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How Google Has Changed Management, 10 Years After its IPO

Harvard Business Review

But back in 2010, Chris Trimble criticized 20% time both for being expensive and for emphasizing ideas over execution. How Google manages.

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A Story on Importance of Processes: From Subroto Bagchi


This book journals growth of MindTree from idea to IPO. Process Improvement , Quality | Tanmay February 15, 2010 3 Comments By L M Foong pr , March 30, 2010 @ 2:28 pm I faced with similar situation when I tried to emphasise on process approach to certain category of employees who claimed they do not need a process to perform their duties.

Early Exits - CEO Blog - Time Leadership

CEO Blog

CEO Blog - Time Leadership Monday, November 15, 2010 Early Exits Angel investors and VCs all like to sell one of their portfolio companies. This is called the exit. Basil Peters, a famous angel investor wrote a book Early Exits - Exit Strategies for Entrepreneurs and Angel Investors (and maybe not VCs). I like the theory. I like small wins.

Gone Fishing for Answers to the Work/Life Balance Conundrum

Leaders. Better. Brighter.

When the time is right, you would announce an IPO and sell your company stock to the public. Leaders. Better. Brighter.™ But what then, senor?”

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Alibaba Looks More Like GE than Google

Harvard Business Review

Alibaba, the Chinese internet titan that filed for an IPO in the U.S. last week, could be the largest tech IPO in history.

How Singapore Became an Entrepreneurial Hub

Harvard Business Review

With the cautionary notes in mind, I arrived in Singapore in March 2010. “You are crazy.” “Why Singapore? No place is perfect.

Why GM's Gratitude Is Worth Sharing

Harvard Business Review

Two years have now passed, GM has repaid part of the bailout, and it just executed a successful IPO. Post-IPO, GM isn't seen as spending taxpayer money on advertising. The fact is, this is 2010 and the bailout happened. Gratitude is good. And not only in the holiday season. government's bailout. Haven't we been here before?

A Quiet Revolution in Clean-Energy Finance

Harvard Business Review

A star example is Google, which raised a mere $40 million in private funding before its IPO at a $23 billion valuation. While there has not been a defining exit in clean energy akin to the "Netscape moment" for the internet, there have been numerous recent IPOs in the biofuels sector. Click on the table below to see at full size.).


Why WikiLeaks Matters More (And Less) than You Think

Harvard Business Review

That's why the traditional understanding of everything from GDP to " jobs " to " profit " to " IPO " is limited. Rather than seeing WikiLeaks through the lens of morality or national security , let's look at it through an institutional lens. To those of you who've been reading this blog for a while, that may be second nature. That country?

Europe’s Other Crisis: A Digital Recession

Harvard Business Review

You may have heard that Europe is in a state of crisis. European countries occupy the nine bottom spots in our list of 50. position. tech companies.

Case Study: An Angel Investor with an Agenda

Harvard Business Review

Why would an IPO be so bad? Editors' Note: This fictionalized case study will appear in a forthcoming issue of Harvard Business Review, along with commentary from experts and readers. If you'd like your comment to be considered for publication, please be sure to include your email address. She caught his eye and gave a small wave. Prompt.

Just How Risky Is Entrepreneurship, Really?

Harvard Business Review

By contrast, of 5,000 businesses started in 2004, almost 56% were still in business in 2010, despite suffering through a brutal economic downturn. A quarter of first-time venture-backed firms are acquired for at least $50 million or file for an IPO. Lots of things, actually. They won't be the last to do so.

How Chinese Companies Can Develop Global Brands

Harvard Business Review

China leads all emerging markets with 89 companies on the latest Fortune Global 500 list of the world’s largest. Seek partnerships with Western brands.

How the Market Ruined Twitter

Harvard Business Review

The quote comes from author, tech thinker, and now public-TV personality Steven Johnson: “The history of the Internet suggests that there have been cool Web sites that go in and out of fashion and then there have been open standards that become plumbing,” he told David Carr of The New York Times in January 2010. billion in less than a year.

