Four Ways Leaders Position Their Teams for Success

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In Leadership Chat this week we focused on a variety of challenges that leaders face when it comes to promoting individuals on their teams. and was surprised the responses were not more positive. Provide team members with the tools needed to succeed. .

3 Ways to Be a Positive Leader

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This is a guest post by best-selling author and speaker, Jon Gordon about the value of developing positive relationships with the people you lead. The people rebel, and they disengage from their jobs and the mission of the team. Positive Leadership

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The Mighty Pen – Four Reasons to Write Positive Feedback Down

Kevin Eikenberry

Every leader, supervisor, coach, team member and parent has been told of the value of giving positive feedback. We’ve learned all of the basics about giving positive feedback successfully: make it timely, make it specific, and when giving positive feedback consider sharing it publicly. [.]. Building Relationships Developing Others Leadership coaching encouragement feedback positive feedback written feedback

Three Reasons A Leader Must Have a Positive Attitude

Kevin Eikenberry

You don’t have to have a positive attitude to have a leadership role, and you don’t even have to have it to lead. But you definitely must have a positive attitude if you want to lead successfully for an [.]. Leadership Learning Teams vacationThe title of this article is pretty declarative, don’t you think? Actually it isn’t completely true.

My Most Life Opening Leadership Lesson of 2011

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As someone who obviously loves to reflect and ponder at every opportunity, I made a cup of South African tea and sat down by my fireplace anticipating a thoughtful hour spent thinking about what I’d write about when it came to my own most impactful leadership lesson of 2011.

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7 Tips for Hiring the Right Person for the Team

Ron Edmondson

Regardless of the industry, however, adding to a team is a critical decision; perhaps one of the most important a leader makes. New team members change the dynamics of a team; either positively or negatively. You may also be interested in the non-negotiables for my team.

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4 Ways to Use Your Blog to Land a New Job or Client

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She then told me in our meeting that one of the people on the management team had just experienced a personal setback and she asked if she could share my post with this person. SPGonz Reply Lisa Petrilli January 13, 2011 at 10:18 am Steve, Love the coffee comment!

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Nine Steps for Creating and Maintaining Team Ownership of Ideas.

Kevin Eikenberry

Perhaps as you hear their ideas you get other new ones – commend the team for the inspiration and then add them too. Will these nine steps guarantee that your team will feel 100% ownership and commitment to what is said?

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Leadership Evaluation Summary & Observations 2011

Ron Edmondson

Recently I posted about the annual review process where our team evaluates me in my leadership of Grace Community Church. What am I currently adding to the team? Team Building. Sometimes I’m guilty of neglecting to lead my own team. Inviting Evaluation from Your Team.

7 Suggestions When Interviewing for a Church Staff Position

Ron Edmondson

This week I had two people email through my blog asking for suggestions when interviewing with a church for a staff position. Be upbeat - The main thing in adding staff in most churches is that the person be a good fit for the church and team.

7 Traits of a Great Team Member

Ron Edmondson

In the business world and in the church, I’ve learned that having a good team often makes the difference in how well we do at reaching our objectives. I have been blessed with some great teams in the past. As a result, I frequently get asked if I have any openings on my team.

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Positivity Pays Off

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How helpful are positive emotions in the workplace? Scientists have been studying the the brain for centuries and have learned more recently about how we achieve optimal functioning, the term positivity has finally captured business leaders’ interests. Better team work.

How To Start Fresh In 2011. | Rich Gee Group

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home about rich our team news our fans services executive coach business coach speaking inspire media knowledge books affiliates contact Rich Gee Group 203.500.2421 How To Start Fresh In 2011. We begin to hate ourselves and think we ‘lost our chance’ to change in 2011.

12 Ways to Make Yourself A Valuable Team Member

Ron Edmondson

Recently someone came to me for advice in starting a new position. He wanted to know how he could set himself apart and make himself a valuable team member. Here are 12 ways to make yourself valuable as a team member: Be an encourager of others on the team.

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The Impulse Every Leader Must Fight (To Build A Better Team)

Terry Starbucker

This can be a big problem for a leader as he or she goes down the road building a team over the course of several years. An executive position becomes available and Joe enthusiastically applies for the job. And build a better team.

5 Strategies To Free Your Team From Organizational Silos

Tanveer Naseer

As such, the various teams will isolate themselves to ensure they won’t get lumped with those who are within the leadership’s current focus of finger-pointing and blame. Within teams or departments, there is a given set of informal rules, a ‘way of doing things’ that creates this comfort zone because of its relative predictability. the marketing team’s contribution).

5 Keys to Effectively Communicating Appreciation in the Workplace

Great Leadership By Dan

Way to go, team!” If you want the positive message to be heard loud and clear, don’t follow your affirmation with a “Now, if you would only…” message. They will only remember the constructive criticism, and may not even hear the positive.

The January Leadership Development Carnival: Best of 2011 Edition

Great Leadership By Dan

This month's edition is a special "Best of 2011" collection of leadership development blog posts from many of our regular Carnival contributors. Reason: "This was our most read piece of original content published in 2011". It got a lot of views, “likes”, and positive comments.".

Team Building & Leadership Workshops: Team Accountability & Decisions; Developing & Being a Part of High Performance Teams; Leading Team Leaders

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Below is a series of Team Building & Leadership Programs facilitated to over 20 project teams within a large bank. Each can be customized and adjusted for your culture, team and organization. If you are interested contact us and start making your team better!

