Are You in a Controlling Environment?

Ron Edmondson

How controlling is the environment in which you lead? In a controlling environment, an idea can flourish only if there are systems to support the idea. In a less controlling environment, they create systems around the ideas…systems to make the ideas work.

Creativity + Practice = Success

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In studying creative people who are passionate about what they do , we can enhance our own creativity, and business savvy, even if we work in a completely different arena. Of course, it’s easier for most people to relate to musicians and other creative people work than to people who design furniture. In the garage working environment, operating expenses were low and tinkering was encouraged while you got your hands dirty.

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Inspiring Employees with a Values-Rich Environment

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Even if your corporate culture leaves a lot to be desired, managers can create a localized environment that inspires your employees to achieve peak performance. You can only create environment. Please consider the environment before and after printing this article.

Does Discipline Squelch Flexibility and Creativity

Six Disciplines

Magazine comes the article: Does Discipline Squelch Flexibility and Creativity? Can a business have formal disciplined systems, yet still provide a creative environment for employees while profitably providing responsive flexibility for customers?". From Inc. The reality is you have a much better chance with disciplined systems than you do without them. How can that be? Because without discipline and systems, decision-making is more chaos than repeatable or reliable.

Boost Your Creativity in Our Overloaded Information Environment.

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Is it harder to be creative when information is constantly coming at you from all directions? Is our digital environment interfering with our employees’ ability to see the big picture? ’ Being creative means making new connections between ideas. We need to take breaks when we’ve focused so long on a problem that we can no longer be creative. The most creative workers alternate between intense focus and relaxation.

Creativity To Innovation: Implementing Inventive Solutions

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Creativity to Innovation. Presentation from a workshop Creativity To Innovation ; Outcomes of Create-Learning Innovation Programs: Develop a culture of innovation that engages team member creativity and energy. View more presentations from michael cardus.

Observation for Innovative and Creative Solutions

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They recognize that today ordinary, quick-fix solutions have limited benefit in an environment where constant change is routine. Let’s face it busy operational managers and senior leaders need solutions! These managers and leaders want innovative solutions to the problems they face in the workplace. In working with business professionals, I often find that they want [.]. Innovation Business Trends change strategy management organizational productivity strategic thinking

7 Essentials For A Quality Culture

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A learning environment leaves room for mistakes and errors without the fear of being chastised unnecessarily. Honest mistakes happen and a learning environment reduces the stress of making them. Empowerment - Let people explore their creativity.

The Difficult Follower – Is it You?

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Regardless of the cause or the particular emotional barrier, this leads to a toxic environment for the entire team if not addressed head-on. C-Level Strategies & Awakenings -- January 31, 2011 at 5:25 am [.] Reply Georgia January 31, 2011 at 10:00 am Great article, Lisa!

Great by Choice

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For their study, the authors chose a set of major companies that achieved spectacular results over 15 or more years while operating in unstable environments. 10Xers shared a set of behavioral traits — fanatic discipline , empirical creativity , and productive paranoia —all held together by a central motivating force, Level 5 Ambition —the passion for a cause larger than themselves and infused with the will to do whatever it takes to make good on that cause.

17 Pearls of Visionary Wisdom from #LeadershipChat | C-Level.

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leadershipchat kellimac4 : @ LisaPetrilli Vision can extend far past what your eyes or even your mind can see – set it free in the right environment # LeadershipChat DrTroyRoddy If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll never get there.

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Chaos Driven Leadership

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A flexible leader who fosters an environment of creativity in the face of adversity is a reckoning force for any organization. For the longest time, when I heard the word leadership , it would conjure up images of structure and order. A sense of calm and deliberate movement.

Leadership Lessons From A Lemonade Stand

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Others create change by moving to a location with more foot traffic, adding new products to the mix or expanding their reach through creative marketing. As part of our ongoing efforts to expand our global network, we are honored to have Villanova University as a new partner and guest blogger.

