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Best Leadership Books of 2011

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Consider : Harnessing the Power of Reflective Thinking In Your Organization by Daniel Patrick Forrester. W E HAVE more recorded information about leadership now than at any other time in history. Most of it deals with the surface turbulence, which is important but not complete. We could all benefit from daily reflection. Kraemer. Taylor.

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The September 2011 Leadership Development Carnival - Back to School Sale

Great Leadership By Dan

Welcome to the September, 2011 Leadership Development Carnival - Back to School Sale! So stock up, and enjoy your reading! Very cool! Agree!

The November 2011 Leadership Development Carnival

Great Leadership By Dan

Welcome to the November 6, 2011 edition of leadership development carnival! The fried clams won. I've had readers ask "Why so many? I think so.

Speak Your Truth To Power

Lead Change Blog

Speak Your Truth To Power. Leadership Development Career courage power take a risk take a stand truthPosted in Leadership Development What we love in childhood often comes back to us with an “ah-ha!” Reflective leaders usually have many such stories at play in their [.]

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Step by Step Writing a Life Plan for 2011 | Ron Edmondson

Ron Edmondson

Home About Consulting Church Family Leadership Navigation: Home » Encouragement » Step by Step Writing a Life Plan for 2011 Step by Step Writing a Life Plan for 2011 January 1, 2011 in Encouragement , Family , Leadership , Life Plan , Vision with 6 Comments All week I wrote a simple, step-by-step process to writing a life plan for 2011.

First Look: Leadership Books for December 2011

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Grow : How Ideals Power Growth and Profit at the World's Greatest Companies by Jim Stengel. Here's a look at some of the best leadership books to be released in December. 360 Degrees of Influence : Get Everyone to Follow Your Lead on Your Way to the Top by Harrison Monarth. Byrne. Screw Business As Usual by Richard Branson. Books

Are You On Track For 2011?

Rich Gee Group

You’ve had 20 days to kick off 2011 the right way. recent posts 3 Tips To Take More Powerful Notes During Meetings. You still have time.

My Best Blogs of 2011

In the CEO Afterlife

So, with the help of WordPress analytics and content judgment, here’s my list of the top ’CEO Afterlife’ blogs of 2011. How do retired CEO’s spend there time when the power and the glory is gone? I began blogging about leadership, strategy, marketing and life last February. ” Self-assessment is never easy.

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The Hidden Power of Your Leadership to Create Raving Fans

C-Level Strategies

Orchestrated Customer Experience, where you craft the right experience for your customers. All of these points seem obvious (don’t they?)

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My Most Life Opening Leadership Lesson of 2011

C-Level Strategies

To give power to another person takes real courage , we all know this. Empowering without giving away your own power. Thank you!

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The Power of Your Word

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Development Barry wasn’t happy that his boss put him through the 360 evaluation process. He was even unhappier after receiving the feedback. In fact, he was shocked, angry and disbelieving. There was no way he was unethical, thoughtless or lacking in credibility and integrity. Sull HBR integrity Leadership Michael Jensen

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Three Power Phrases to Disarm a Verbal Aggressor

The Recovering Engineer

Acknowledging their emotion is a powerful tool to show that you understand their perspective even if you do not necessarily agree with it.

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The Power of Focus Words

Kevin Eikenberry

We at the Kevin Eikenberry Group do that too. Our three focus words were created in our team meeting. Our three words you ask? Experience.

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The Power of Persuasion

Lead Change Blog

No longer is there a need for the leader who is rarely seen and even more rarely heard. I believe there are opportunities to lead from wherever you sit in your organization. This blog post, however, is focused on those … Continue reading → Lead Change Group - Leaders Growing Leaders.

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A Manifesto’s Unbridled Power

In the CEO Afterlife

There is nothing more powerful than differentiation in a competitive arena. Manifestos ignite people into action. Apple is a very good example.

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Never Underestimate the Power of a Shower

Lead Change Blog

Never Underestimate the Power of a Shower. Posted in Leadership Development Self Leadership A client opened his coaching session today with “I had the most incredible thought in the shower this morning …” I waited, remembering to breathe and keep my eyebrows up.

Leadership Development: Mastering the Powerful Art of Praise

C-Level Strategies

We’ve all experienced the power of praise in our careers. Expressing appreciation with praise amplifies its power.

Women in Power: Leadership Differences By Gender

Women on Business

Robin Lakoff’s article titled Women in Power from the New England Journal of Public Policy states: “Women have a different way of speaking from men. Women in Power. Guest post by Allie Freeland (learn more about Allie at the end of this post). These statistics are only slightly higher than 20 years ago. When the Boss is a Woman, 2008).

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Leaders Share Their Biggest “Follower Challenges”

C-Level Strategies

Sean McGinnis February 2, 2011 at 4:53 pm Great chat again last night lisa – as always. Easy to fall off when you feel disconnected.

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Influencing Powerful People

CEO Blog

Influencing Powerful People - Engage and Command the Attention of the Decision Makers to get What You Need to Succeed is the title of a book by Dirk Schlimm. I was attracted to it partly because I need to influence powerful people and partly because I have my own views of how to do it. Powerful people have challenges.

