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Languages Your Company Should Speak (But Has Never Heard)

Harvard Business Review

In a similar vein, Google announced last year that it was supporting the Endangered Languages Project , an initiative to allow people to share resources and information about languages on the verge of extinction.

Customer Intimacy, Meet Operational Excellence

Harvard Business Review

As a direct marketer we have been good at customer intimacy. But in 2003 ThedaCare leaders decided to focus on designing processes that consistently work better, reduce waste, and enable staff to better meet the needs of patients.

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IT Doesn't Matter (to CEOs)

Harvard Business Review

Even after more than 20 years of implementations, a study by Panorama shows that 53% of ERP projects still run over budget, 61% take longer to complete than anticipated, and more than 27% fail to produce the positive ROI expected.

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What Google Glass Reveals About Privacy Fears

Harvard Business Review

Marketing professionals have learned the hard way that no matter what they do or do not plan to do with consumer information, privacy matters. In part, that''s because marketing has always been something of a black art. Innovations in Digital and Mobile Marketing An HBR Insight Center.

What’s That You’re Calling a Bubble?

Harvard Business Review

They’ve also characterized the San Francisco Bay area’s real estate market over a far longer period. It already has a higher market capitalization (although of course some think that’s a bubble ). The actual outcome for Cisco turned out to be a 156% increase in net income from fiscal 2000 through fiscal 2013. Its stock price, meanwhile, fell from $80 in March 2000 to $9 in October 2003; it’s currently trading in the low 20s.