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5 Ways To Avoid Triage Leadership

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The real question leaders need to be asking is, “Have you adjusted how you lead in this new environment?&#. Be creative! It also creates an environment that breeds creativity and innovation.

How to become an invaluable leader

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At the same time, research shows that middle managers may be the most important people in an organization—but only if they have the right set of skills for today’s work environment. Especially in today’s constantly changing environment, one of the most powerful ways to boost your brand for yourself and your organization is to be known as the problem solver. They brainstorm solutions, they use their relationships to bounce off ideas, they are creative and they are resourceful.

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What Really is The Big Picture of Business

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A growth plan or strategic plan is essential for any organization that intends to survive and thrive in today’s rapidly changing business environment. The environment in which the organization competes is rapidly changing.

Quality Tools to Discover Solutions: Nine Windows

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Then explore the center or present problem / system in the; Super-System: External environment and components a problem or system interacts (or may interact) with.

I, Steve: Jobs in His Own Words

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Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected. If you want to live your life in a creative way, as an artist, you have to not look back too much. George Beahm has compiled a collection of Steve Jobs quotes in I, Steve. Organized by topic, this is a great (and sourced) collection. Here are a few: • I would trade all my technology for an afternoon with Socrates. • My job is not to be easy on people. My job is to make them better.

No Bull Riding: Why Macho Men Make Terrible Business Leaders

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If translated to the business environment this becomes a wholly revolting thought. Reply William Powell January 10, 2011 at 1:36 pm So happy this topic has surfaced. Reply Steve G January 10, 2011 at 7:38 pm Another Excellent Post (AEP!)

The Most Critical Leadership Attributes of Our Time

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Most critical – Creative adaptation. Every single one of these attributes resonates with me, is critical in today’s environment, and might make all the difference in our future. At last week’s Leadership Chat we celebrated our one-year anniversary. . .

Is Your ‘But’ Getting In The Way Of Your Team’s Success?

Tanveer Naseer

Unfortunately, such responses can also inhibit your employees’ sense of creativity and with it, your organization’s ability to innovate if the motivation behind this resistance is based on factors other than ensuring the collective success of your team. Consider as an example the current economic environment. business communication leadership Recent Posts awareness change collaboration creativity decision-making goals innovation purpose vision

The Happiness Advantage: Escaping the Cult of the Average

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When we are positive, our brains become more engaged, creative, motivated, energetic, resilient, and productive at work. Please consider the environment before and after printing this article.

Have You Trained Your Replacement?


January 19th, 2011 | Author: Mary Jo Asmus Today’s guest post is from Mike Figliuolo at The thoughtLEADERS Blog. Gina : January 19, 2011 at 12:47 pm I have always believed that the most important job a leader has is to train his/her replacement. Mary Jo Asmus : January 19, 2011 at 9:20 pm Gina, thanks. DP: January 20, 2011 at 11:26 am I hope Steve Jobs (or at least Apple’s board) has this mindset.

Team Dialog: Environment Matters


Going off site has the psychological advantage of distance from the daily work too, encouraging minds to be open and more creative. So if your intent is to engage your team and/or have great dialog, consider the following: The Physical Environment The room should not be too large or too small: A room that is too large can often suck energy – and sound – away from the discussion. A quiet room will promote their creative abilities, and open the space for conversation.

Recovering from information overload

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Here is an excerpt from an article co-authored by Derek Dean and Caroline Webb for The McKinsey Quarterly (January 2011). To read the complete article, check out other resources, and obtain subscription information, please click here. * * * Always-on, multitasking work environments are killing productivity, dampening creativity, and making us unhappy.

7 Ways to Increase Trust by Creating Stability

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Here are seven ways leaders can increase trust and reduce workplace drama by creating a stable environment and seven questions to help you get to the root of the problem. This is a guest post by Marlene Chism, author of Stop Workplace Drama.

