The Secret Engine Behind Empowered Visions

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About Lisa Petrilli Twitter, LinkedIN, EMAIL Lisa Speaking Hire Lisa RSS The Secret Engine Behind Empowered Visions 03 Jan By Lisa Petrilli You’ve created your vision for your business, career, and other aspects of your life in 2011 and can clearly see it playing out in your mind.

The September 2011 Leadership Development Carnival - Back to School Sale

Great Leadership By Dan

Welcome to the September, 2011 Leadership Development Carnival - Back to School Sale! Yes, it's back to school shopping time, and this month's Carnival gives leaders and aspiring leaders a shopping cart full of leadership development supplies. leadership development carnival

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The November 2011 Leadership Development Carnival

Great Leadership By Dan

Welcome to the November 6, 2011 edition of leadership development carnival! Actually, it's supposed to be a beautiful Fall day here in New England, and the Carnival host is anxious to head over to the Maine seacoast for some seafood with Mrs. Great Leadership, so something had to give.

Leadership & Influence

N2Growth Blog

Generally speaking there are two types of spheres of influence…those that just evolve over time by default, and those that are strategically engineered. Bottom line…engineer a relationship development plan built upon service, trust, giving and adding value – then work the plan.

Leadership & Perception

N2Growth Blog

The Engineer : The glass is twice as big as it needs to be. Communications Leadership Leadership and Perception Mike Myatt N2growth Perception Percepton MattersBy Mike Myatt , Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth. Does perception matter?

Three Leadership Secrets for Building a Great Team

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My Leadership Chat Co-Host Steve Woodruff and I are thrilled to be welcoming Terry Starbucker , Co-Founder of the inimitable SOBCon Conference , as our Guest Host for Leadership Chat tomorrow night, June 7th at 8:00 pm Eastern Time!

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Leading Gen Y: the Secrets Every Leader Must Learn

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I met him on Twitter when he began participating in Leadership Chat , sharing genuinely insightful tidbits of wisdom in 140 characters; wisdom that seemed beyond his years. Lisa: What is the biggest leadership challenge for Gen Y leaders today?

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Does This Culture Make My Leadership Look Phat?

The Leadership Advisor

There are a number of things that point to the quality of your leadership. Often times the most common metrics people use to determine one’s leadership are usually of the operational variety. There is a cyclical aspect to Engineering Atmosphere® within any organization.

4 Ways to Use Your Blog to Land a New Job or Client

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At the same time, I talk about myself from a personal perspective and mention some of my volunteer efforts, my degrees, and include links and mention to how I’m contributing to other organizations in the online marketing and leadership environments.

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Ya-Who? Identity And Leadership

The Leadership Advisor

Would you date someone from a search engine? Is your leadership suffering the same demise? Are you developing in step with the needs of those you’re leading or are you trying to hang on to what got you into a place of leadership a few years ago?

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Eurocom 2011 survey indicates 38 percent of technology firms are due to invest more in social media in the next 12 months

Krishna De

‘Are technology firms adopting social media’ is one of the areas that the recent Eurocom Worldwide 2011 Annual Technology Confidence Survey explored. Digital Marketing Research Social media Technology b2bonline Eurocom 2011 Simpson Financial and Technology PR social media marketing research

Do You Really Need a Meeting to Make a Decision? Five Keys to.

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Consulting Speaking Training Products About Blog Home Blogs I Like Leadership Learning Subscribe Do You Really Need a Meeting to Make a Decision? Duncan Brodie Reply Sonja Froyen January 26, 2011 at 11:05 am Sometimes leaders forfeit their role in a consensus decision.

5 Leadership Lessons: The Velocity Manifesto

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Software engineers, developers, and programmers must be viewed as the artists of this generation. In today’s high-velocity environment, Scott Klososky believes you need to understand how to guide your organization in the implementation and usage of technology—in short, how your organization “does” technology. [As

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Google's Project Oxygen

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Let the engineers do their stuff. Source: The New York Times, March 13, 2011. Business Coaching Career Communication Leadership Work life career development google management laszlo bock leader as coach managing and communicating people operations project oxygenGoogle clearly hopes to recapture some of the nimbleness and innovative spirit of its early years. But the key question is: Will Project Oxygen help a grown-up Google get its start-up mojo back?

5 Leadership Lessons: What Went Wrong? Car Guys vs. Bean Counters

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There were hundreds, maybe thousands of these sacred do’s and don’ts embedded in the engineering culture … a culture that was inwardly focused in pursuit of its own goals, with the customer left out of the equation. [Is In Car Guys vs. Bean Counters , legendary auto executive Bob Lutz gives an eye-opening account about what went wrong in the U.S. auto industry, with details of behind the scenes activities. He puts “numbers” in perspective. Too often they are used to overrule common sense.

