April 2012 Carnival of Leadership Development: Earth Day Edition


Welcome to the April 1st 2012 Carnival of Leadership Development. I’d like to dedicate this edition of Carnival to Earth Day 2012 , celebrated every year on 22nd April as a movement to protect the beautiful planet we all have inherited. Namaste!

The Surest Way to a Positive Attitude

Kevin Eikenberry

Achievement Gratitude Influence Leadership Learning Quotations Success Daniel Lapin positive attitudeI had the chance to meet and hear the fabulous and wise Daniel Lapin speak yesterday. Daniel is a best-selling author, radio personality and is known as ”America’s Rabbi.” ” He spoke about faith and finances, leaving 1200 people with plenty to think about. Today’s quotation is one of the final things he said to the [.].

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The September 2012 Leadership Development Carnival NFL Kick-off Edition

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The May, 2012 Leadership Development Carnival

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Welcome to the May edition of the Leadership Development Carnival ! A blog "Carnival" is typically a collection of recent blog posts organized around a common theme, in this case, leadership development. She's also been a consistent Twitter supporter of Great Leadership.

The November, 2012 Leadership Development Carnival

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The 10 Elements of Positive Performance Management

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from John Mattone: The fundamental belief underlying Positive Performance Management (PPM) is this: Leaders and their employees must strive to make performance reviews complete, honest, and timely. The Ten Elements of Positive Performance Management.

3 Ways to Improve Your Positive Intelligence (PQ)

Great Leadership By Dan

This week's guest post is from Shirzad Chamine: Daniel Goleman made a compelling and accurate case nearly two decades ago that Emotional Intelligence (EQ) was more important to leadership effectiveness and performance than IQ. The wise investment is to raise Positive Intelligence first.

LeadershipNow 140: April 2012 Compilation

Leading Blog

Here are a selection of tweets from April 2012 that you might have missed: The Yin and Yang of Business by @TomAsacker. A Silent Leadership Killer by @mjasmus. The Surest Way to a Positive Attitude by @KevinEikenberry. TLCTalk: Leadership is not about I or me.

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In 100 Words: Accentuate the Positive


Both teams improved, but the team that focused on positive improved twice as much. Improvement & Development In 100 Words Leading People Leadership people development positiveIn 1982, University of Wisconsin researchers studying the human learning pattern videotaped two bowling teams during multiple games. When these tapes were shown to team, they were edited differently.

Why Your Leadership Is Overrated

N2Growth Blog

How are your leadership skills? There’s no shortage of independent empirical data generated over the years supporting the fact most people tend to overrate their leadership ability. I’ve always said leaders need to get over themselves and get on to the practice of leadership.

No Excuses = Real Leadership

N2Growth Blog

True leadership demands the character to demonstrate personal responsibility for one’s actions, and the courage to hold others accountable for theirs. It should be readily accepted and not easily denied – this is real leadership. By Mike Myatt , Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth .

12 Great Leadership Questions

Ron Edmondson

I love to say, “A leader can only see what a leader can see” The leader can often be the last to know where there is a problem or what others are thinking, so asking questions is critical to good leadership. Here are 12 great leadership questions: What can we learn from this?

8 Things Collaborative Leaders Know

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

If you are in any doubt that collaborative leadership is an imperative, and not just a fad, take a look at any of the 22 articles in the Harvard Business Review series on collaboration. In their 2012 global workforce study, Towers Watson found 46% of workers are not engaged.

Leadership and Self-Awareness

N2Growth Blog

If you’re in a position of leadership and don’t feel you have any blind spots, you’re either very naïve or very arrogant. Leadership isn’t a one-size-fits-all endeavor. If you don’t know how to nuance your leadership skills you will simply miss opportunities others won’t.

Secrets to Leading Without Position or Authority

Leadership Freak

Leaders influence without position, title, or rank; they invite loyalty, passion, and commitment. Feedback Humility Influence Leading Listening Managing Marks of leaders Motivation Passion Power Taking others higher Teams Growth Leadership Leadership Development organizational success organizational valuesYesterday, I asked an upper-level manager at one of the world’s largest organization how he’d risen through the ranks so rapidly – he lit up and talked collaboration.

Leadership and Surrender

N2Growth Blog

You’ll rarely encounter the words leadership and surrender used together in complementary fashion. Society has labeled surrender as a sign of leadership weakness, when in fact, it can be among the greatest of leadership strengths.

Positive Psychology, Strengths, and Leadership

The Practical Leader

When he was president of the American Psychology Association in 1998, he founded the Positive Psychology movement. Last July, I attended the first Canadian conference on Positive Psychology as a member of the Canadian association sponsoring it.

Leadership And Making Choices

N2Growth Blog

Choice ; it’s a simple, yet critical aspect of leadership. Academics and business theorists often gloss over the basics of leadership preferring to trivialize their importance. At its essence, leadership isn’t a job – it’s a choice.

Extreme Makeover – Leadership Edition

N2Growth Blog

That said, there is one aspect of business often-overlooked by change agents when it comes to innovation, and it also happens to be the area that offers the greatest potential returns – leadership. The Practice of Leadership is in need of a Makeover – an Extreme One.

