality: Setting Right Goals


Most improvement initiatives are heavily focused on internal goals – increasing productivity/efficiency, eliminating waste, reducing defects/costs and so on. Processes around these goals are written and implemented. This happens often because of the “internal orientation” of goals.

Identify the Marketing Metrics That Actually Matter

Harvard Business Review

However, too many executives rely on metrics that look good in a report, but in reality don’t affect the organization’s goals.

Video Metrics Every Marketer Should Be Watching

Harvard Business Review

But if you look under the hood of what really drives a video strategy, it becomes clear that view count is primarily a vanity metric. Test it.

Does accountability for goals run deep in your organization?

The Organized Executive's Blog

Here are two things you can do to drive accountability for goals in your organization: Link employee goals to organization goals the right way.

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Know the Difference Between Your Data and Your Metrics

Harvard Business Review

We were concerned with the wrong metric. A metric contains a single type of data, e.g., video views or equipment donations. How about 1.5

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Managerial-Leadership Case Study: Teams and People Need Objective Measures of Progress and Regress

Create Learning

The measurements must be co-established by employee and manager in reference to the goal set. Photo Credit. It can be fixed….

Using smart goals and data-driven assessment

Lead on Purpose

Smart goals and data-driven assessment help employees and managers map career advancement – Guest post by Danielle M. Employees may start angling for a merit increase after a certain amount of time on the job, but discussions about advancement can get uncomfortable — and frustrating — if metrics are left out of the equation.

Why Your Social Media Metrics Are a Waste of Time

Harvard Business Review

Many companies use the wrong metrics to measure their performance, especially when it comes to social media. Sales volume. Customer retention.

The Paradox of Workplace Productivity

Harvard Business Review

At its most basic, productivity is the amount of value produced divided by the amount of cost (or time) required to do so. A lot.

Metrics Are Easy; Insight Is Hard

Harvard Business Review

Big data is great. But we should consider that we've actually had more data than we can reasonably use for a while now. And they're hard to build.

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Do Your Business Process Metrics Measure Up?

Strategy Driven

Peter Fingar, co-author of Business Process Management : The Third Wave , then asks these measurement corollaries in his 2013 article “How Do Your BPM Metrics Measure Up?”. Set Clear, Specific Goals – The leaders must have clear goals and they need to articulate them. Metrics should cause action today.


4 Questions to Determine Team Building Objectives and Measurements

Create Learning

Create-Learning’s Team Building programs are focused on making your team better. Team building means many things to many people…. In their output?

The Big Picture of Business – Quality is Important for Business: Real Quality vs. Arbitrary Metrics

Strategy Driven

They use the term ‘metrics’ out of context. Metrics are easily skewed and do not reflect the overall customer satisfaction.

The Best Companies Aren’t Afraid to Replace Their Most Profitable Products

Harvard Business Review

Self-cannibalization occurs when a company chooses to proactively replace one product or process with another that is potentially worth less.

How to use Measurement to Manage Like a Pro

Lead on Purpose

Define Your Metrics. Starting from your own performance metrics, you have to extend individualized and group metrics for your team. A research paper titled Metrics: You are what you measure by John R. Define the right metrics to measure individual goals and collective goals of the team. Define.

Accountability to Possibility: The Next Frontier in Leadership Growth

The Empowered Buisness

Measurement and metrics. You need accountability to achieve your company goals. Push your team to set bigger goals. Discipline.

Optimize the Whole


May be, inefficiencies rooted in how you support your customers after product is delivered. If your metrics are narrow, you will never be able to focus on systemic metrics that may really help your business and the customer. Too often, we think of complete product as a set of completed features. Focus on Value Stream.

Yearly Performance Reviews SUCK! Managers Can Change That.

Create Learning

In monthly coaching and feedback sessions 2 to 4 goals (what by when in a QQT/R format) will be established. What is it you hate so much?”.

13 Tips for Setting Performance Measures

Great Leadership By Dan

Drill down into the goal to determine the “One Measure” that clearly determines success. Set aspirational targets for “Break-throughs”.

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4 Ways to Build a Productive Sales Culture

Harvard Business Review

Sales productivity is largely determined by how much the sales force can do in terms of call capacity and its capability to reach target customers.