Beginning our 14th year of the First Friday Book Synopsis, with Practically Radical and Change the Culture, Change the Game

First Friday Book Synopsis

I presented The Circle of Innovation by Tom Peters, and Karl presented The Leadership Engine: How Winning Companies Build Leaders at Every Level by Noel Tichy. (I’m Randy's blog entries first friday book synopsis Noel Tichy The Circle of Innovation The Leadership Engine: How Winning Companies Build Leaders at Every Level Tom PetersIn April of 1998, Karl Krayer and I presented synopses of the first two books selected for the 1st First Friday Book Synopsis.

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Product leadership

Lead on Purpose

The key to success is product leadership. Without leadership, products churn, wring out money and waste a lot time. With leadership, ideas flow, solid products are released and sales increase. The following five practices will guide you to become an effective product leader: Build relationships: Product managers depend on others in engineering, marketing, sales, etc. Leadership Market-driven Product Management / Marketing Trust products success

17 Pearls of Visionary Wisdom from #LeadershipChat | C-Level.

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About Lisa Petrilli Twitter, LinkedIN, EMAIL Lisa Speaking Hire Lisa RSS 17 Pearls of Visionary Wisdom from #LeadershipChat 06 Jan By Lisa Petrilli Steve Woodruff and I were very purposeful about starting the New Year at #LeadershipChat with a deep dive into leadership and vision.

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5 Disasters All Leaders Should Experience

The Leadership Advisor

Although counter-intuitive, there are disasters that are absolutely essential to your leadership development. It’s not necessarily the disaster that benefits your leadership, but rather the opportunity to choose how you respond to the disaster.

How to become an invaluable leader

Bud to Boss

Office politics” is also another way of spelling “Leadership.” Like leadership, political acumen is the artful technique of making people feel good about themselves while they are helping the organization. 8, 2011 for the Bodacious Business Leader’s Guide to Business: 7 Strategies for Being Seen as an Invaluable Leader. After setting aside an engineering degree, she built a 10-year career at AOL during the company’s rocky rise to a global brand.

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Three Truths about Leading with Love

C-Level Strategies

Love is an engine that puts us back on course and enables us to commit to “the good times and the bad times,&# the “ups and downs,&# and to see difficult situations through to their conclusion. By Lisa Petrilli.

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LIFE Leadership TEAM

Orrin Woodward

With MonaVie providing their world-class products in the Fitness category and TEAM's top leadership trainers providing content for the other F's, LIFE is setting growth records! Of course, anyone in networking can enjoy the benefits of the leadership as a customer only, helping him to become a better leader. Scott Larsen, probably Network Marketing’s most logical critic, was an engineer as I was. Indeed, LIFE is the only company with two Top 30 Leadership Gurus.

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When Leadership Coaching Works (And When It Doesn't)

Marshall Goldsmith

Q: When does leadership coaching work? When will coaching aimed at changing leadership behavior be most effective? It won't turn bad doctors into good doctors or bad engineers into good engineers. In summary, leadership coaching can be a very valuable process when the clients issues are behavioral, they are motivated to change and when they are given a fair chance. When is it a waste of time?

Ideas Don't Equal Innovation | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

Realistic : Adopting a new idea should be based upon solid business logic that drives corresponding financial engineering and modeling. Champion : Senior leadership must champion any new idea being adopted. Senior leadership must champion any new idea being adopted.

It’s Time to View Leadership as a Profession

Great Leadership By Dan

reprinted with permission from DDI's Directions newsletter): Leadership is a craft. The 2011. in your organization were as passionate about leadership. engineers, pilots, sales managers, marketers, teachers, and bankers. identify themselves as leadership professionals.

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10 Key Lessons On Leading Virtual Teams Effectively


In most of the troubled projects I have seen, the real challenges were not technical/engineering ones but communication/collaboration ones. Having been a part of distributed team and having managed a few projects with virtual teams, here 10 most important lessons I have learned: Leadership. Share Leadership Responsibilities : Success of distributed team depends largely on leadership model. Command and control leadership model generally fails.

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2011 ASA Deming Lecture by Roger Hoerl – Need Any Country be Poor?

Deming Institute

2011 ASA Deming Lecture by Roger Hoerl, GE Global Research: The World Is Calling; Should We Answer? The third under appreciated area is the call for statistical leadership. Roger also discusses the idea of statistical engineering and the difference between engineering and science.

The Best Business Books Ever: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

The Best Business Books Ever: The Most Influential Management Books You’ll Never Have Time to Read Basic Books (2011) Note: This review is of a book published earlier this year. Christensen Engines of Creation: The Coming Era of Nanotechnology (1987) Gerry McGovern Guy Kawasaki's Reality Check: The Irreverent Guide to Outsmarting [comma] Outmanaging [comma] and Outmarketing Your Competition (2008) Igor Ansoff jason jennings Jerry Porras Niccolò Machiavelli Patrick Lencioni R.