5 Wrong Ways to Respond to Criticism

Ron Edmondson

It needs a filter and the person, circumstances and … need to be taken into consideration, but with every criticism rests an opportunity to learn something positive for the organization or about the leader. Leadership Organizational Leadership Team Leadership

7 Critical Abilities Senior Leaders Must Have

Ron Edmondson

All leadership is challenging, but the senior position is a pressure unlike any other. I’ve learned from observation that some are qualified to lead from that position and some are not. Leadership Organizational Leadership Team Leadership

The 4 Things Every Leader Should Say To Their Team, And…

Terry Starbucker

Pay careful attention to the reactions of the team after you make your declaration. And consequently, it puts you in a position where you must then hold yourself accountable to what you said. Putting yourself “on the line&# with your teams, and more importantly, with yourself, can be a scary proposition. …Then Hold Themselves Accountable To. Trust. Credibility.

5 Characteristics of the Antiquated Leader

Ron Edmondson

Home About Consulting Church Family Leadership Navigation: Home » Leadership » Change » 5 Characteristics of the Antiquated Leader 5 Characteristics of the Antiquated Leader February 10, 2011 in Change , Culture , Innovation , Leadership , Organizational Leadership , Team Leadership with 11 Comments What’s important in leadership has changed these days, because organizations and people have changed.

When One Team Member Is Ruining Your Team

Marshall Goldsmith

I hope that my answer is helpful: - My first suggestion is to work on improving the team behavior of every team member. Have each team member ask each other team member a simple question: "In the future, how can I do a great job of helping our team demonstrate effective teamwork?" - Encourage each team member to be positive and focused in their replies to other team members.

7 Random Pieces of Advice for the Younger Leader

Ron Edmondson

Be a genuinely positive influence on your team. I love working with younger leaders. It keeps me young and it helps to know I’m investing in something and someone who will likely last beyond my lifetime. I want to share some things I’ve learned from experience.

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The Essence of Strategy (Part 2) | In the CEO Afterlife

In the CEO Afterlife

by John • October 30, 2011 • Human Resources , Leadership , Marketing , Strategy • 4 Comments. In a strategy seminar I asked the leadership team to tell me what business they were in. Here’s how the Fortis B2B team define themselves: Natural gas is our business.

Musical Chairs – The Employment Outlook for 2011

Survive Your Promotion

I said that your best people are updating their resumes right now, and that as a manager now now NOW is the time to re-engage your talented team members to make sure they don’t fly out the door as soon as the economy improves. Survive Your Promotion!

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12 Killers of Good Leadership

Ron Edmondson

Jealousy – A good leader enjoys watching others on the team excel. Favoritism - Good leaders don’t have favorites on the team. Good leaders remain humbled by the position of authority entrusted to them.

What Makes Leaders & Teams Better?

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This became the format for much of my epistemology of team building & leadership. Making leaders & teams better is more than a passion it is my life. What are the right action steps to take for a successful team ? other team members?).

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Best Team Performance! Team Building Program

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Contact Us …for the Best Team Performance ! What is the Best Team Performance? The Best Team Performance Team Building Program brings out the BEST of your team. Together solutions are found to challenging problems and the BEST of your team is discovered!

High Performance Team Development & Leadership Workshop with Executive MBA’s

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Team development + Leadership. Team Building & Leadership Expert Michael Cardus. In the two days we covered; High Performance Team Development & Leadership. Accountability and Authority of Collegial teams.

10 little Things That Will Make a BIG Difference In Your Leadership

Terry Starbucker

Knowing One or Two Personal Details - This is taking name knowing one step further, but it too can be a critical element in strong team building.

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My Hardest Advice for Young Leaders

Ron Edmondson

Recently I wrote a post entitled “ 7 Random Pieces of Advice for Younger Leaders “ It’s received a fair amount of positive attention, so I thought I should share one more…at least for now.

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Leadership Advice: Getting Others to Follow Your Lead

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It seems to me to be the quintessential leadership challenge and yet, such a difficult one depending on the situation, the team and the initiative at hand. What you want people to absorb – and thus, reflect back into their work with you – is highly positive energy.

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3 Reasons Vulnerability is Crucial to Great Leadership

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Sometimes, in anticipation of being in a vulnerable position, we “cover up&# and protect ourselves. Allowing your team to see and appreciate the emotions you are experiencing as you choose to take on risk, or as you move past prior failures to a bold new vision, takes courage.

Leadership Lessons from a Heroic Black Hawk Down Army Ranger

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In business we rely on our teams to execute their roles brilliantly. There have been very few times when I have wanted to write about something that has moved me to my core, but have been unsure of how to even begin. This is one of those times.

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Maxwell's 5 Levels of Leadership

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As shown below, the first level is POSITION. Your influence comes from your position. While that’s not bad—you probably got the position because of your leadership potential—you don’t want to stay here. Leaders develop their people into a team to get results.

Five Suggestions for When Your Boss Needs Leadership Help

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For example, if you believe your boss needs to stop micro-managing and trust you/your team to accomplish your own goals, then structure a plan that can be proposed for how to build trust and get to that point. RELATED POSTS: Four Ways Leaders Position Their Teams for Success.

10 Scenarios to Help Determine if it’s Time to Quit

Ron Edmondson

I am asked frequently to help someone think through the decision of whether to stay or to leave their current position. I’ve continued to encounter situations where a person is wrestling with whether it’s time to leave their position.

10 Commandments Of A Great Culture

The Leadership Advisor

Why is it we think it’s more appropriate to capitalize on the negative than the positive? Celebrating the positive isn’t some naive Pollyanna view of the world. This is especially common for new leaders as a way to try and gain favor with a new or difficult team.