The Anxiety of Learning

Michael Lee Stallard

I’ve always found Schein’s insights and frameworks to be useful when it comes to understanding and orchestrating organizational change. Schein thinks of people as falling into three groups when it comes to change: collaborators, passives and resisters.

Benefits of Debriefing

Strategy Driven

Edgar Schein, perhaps the most respected scholar on organizational culture, states that “… culture is the result of a complex group learning process.” With Co-Author James ‘Murph’ Murphy, he wrote the 2010 release The Flawless Execution Field Manual.

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HBR's 2011 Agenda

Harvard Business Review

Lafley, Lynda Gratton, Peter Cappelli, Claudio Fernández-Aráoz, Charlene Li, Tim Brown, Bob Sutton, Herminia Ibarra, Ed Schein, Jean-Francois Manzoni, and Daniel Pink. Featuring: Dan Ariely, A.G. For more projects from thought leaders, check out the 2011 HBR Agenda. To tell us what's topping your agenda for next year, join the conversation here. Download this podcast. Leadership

What Tops Your 2011 Agenda?

Harvard Business Review

We found Ed Schein, for example, still working hard in his "emeritus" days, and hoping to discover keys to getting increasingly diverse teams to click fast and work as one in high-pressure conditions. Our gift this week to HBR readers is a whole new type of package, and one that we hope will become an annual tradition.