When a Product Fails, Find a New Direction

Harvard Business Review

Cephalon's IPO was in 1991, part of the second wave of biotechnology companies to sell shares to the public. By 2010, sales exceeded $2B. Baldino passed away in 2010, but his actions offer an example for CEOs today. Your company has just developed an amazing new product. What do you do next? Baldino had other ideas.

How to Know If a Spin-Off Will Succeed

Harvard Business Review

A 2010 meta-analysis detailed many of the different issues that make divestiture so hard to evaluate consistently. Mergers & acquisitions

Enabling the Natural Act of Entrepreneurship

Harvard Business Review

For example, it is nearly impossible for scaling ventures in many countries, including Brazil and Denmark, to count on an IPO for a successful exit.

An Insider’s Account of the Yahoo-Alibaba Deal

Harvard Business Review

A 2010 Harvard Business School case by Julie M. billion — the world’s biggest internet offering since Google’s IPO in 2004. capital markets in what is estimated to be one of the largest IPOs ever. Things hadn’t gone well up until that point. Build, Buy, Partner. search engine company Inktomi in 2002. Scary. servers.


How Israeli Startups Can Scale

Harvard Business Review

In 2014, for example, 18 IPOs raised a record-breaking $9.8 From 1995–2010, the Israeli startup ecosystem was not focused on creating big companies. What was once the story of ICQ’s $287 million exit to AOL is now the story of MobileEye’s NYSE IPO and $12 billion market capitalization. We think so.

Blinded by Facebook

Harvard Business Review

When big business leaders think about social media they tend to focus on three things: innovative technologies, marketing applications, and IPOs — the three factors that make Facebook and Twitter so hot. In 2010, Greenpeace spent 10 million euros on investigations, more than many "major" news organizations. Social media


In Big Companies, Lean Is Only One Piece of the Puzzle

Harvard Business Review

In 2010, one of us was sitting in a room at the Harvard Business School with Eric Ries and a number of budding entrepreneurs. Silence.

Business Should Focus on Sociality, Not Social "Media"

Harvard Business Review

The majority of people worldwide wouldn't care if two thirds of brands disappeared tomorrow. Just 20 percent of brands are seen to have a notable positive impact on people's lives. Those are two of the findings from Meaningful Brands , a little study we do at my Lab. I can hear you giggling already: who are they kidding? DUDE!", LOLLLLLLLL!!!!!1111".

A simple cure for the Buzzword Bingo | Rajesh Setty

Rajesh Setty

In terms of exit strategy , our goal is an IPO but at the right price and the right partner, we won’t exclude the acquisition option. © 2005 - 2010 Rajesh Setty Podcast Powered by podPress (v8.8 HELLO THERE AND WELCOME. You are a new visitor to this blog. Its even 100% free! Rajesh Setty Entrepreneur. Author. With Love!

The Problem with Groupon's Business Model

Harvard Business Review

billion to Google just a few short months ago, in November of 2010. The smart money went along, with Groupon valued at $15-20 billion, according to some observers anticipating rich pickings in the IPO-to-come. Groupon is poised for its debut as a public company. But not so fast. Give it a 2. That's a 1. Say a 2. Perhaps a 2.

The Growing Conflict-of-Interest Problem in the U.S. Congress

Harvard Business Review

We analyzed required public disclosure information about congresspeople’s stock holdings as compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics , a nonpartisan nonprofit, in combination with a sample of S&P 500 performance data from 2005 to 2010. In addition, as of 2014 over half of lawmakers were millionaires. Chris Collins (R-N.Y.)

Angie's List vs. Groupon

Harvard Business Review

The Wall Street Journal reported that their sales were $59 million in 2010 and rose 40% in the first half of 2011, with the company reportedly heading toward an IPO in the near future. While the community of subscribers is smaller than some of its review-website brethren, 820,000 people have subscribed. Then consider the benefits.

All Hail the Failure Sector

Harvard Business Review

FailCon 2010 took place on October 25th in San Francisco. But we also bet it isn't your usual perspective on the world of VCs and IPO lawyers. Since at least the 1980s (the era of deregulation, that is, over which Alfred Kahn presided) managers of big companies have been upbraided for their intolerance to risk. You get this.