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Hamel’s Stretch Goals for Management

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I’m working through the pile of links I’ve accumulated. Gary Hamel’s 25 Stretch Goals for Management caught my eye, if nothing else because I liked the challenge they attempt to address: What is it about the way large organizations are currently managed that will most imperil their ability to thrive in the decades ahead; and

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New reverse psychology how-to YouTube

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If this isn’t viral already, it will be soon. H/T: CBS News. Filed under: PMO Tagged: CBS News , cute , father and son , reverse psychology , viral video , YouTube. PMO CBS News cute father and son reverse psychology viral video YouTube

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The Tsunami and Knowledge Management

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Talk about wisdom of the ancients… this CBS News article highlights the Japanese village of Aneyoshi, which heeded the warning of an old stone marker: “High dwellings are the peace and harmony of our descendants,&# the stone slab reads. “Remember the calamity of the great tsunamis. Do not build any homes below this point.&#. The east coast of Japan has these scattered about, but apparently not all of the warnings were heeded. Or perhaps the warnings weren’t so clear.

People and Governance

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…or maybe the title should have been people make governance. Processes and procedures only go so far, especially when stakeholders’ trust is lost or fragile. An example: I just filled out my vote for my small Citigroup stake. Given Citi’s still fraught state, I paid a bit more attention than usual to my votes. The history of two of the director candidates caught my eye.

A few points re: elite consulting firms

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Do you select, work with, or want to join the ranks of elite management consultants?Jim Jim Manzi’s post on elite business recruiting at the American Scene gives first-hand insight on how those folks got there. Three quick points of my own: Gut courses can come back to haunt you. Ever tempted to dial back on your effort… say, take a B.A. in Economics rather than a B.S.? After all, who would notice one little letter? Well, recruiters do, and they’ll know that a B.A.


So NASA, you gonna stick to that story?

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There’s a lot about President Obama’s new space strategy that I like (here is a pretty good recent roundup of the approach and reaction from all sides). The Bush plan was uninspired and a sop to the space/industrial complex. It is past time to get NASA out of the low earth orbit business and into

Old school advice

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I appreciate Todd Smith’s posts, especially when I need to get back to basics. His site — Little Things Matter — focuses relentlessly on its subject. I think of it as an extended riff on some advice about the “little things&# I got as a fledgling McDonald’s shift manager: Keep the corners clean and the

Sputnik and Delayed Gratification

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The President’s remarks about a “Sputnik moment&# in his SOTU speech last month prompted lots of comment, most claiming he misapplied or misunderstood the impact of Sputnik. However, I came across an article from American Heritage — can’t give the hat-tip because I can’t find the cite — that shows that many of us don’t

Scott Adams on a “real” college education

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The Dilbert creator writes occasionally for the Wall Street Journal and has had some great pieces. This past week’s entry hit on the mismatch between college student and curriculum: I understand why the top students in America study physics, chemistry, calculus and classic literature.

More best and worst project names

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My post on best and worst project names remains one of my most popular. As a follow up, here’s a few more good and not-so-good names: Sunrise was the name of the project that separated our IT systems and infrastructure from our former corporate parent. IMO it was an excellent name because a sunrise is the tangible start of a “new day”, which the projected provided for our company.

Big picture = big map (HT @galleman)

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Now that I’m somewhat out from under, I’ve caught up with some of the usual suspects on my reading list. Glen Alleman is timely with another reminder (here) that an integrated master plan is essential. Program-level plans are as welcome in IT circles as garlic on a Twilight movie set, and I’ve never quite understood why. As Glen notes elsewhere, you need a map to know where you’re going.

Matt Ridley on Gut Feelings and the Writings of Gerd Gigerenzer

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Merry Christmas! Here’s the gift of a little science for all you “gut” deciders. Matt Ridley posted this yesterday, pointing to research that suggests that… more detailed analysis does not necessarily improve a decision, but often makes it worse. He believes, in effect, that less is more: Extra information distracts you from focusing on the few simple aspects of a problem that matter most. Just don’t call it a hunch, call it a heuristic.

Difference between hard and soft elite disciplines

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In my last post I referred to Steve Hsu’s (on Twitter @hsu_steve ) post on credentials and elite performance.

Quench your thirst for.NET best practices

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If you and your development team want to take the next step re: NET best practices, I can think of no better place to start than Pro.NET Best Practices. The author’s a Caltech engineering grad with many large-scale, mission-critical, “if I tell you I’ll have to kill you” projects under his belt. However, he’s also had to deliver in lean, mean startup environments. What you’ll get is a no-nonsense and actionable reference.

Seth Godin on the “New Normal”

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We’re getting out from under here so I’m digging through my own stack of stuff. It has been exceedingly hard to post, but I’ve tried not to skimp on my reading. That’s the least I can do to stay connected. I’ve linked to Seth Godin a number of times, and not just because of his marketing chops. Seth’s best posts tie complex phenomena directly to the choices we make with our personal and professional lives.

The square peg and the workplace

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Here’s a recent find, the “You’re the Boss” blog in the New York Times (H/T Phil Stott at CNBC ). What drew me in was this tough-minded post on happy employees by Jay Goltz. “A tough-minded post on happy employees”, you say? Yes indeed, for as Goltz notes: Have you ever seen a company or department paralyzed by someone who is unhappy and wants to take hostages? It is remarkable how much damage one person can do.

If you don’t read Reihan Salam, start now

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Reihan is one of the most prolific and wide-ranging writers I know (The Agenda blog here , he also writes for The Daily ). His post “ The Power of Good Management and the Frontier Dilemma &# is a great example of his balance of theory, thought, and practice. First, he links to and summarizes an article presenting an experiment done with Indian businesses. The findings show the immediate and profound impact modern management techniques can have on laggard firms.