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7 Steps to Boost Your Leadership Self-Confidence

Marshall Goldsmith

They are looking for the "right answers" - similar to the ones in engineering school. To participate in the 2011 Thinkers 50, visit [link]. Q: What advice do you have for a leader whose bosses say needs to exhibit more self-confidence while still being collaborative and authentic? A: Thank you for this great question. I rarely encounter this issue in my work with CEOs and potential CEOs because people at the top of huge organizations don't often have self-confidence problems.

How To Make Two Key Contradictions of Leadership Work For You

Terry Starbucker

That moment when all of what you’ve put into your leadership comes to fruition. I am an engineer, therefore I can’t voice my opinion about what’s happening in customer service or sales or vice versa&#. LeadershipIt’s the moment of truth.

It Takes a Team

The Recovering Engineer

Related posts: From Bud to Boss: My Interview with LeaderLab My Interview With Mike Phillips on Lead the Team Eliciting Excellence – A Great Online Learning Opportunity Two Great Learning Opportunities for Aspiring Leaders Group Problem Solving – Give People a Chance to Talk Tags: business relationships , collaboration , cooperation , From Bud to Boss , get over yourself , influence , Leadership Skills , life lessons Guy Harris describes himself as a recovering engineer.

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Top Leadership Blog Posts

Michael Lee Stallard

Dan McCarthy posted a collection of top blog posts on leadership that included a post I wrote. Wally Bock presents The Joy of Helping posted at Three Star Leadership , saying “The best bosses revel in helping others succeed” Mark Stelzner presents Two Easy (And Legal) Ways to Gather Competitive Intel posted at Inflexion Point. posted at Get Your Leadership BIG On!

What Rental Cars Teach Us About Culture

The Leadership Advisor

Then I want to open it up on the Autobahn and return it with the hood still hot enough to fry an egg on it for at least 30 minutes after the engine is shut off. Yeah…leadership. I love to travel. One of the places I want to visit is Germany.

Tablet Leadership Competition

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For years the engineers at Lab126 tried to create a workable and reader-friendly color Kindle, according to three former employees. Source: Bloomberg BusinessWeek, October 3, 2011.

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What The Marshmallow Challenge Can Teach Us About Fostering Team Success

Tanveer Naseer

In his TED talk “Build a tower, build a team” , Tom Wujec shares his findings from performing this challenge with a variety of different groups – recent business school graduates, lawyers, engineers, CEOs, and even kindergarten students.

Crash! Smash! Bash! You’re Engine Hash

Leadership Freak

Here’s part of “The Little Blue Engine.” Failure Leading Personal Growth Taking others higher weaknesses Leadership DevelopmentImage source I remember the day we found Shel Silversein’s book for children, “Where the Side Walk Ends.” We were Christmas shopping in downtown Bangor, Maine. We laughed like children. Years later, we’d read all his poems to our one girl and two boys. ” It shocked us. The [.].

Apollo 13: INNOVATION through CHAOS

ReThink HR

The C02 leak caused the whole team from the mission commander to the front line engineers to the focus on the real issue. Anarchy Business Impact Human Resources Innovation Leadership Apollo 13 ChaosAll of us have had to face a problem that has forced us to look at a situation, the problem and the process in a different way. This change of perspective is important.

Lean startup, lean company

Lead on Purpose

The Lean Startup delivers a lot of great insight for leadership and product management. Startup success can be engineered by following the right process, which means it can be learned, which means it can be taught.”. “I explained the theory of the Lean Startup, repeating my definition: an organization designed to create new products and services under conditions of extreme uncertainty.”

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My Interview With Mike Phillips on Lead the Team

The Recovering Engineer

Related posts: It Takes a Team Management Tip Audio Interview with Nick McCormick From Bud to Boss: My Audio Interview With Wayne Turmel Eliciting Excellence – A Great Online Learning Opportunity Daylight Savings Time Observations: We Tend to Go Negative Tags: From Bud to Boss , interveiw , Leadership Skills , Mike Phillips Guy Harris describes himself as a recovering engineer. He has degrees in Chemical Engineering and he served as a Nuclear Engineering officer in the U.S.

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Five rules for executive product leadership

Lead on Purpose

The PMs who take a leadership approach to their job have the most success. The leadership role of the product team (PM, PO, PMM, UX) is critical to the success of any organization. The most common departments for product management reporting are marketing, engineering/development and directly to the CEO. Leadership Product Management / Marketing Team Building Trust inspire motivate relationships stability success

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