4 Reasons Why Your Boss Should Take A Vacation

Tanveer Naseer

Being away from your work environment for a longer period of time will allow you to gain a fresh perspective on the vision you have for your organization and of new ways that you can help your team to transform it into reality. business leadership Recent Posts communication creativity focus perception productivity teamwork vision

The Balance of Reason and Instinct

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When L’Oréal, the world leading beauty company, asked me to design global training programs to help with the management of creative teams I had to reflect deeply about business success at the intersection of creativity and management. By Guest Author Francis Cholle.

What The Marshmallow Challenge Can Teach Us About Fostering Team Success

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As seen in the results of this study, such an environment and attitude is key to encouraging the kind of innovative thinking which not only leads to developing ideas, but to creating tangible results.

Ready, Set, Enable

Great Leadership By Dan

Managers must help to create work environments where employees are supported by processes and information that help them do their jobs efficiently; in turn, decreasing frustration and allowing for improved productivity.

The Power in “Non-Commissioned Work”

ReThink HR

Creativity… If you think about the core of creativity… we are at our most creative when we have. the free time, … to be creative. Commissioned work versus Non-commissioned work… When you think about the core of work… we do good work in our paid work environments. How To Innovation inspiration Leadership Learning Business Innovation Factory 7 creativity Dan Pink Harvard University Teresa Amabile

3 stages of increasing creativity in the workplace

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Theater of Constraints: great creativity and design flow from an accurate understanding of your limitations. Stage two: Stimulating creative thinking. The goal is to learn to let the environment direct your next move rather any personal agenda. Stage one: The approach.

Are Your Employees Mad As Hell and Not Going to Take It Anymore?

Tanveer Naseer

And with the current uncertainties over whether the world is about to enter a double-dip recession, it’s unlikely that we’ll see some form of an employee exodus from these organizations where poor working environments continue to persist, if not worsen over time. Quitting your job is not something most employees would consider doing in light of today’s weak job market.

Not Everyone Is Just Like You

Marshall Goldsmith

A self-starter, he prides himself on being able to land on his feet in virtually any new environment. He is extremely intelligent, hard-working, creative, and entrepreneurial. To participate in the 2011 Thinkers 50, visit [link]. He is a great executive. He gets the job done. Not only doesn't he need much supervision; he doesn't like it when people treat him as if he needs lots of help. As we talked on the plane, he was obviously frustrated.

Interview Questions

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Can you describe the difference between motivation and inspiration, and how these apply to you in the work environment? Creativity and Innovation - What changes would you make in your school's academic program? What was the largest, most creative project you've been involved in to date? Tell me the most creative solution you have come up with to solve a problem. Tell me about a time when you had to bring out the creativity in others.

5 Key Lessons From Learning Organizations


I have also had the pain of being in an environment where money and resource was thrown at a problem and I just saw the inefficiency get bigger. Creative Leadership Requires The Right Brains By Tanmay , January 10, 2011 @ 1:36 pm @Thabo - Thanks for the chiming in Thabo. Best, Tanmay By Maria Payroll , January 17, 2011 @ 7:55 pm Great post.

Your Business Can Change The World

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I’m one for being creative and strategic as opposed to the work your guts out approach. People spend a significant majority of their lives at work and no matter the person, they are influenced by the environment the experience while working. I have a number of things about which I’m just crazy passionate. If you begin talking about one of these things with me, you best be prepared for some long and involved discourse chock full of passion, ideas and vigor.

The Big Picture of Business – Think Tanks to Strategize

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Creative thinking about new approaches. Creative learning that helps executives think new ways. Please consider the environment before and after printing this article.

The Best Leaders Have Fun

Chris Brady

Our moods come and go, change and morph, in reaction to our environment, circumstances, and how we choose to perceive and react to those stimuli. A relief of tension which prohibits productive action and creative thinking 5.

Human Resource (HR) Manager Challenges

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If the company is unable to offer big salaries or bonuses and other perks, you can try to explore more creative solutions. By guest author Jay Weiss of JGI Consultants.