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The Art of Servant Leadership

Lead Change Blog

But that is exactly what Art and Lori Barter did in 2004, when they purchased Datron World Communications. The post The Art of Servant Leadership appeared first on Lead Change. Not many industry revolutions begin with a typical married couple who risk everything to do something they’ve never done before. Learn more and register here.

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The Journey to Servant Leadership

Leading Blog

That’s where servant leadership begins. This is a very different mindset from a power-leadership model. When Art Barter bought Datron World Communications in 2004, he was determined to create a servant leadership culture in his organization. But servant leadership stresses the means more than the results.


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Leadership: Balancing Art, Craft, and Science

Mike Cardus

Leadership does not exist in a vacuum; others observe it while a person is leading, found while experienced within a particular context. Leadership connects to the actions and practices needed to resolve a challenge or make progress. The Three Poles of Leadership. Effective leadership requires all three.

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Is Leadership Development the Answer to Low Employee Engagement? (Yes.)

N2Growth Blog

This White Paper is excerpted and adapted from Ultra Leadership: Go Beyond Usual and Ordinary to Engage Others and Lead Real Change (Giuliano, Lioncrest, 2016). In 2004 the Corporate Executive Board’s research showed an 87% decrease in the likelihood of departure for highly engaged employees. The problem is leadership on autopilot.

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Preview Thursday – The Art of Servant Leadership II

Lead Change Blog

Taken from the Introduction of The Art of Servant Leadership II by Art Barter. In The Art of Servant Leadership II, we offer a case study in transforming a company into a servant-led organization. They allow the servant leadership behaviors to renovate their hearts, and ultimately this transfers into their hands of service.

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Art Barter – A Servant Leadership Interview

Modern Servant Leader

He’s also the Founder and CEO of Servant Leadership Institute. In 2004, Art purchased Datron, then a subsidiary of Titan Corporation. Art knew he could make Datron more successful through leadership changes – in particular, the application of Servant Leadership principles. It was a pleasure speaking with Art.

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Weekly Round-Up: 5 Habits of Influential Employees, Create a DEI Workforce, How to Receive Feedback, The Cure for Fear, Leadership Tips & Insights


Welcome to my weekly round-up of the best-of-the-best recent leadership and communication blog posts.