Dream Adjusters: Why Company Leaders Also Have To Be Chief Calibration Officers

Terry Starbucker

3) Dream and Goal set realistically in a 12-24 month window, and, this is very important: If you hit them, raise the bar quickly. our means).

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How to Take a Productive Yet Refreshing Vacation

Harvard Business Review

Some people will bristle at the seemingly oxymoronic notion of a “productive vacation.” Define success upfront. Maybe. Vacation.

The 3 Most Reliable Indicators Of A Company’s Health – And Of Its Heart

Terry Starbucker

And certainly, this metric can serve as a key operational measurement that can reduce expenses and improve profit. “, and. ” button.

StrategyDriven Enterprises Launches Sevian Business Programs Product Line

Strategy Driven

Not only does a compelling, well-executed strategy align individuals to common goals, it ensures those goals best serve the company’s mission.

A 30-60-90 Day Plan For New Leaders

Lead Change Blog

At the same time, immerse yourself into the company culture: values, mission, goals, and current (if any) strategic plans.

Are You a Winning Coach?

Great Leadership By Dan

If your products aren’t selling, no amount of leadership coaching will make your firm successful. What Are Your Goal Posts?

The 10 Core Elements Of The Rally The Troops Leadership Speech

Terry Starbucker

These core elements are (in the order presented on the video): Put a focus on “Value” (of the product or service provided). Why not?

The Top Five Dashboards Every CFO Should Review Daily

The Kini Group

Finance executives need to monitor so many metrics. CFO Dashboard 1: The Sales Team’s Progress Toward Margin and Volume Goals.

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When good employees do bad: Seven behaviors that may precede a scandal

The Organized Executive's Blog

Staying focused on a goal. For example, in the 1990s, Sears gave its auto repair mechanics a mandatory sales goal of $147 per hour.

7 Principles of Leadership Development: Strategy for Leadership Development

Create Learning

The need to keep this an important goal, and to focus of metrics based upon the long-term needs – kept the importance high. Selection.

How a Consultant Can Fit Into Your Culture

Strategy Driven

Great consultants consistently bring a high energy level to their work and are excited to work on a product or service they love.

Increase Your Company's Productivity With Social Media

Harvard Business Review

She set up an advisory council with senior leaders from across the company — business units, HR, IT, legal, finance, marketing, and more — to create a shared vision on how "going social" would improve employee and organizational productivity. A growing number of companies talk about the benefits of adopting web 2.0

Overcoming Leadership Myopia

Michael Lee Stallard

Research from two well-respected organizations makes it clear that we have a big collective blind spot that’s dragging down productivity, innovation and economic performance. All the Six-Sigma, Lean, benchmarking and metrics in the world won’t help us lead people if we fail to recognize these realities. What can be done? in statistics.

5 Essential Steps to Transform Any Group into a GREAT Team

Lead Change Blog

But his team is underperforming…and despite his focus on strategy and skills and metrics, he can’t figure out what is missing. 4) and (5).

The Failure of “The Livonia Philosophy” at my GM Plant

Deming Institute

That sounds very much like the Toyota Production System and Lean management. Guest post by Mark Graban. But, it really mattered to me.

High Performance Team Building: Quality Tools for Quality Teams

Create Learning

People on teams NEED to see the connection of the teams, their own, and the organizations goals for the work to be valued. Getting work done.

5 Leadership Mantras For Building Better Partnerships

Tanveer Naseer

It doesn’t matter what we do, where we do it, or how well we create a product or offer a service. A direct message is priceless: as E.

The Optimal Margin of Illusion

Great Leadership By Dan

In order to avoid this, you should establish metrics for assessing your assumptions about what is occurring around you. Robert holds a Ph.D.

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Helping Your Team To Prioritize When Everything Is Important

Let's Grow Leaders

Windshield Watchers look deceptively productive. Sure customer service metrics improve, but financials suffer. Windshield Watchers.

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Management Coaching and Development. Situation, Objectives and First Meeting Plans

Create Learning

Improved response time to queries ( defined metrics of current response time and necessary response time will be determined). Situation.