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Heresy on Stage Gates

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Per my comment, &# gates&# (we call them Q-Gates) are pointless if they aren’t closely tied to the status, progress, and forecast of the deliverables in question. It will make you look twice at whether your stage or Q-gates are there only for show. More of a CYA exercise, in other words.

More on stage gates and project reviews

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Per an earlier post ( here ), it is important to ask how to ensure that stage gates — and project reviews for that matter — are relevant to the project at hand. Make sure that the stage gates match the project phase. It is amazing how many gate reviews are conducted with a single set of questions.

Guidance for building a credible plan

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The “validity” topic focuses you on whether a plan is ready for “prime time” Use this when evaluating early stage gates. . Glen Alleman suggests that you download this and put it to work on projects. However, for some the defense focus and jargon are daunting or off putting.

PM Quote of the Day — Benjamin Franklin

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Sorry for the typo… Share this: StumbleUpon Digg Reddit Filed under: Random Tagged: | Benjamin Franklin , PM Quote of the Day « More on stage gates and project reviews CIO job rotation and commitment to IT value » Like Be the first to like this post. Update: Who exactly is this Benjamin “Franklin g “?

PM Quote of the Day — Albert Einstein

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Share this: StumbleUpon Digg Reddit Filed under: Random Tagged: | Albert Einstein , PM Quote of the Day « The pleasures of post hoc reasoning More on stage gates and project reviews » Like Be the first to like this post. I see this fact at leasst once a day. Sometimes it me. Zen, PM, and Life Blog at

Organizational Transformation Requires Leadership at all Levels

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from Satish P. They have planned, designed, executed, and sustained organizational transformation in a holistic, structured way. Satish P.

6 Ways for Entrepreneurs to Manage Their Ideas


Build a stage-gate process for ideas to be introduced and developed. Regulating the Idea Machine (Entrepreneur). Idea Generation Trap.

Big Data In Your Shampoo?

Mills Scofield

So, how would you prepare for a stage gate meeting that includes a "Go/No-Go" decision on continuing to develop a specific product?

What Big Companies Get Wrong About Innovation Metrics

Harvard Business Review

Stage-gate specific metrics, i.e. projects moving from one. stage to the next. Kenneth Andersson. Number of ideas generated.

Exploit IT for Strategic Benefit

Harvard Business Review

One financial services company we know reviews the viability of the business case at every major stage gate. Infinite!


Can’t Find a Steve Jobs? Hire an Innovation Organizer Instead

Harvard Business Review

As an example consider stage-gates, decision points at which time new products are reviewed before moving forward in the development process. Improving innovation is one of the key competencies that companies often look for when replacing a CEO. An innovation organizer creates an environment ripe for innovation. Find the truth.

Taming Your Company's Most Elusive Beast

Harvard Business Review

Consider, for example, the UK software company, Red Gate. But innovation is an elusive beast. So what to do? But that's a flawed approach.

Obama Won With Minorities. Marketers Should Too

Harvard Business Review

Be sure that your innovation process stage gate isn't a taste test amongst folks with merely a mainstream palate, but ones that reflect the appropriate variety in the market. This electoral-to-popular vote ratio was the 4th highest since 1900. Minorities are highly concentrated, especially in areas with lots of Electoral College votes.

A Disciplined Approach to Evaluating Ideas

Harvard Business Review

The general way around this problem seems simple enough — have a process by which you evaluate ideas in different ways at different stages of development (most call this a "stage-gate process."). "Make sure you ask the right questions at the right time." Endless pre-meetings crowd out action-based learning.

The 5 Requirements of a Truly Innovative Company

Harvard Business Review

Can you think of any business topic that’s been hotter for longer than innovation? And it’s not just your company. Taking a systemic view.

From idea to strategy

Lead on Purpose

In Bartz’s case, there is a queue of TPSE to work through before they stage gate the emerging ideas against strategy alignment.

Innovation's Nine Critical Success Factors

Harvard Business Review

Incremental innovation can be pushed down into the organization where the strategy is clear, decision metrics are understood, and management models like Stage-Gate create a level playing field. So Stage-Gate models can unintentionally kill potentially big ideas. a Boston-based innovation management collaborative.

Match Your Innovation Process to the Results You Want

Harvard Business Review

It tends to be short-term, uses familiar (traditional) metrics and development systems like Stage Gate. Almost every company has a Stage Gate process because they work well for incremental innovation. We are often asked whether the best way to structure for innovation is top-down or bottom-up. WRONG!

Ready for Growth, But Not Prepared

Harvard Business Review

The companies did reasonably well on making decisions using a formal process and managing projects using a disciplined approach (such as the stage/gate methodology). The headline: After years of taking a back seat to survival skills, growth is back on the agenda in a big way. The capability gap manifested itself again and again.