A Worthy Goal for 2011 and Beyond


Home Go to Guest Posts Disclaimer A Worthy Goal for 2011 and Beyond New year brings with it new predictions, agendas, resolutions and trends. From Seth Godin’s post “ What is Excellence ” at Tom Peters website So, seeking/delivering excellence in everything you do is a goal worth chasing in 2011 (and beyond). Don’t Kill It!

LeadershipNow 140: May 2011 Compilation

Leading Blog

Here are a selection of tweets from May 2011: @Jim_Kouzes: If you want to be more creative, think outside of yourself. Read more @PsyBlog.

First Look: Leadership Books for May 2011

Leading Blog

TouchPoints : Creating Powerful Leadership Connections in the Smallest of Moments by Douglas R Conant and Mette Norgaard. Here's a look at some of the best leadership books to be released in May. What Makes Business Rock : Building the Worlds Largest Global Networks by Bill Roedy with David Fisher. Allen and Mitchell Kusy. Books

First Look: Leadership Books for March 2011

Leading Blog

Tell to Win : Connect, Persuade, and Triumph with the Hidden Power of Story by Peter Guber. Here's a look at some of the best leadership books to be released in March. Poke the Box by Seth Godin. Brainsteering : A Better Approach to Breakthrough Ideas by Kevin P. Coyne and Shawn T. Coyne. For bulk orders call 1-800-423-8273. Books

One Piece of Paper: The Simple Approach to Powerful, Personal Leadership

Kevin Eikenberry

This week’s Resource Recommendation is One Piece of Paper: The Simple Approach to Powerful, Personal Leadership by Mike Figliuolo. This new book, focused on the leader as an individual, promotes an important idea with a creative approach. Books Leadership Learning Success maxims values

The Dangerous Power of a Leader

Ron Edmondson

Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. The leader has power. When a leader begins to abuse power. Related posts: The Power of a Leader. Mature Leaders Don’t Abuse Power. The leader has information. The leader has authority. The leader has position. Some leaders leave. Any questions?

First Look: Leadership Books for June 2011

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Power Genes : Understanding Your Power Persona--and How to Wield It at Work by Maggie Craddock. Here's a look at some of the best leadership books to be released in June. The Benevolent Dictator : Empower Your Employees, Build Your Business, and Outwit the Competition by Michael Feuer with Dustin Klein. Lewis. Books

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An Astronaut’s View Of The Power Of We

Tanveer Naseer

The International Space Station program is a good example of the power of finding the common ground. Image courtesy of NASA. Ron Garan.

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How To Start Fresh In 2011. | Rich Gee Group

Rich Gee Group

We begin to hate ourselves and think we ‘lost our chance’ to change in 2011. We humans are a wily bunch nervous animals. Enjoy!

How We As Leaders Give Our Leadership Power Away

Lead Change Blog

How We As Leaders Give Our Leadership Power Away. Best of Blogs Series Leadership Development Self Leadership leaders Leadership Leadership Power Lisa PetrilliPosted in Best of Blogs Series Leadership Development Self Leadership Have you ever watched a football game on TV? Of course you have. All the time. What happens next?

Leveraging the Power of Paradox


Our natural inclination is to resolve the paradoxes of organizational life. frontpage

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LeadershipNow 140: December 2011 Compilation

Leading Blog

Here are a selection of tweets from December 2011 that you might have missed: @wallybock >> Imagination Igniters: Books for Leaders. Covey.

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A Powerful Activity for Your Office Christmas Party

Kevin Eikenberry

Several years ago in December, some people asked me for a creative training opener. I posted a version of my idea on the earlier version of this blog then. Last Friday at Remarkable House, I used the exercise with our team at our annual Christmas party. It may be just what you need to make [.].

Harnessing the Power of Paradox


Remember the pushme-pullme in the story of Dr. DoLittle ? It was like a llama, only it had two heads and no back end. frontpage

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Columbo’s Curiosity: “his most powerful weapon”

First Friday Book Synopsis

He is the author of Disciplined Dreaming: A Proven System to Drive Breakthrough Creativity, published by Jossey-Bass (2011), one of two books featured at First Friday’s July meeting. Here is a recent post by Josh Linkner. For more information on creativity, visit

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The most powerful strategies when beginning a presentation

First Friday Book Synopsis

Bacon The most powerful strategies when beginning a presentation The Seven-Seconds Rule there are no second chancesOver the recent years, I have read dozens of excellent books in which their authors offer advice on how to make effective presentations in one form of another (e.g. in-person, teleconferencing, electronically recorded).

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The Growing Power of Women in Business

Women on Business

Today, women are wielding more and more power on both sides of the business transaction. Times have certainly changed! Increasingly, it’s women.

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The Rainmaker 'Fab Five' Blog Picks of the Week - A Look Ahead at 2011

Maximizing Possibility

 Below is a great collection of posts containing predictions, resolutions, trends, and thoughts for 2011. License.  Enjoy!

3 Ways to Confront Economic Adversity in 2011

Coaching Tip

The Power of Adversity: Tough Times Can Make You Stronger, Wiser, and Better. By Guest Author Al Weatherhead. Time and Patience. Deregulation.

The Power of True Friendship - Lewis & Tolkien

Orrin Woodward

Tolkien, both Oxford professors, members of the Inklings club, and two of the best selling authors of all time, are a powerful example of the impact friends can have upon one another. Lewis and J.R.R. Warren Lewis, C.S.’s s brother and a member of the club, said, "Properly speaking, the Inklings was.

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