Good to see some humility in finance

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Saw Joe Kernan’s interesting CNBC interview with a quant-oriented investment manager, David Harding of Winton Capital Management. As suggested in my subject line, Harding and the crew at Winton apparently have some humility about their approach. When Genius Failed — Roger Lowenstein’s tale of the rise and fall of Long Term Capital Management — is required reading at Winton. Learning from one’s own mistakes is smart, but learning from other’s mistakes is wisdom.

Know your numbers

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You want FedSpeak? Syntax, destroy I will. …especially if you’re supposed to be a numbers person. James Bullard , President of the St. Louis Fed, was on CNBC this morning talking QE2. His comments weren’t particularly noteworthy — at least to me — until the conversation turned to what happened next with QE2 itself. The headshaker happened when Becky Quick asked him how much QE2 remained… “$250B to $300B&# , she ventured.


Grace under pressure

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Finally getting my head above water…so back to posting. Hard to believe that it has been over eight months! Perhaps it is a sign of my dotage, but I’ve come to appreciate the well-written “appreciation&# (aka, obituary). The best have a telling quote or anecdote that brings the person alive to the reader for one


Leading with Character by Leading from Within

C-Level Strategies

There is no escaping the fact that when we show up for work and for our leadership roles, we bring the entirety of ourselves to the table.

The Introvert’s Guide to Getting Noticed in Business

C-Level Strategies

If there is one area where I think extraverts actually do have a leg-up on introverts in business it’s this: they are much more comfortable being visible and attracting attention.

4 Ways to Use Your Blog to Land a New Job or Client

C-Level Strategies

By Lisa Petrilli. Assuming that your blog is a genuine reflection of who you are personally and professionally, it can be a valuable tool when seeking a new position or the opportunity to work with a new client

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Leadership & Influence

N2Growth Blog

By Mike Myatt , Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth. You cannot be a effective leader without influence. Let me make this as simple as I can – if you’re a leader, influence needs to be a competency.

Innovation Creates Uncertainty

Leading Blog

We don’t like uncertainty. It’s not comfortable. We want innovation. We like creativity. It’s engaging. But innovation creates uncertainty. So while we say we want creativity and innovation we often reject it because it is new, different and risky.

How to Discover Your True Path in Life

C-Level Strategies

We were all moved, and many of us shaken, by the loss of Steve Jobs last week. He inspired us with his vision, his passion for his work and his creative genius. We cheered him when he battled back from being fired at Apple.

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Gratitude in Leadership: When Gratefulness Fuels Giving

C-Level Strategies

My first real experience with leadership was in college when I was named Vice-President of the Indiana University Student Foundation , the largest student foundation in the country.

The Accidental Leader Who Changes the World

C-Level Strategies

Today is President’s Day, a day in which I always reflect back on the birth of our country. I know I’ve mentioned it before but I was born in Boston and spent my early years there, with many a weekend or summer day spent exploring the Freedom Trail.

The Top 10 Things Leaders Should Hear From Their Teammates

Terry Starbucker

All leaders need to get good and consistent verbal feedback from their teammates, but there are what I consider to be the “Golden 10″ pieces of feedback that we really need to be getting to ratify our effectiveness (and our approach to greatness).

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Leadership, Vision and a New Birth of Freedom

C-Level Strategies

In my recent post entitled, “ Leadership Guiding Principles of a Successful CEO ,&# I shared with you how one very successful CEO makes the book, “ Lincoln on Leadership: Executive Strategies for Tough Times &# required reading for every member of his Leadership Development Team.

7 Random Pieces of Advice for the Younger Leader

Ron Edmondson

I love working with younger leaders. It keeps me young and it helps to know I’m investing in something and someone who will likely last beyond my lifetime. I want to share some things I’ve learned from experience. Some of it hard experiences.

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Leading Gen Y: the Secrets Every Leader Must Learn

C-Level Strategies

I am extremely fortunate to be able to call Greg Hartle a friend. I met him on Twitter when he began participating in Leadership Chat , sharing genuinely insightful tidbits of wisdom in 140 characters; wisdom that seemed beyond his years.

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Leaders Share Their Biggest “Follower Challenges”

C-Level Strategies

February 2, 2011 by Lisa Petrilli. Last night's #LeadershipChat on Twitter revolved around the topic of The Difficult Follower and how to lead them. Toward the end of the evening I asked the LeadershipChat community, “As leaders

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19 Revealing CEO Leadership Quotes

C-Level Strategies

Yesterday I shared with you 10 Insightful Social Media Quotes from Smart CEOs , which were reflective of the social media conversation that we had at our most recent CEO Connection event in New York City.

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3 Ways to Be a Positive Leader

Leading Blog

This is a guest post by best-selling author and speaker, Jon Gordon about the value of developing positive relationships with the people you lead.

12 Killers of Good Leadership

Ron Edmondson

Top 5 Signs Of A Toxic Culture

The Leadership Advisor

If you saw green glowing ooze with a nasty vapor rising from it, how close would you get? You wouldn’t find me within a thousand feet of it, depending on the direction of the wind. I think most folks would feel the same way.

10 Insightful Social Media Quotes from Smart CEOs

C-Level Strategies

I’m quite fortunate to be part of the team at CEO Connection , working closely with our CEO members on a daily basis as Chief Relationship Officer.

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10 Secrets of Many Senior Pastors

Ron Edmondson

I get to hang out and know many senior pastors. I have a great heart for them and understand, firsthand, some of the pressures, frustrations and joys, which are unique to the role of a senior pastor.

How to Open Yourself Up to Receiving Abundance

C-Level Strategies

Tuesday night in Leadership Chat as we talked about how great leaders affect work-life balance , we touched on the concept of “lack.&#.

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