The 5 Positive Powers of Self-Doubt

Leadership Freak

Courage Failure Fear Health Humility Insecurity Leading Optimism Personal Growth Taking others higher fear of failure Leadership Leadership DevelopmentImage source If you grapple with self-doubt, keep reading. If you don’t grapple with it, you’re dangerous. Experts sing, “Believe in yourself,” However, unquestioned self-belief produces self-serving leaders who won’t adapt.

7 Elements of a Strategy for a New Leadership Position

Ron Edmondson

I want them to feel comfortable with me and trust my leadership, so I think they need to see me frequently, even more so in the beginning days of my pastorate. Set my initial vision – People want to know where I am going with my leadership.

Leadership Is About Leading

N2Growth Blog

Leadership is about leading. Leadership is a 24-7-365 endeavor. Just look around – the news is littered each day with examples of people in leadership positions who ignore or forget what I’ve just espoused. By Mike Myatt , Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth.

Leadership and Storytelling

N2Growth Blog

Leadership and storytelling go hand-in-hand. In fact, leaders who lack the ability to leverage the power and influence of storytelling are missing the very essence of what accounts for compelling leadership to begin with – the story.

Top 10 Servant Leadership Tweeters in 2012

Modern Servant Leader

This past year (2012) marked the third year I’ve compiled the Top Tweeters list (see 2010 & 2011 for more). The Top 10 Twitter Accounts for Servant Leadership. Here they are, The top 10 Twitter accounts for Servant Leadership followers in 2012: 10. James has many books on Leadership that continue to be a great foundation for insights. Twitter Profile : Serve to Lead® 21st Century Leadership & Environmental | Social | Governance Services.

#Positivity at Work Tweet: 140 Bite-Sized Ideas to Help You Create a Positive Organization Where Employees Thrive

Kevin Eikenberry

Books Influence Leadership Learning attitude habit positive attitude positivityChris Edmonds and Lisa Zigarmi That is quite a long title – for a book with very short (and powerful) ideas! Written as the sub title says in 140 short quotations – actually they are all tweets originally posted on Twitter – this book is super readable. So if you are a person [.].

Two Words Changing Leadership and the World

C-Level Strategies

Imagine if people began to be told by their boss on a regular basis that they matter… Knowing that in an organization people are your biggest asset, this change of mindset would make a tremendously powerful and positive impact. “You Matter.

eBook 117

10 Characteristics of Good Leadership (Repost)

Ron Edmondson

Here are 10 characteristics of good leadership: Recognizes the value in other people, so continually invests in others – Good leaders see a large part of their role as developing other leaders. The post 10 Characteristics of Good Leadership (Repost) appeared first on Ron Edmondson.

7 Leadership Lessons from Yoda

Modern Servant Leader

Perhaps the most iconic mentoring leader on the silver screen, Yoda is an excellent example of great leadership. Here are 7 leadership lessons from the great servant leader , Yoda: 1. Question: What other leadership examples do you see from Yoda or other Star Wars characters?

Positivity at Work by Chris Edmonds and Lisa Zigarmi

Rajesh Setty

My friends Chris Edmonds and Lisa Zigarmi have written a wonderful book called Positivity at Work Tweet. She is a leadership consultant, coach, speaker, friend and avid learner. RS: Why positivity at work, and why now? Positivity matters. RS: Why positive physical health?

Mid-Market CEOs Reveal Which Party they Want Elected in November

C-Level Strategies

53% of respondents said a Republican president and Republican-controlled congress would have the most positive impact. 13% said a Republican president and split control of congress would have the most positive impact. The Introvert's Guide to Success in Business and Leadership.

CEO 72

4 Essentials For Cultural Leadership

The Leadership Advisor

It’s been said so many times, but it’s worth repeating, “Good leadership is more than getting tasks accomplished.” ” Quality leadership develops people. One thing that leadership MUST do is influence, maintain and perpetuate culture.

The Leadership Dangers of Confusing Introversion with Shyness

C-Level Strategies

The July 8, 2012 edition of the New York Times included an article entitled, “ The Spotlight Dims and Shyness Sets In ” which states: The terms “shy” and “introvert” are used almost interchangeably and without distinction in the common parlance.

eBook 101

10 Questions and Answers for Managers about Praise

Great Leadership By Dan

Giving praise means telling someone about something positive that they did. Other common terms for praise include positive recognition, positive feedback, a complement, appreciation, a pat on the back, props, kudos, WERK, toot, and yadah.

The 5 Perils of Leadership

Great Leadership By Dan

If you can’t handle others’ disapproval, then leadership probably isn’t for you. Those who don’t throw their leadership opportunities away in pursuit of approval will be teased at best; at worst, they will be ridiculed, mocked, and defamed. servant leadership level 5 leadership

5 Leadership Roles To Get Your Team Walking Through Brick Walls

Terry Starbucker

The Cheerleader - This is where I call “leadership relentlessness” comes in. And it all must be delivered with a measured positivity that instead of oozing hubris or folly, passes on a quiet confidence and determination. Leadership

The Art of Leadership When Letting Employees Go

C-Level Strategies

” Nor do they constitute leadership. discerning between employees who are not a fit for their position and those who are not a fit for the company. Share your thoughts tomorrow night at Leadership Chat on Twitter!

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The 5 Shadows of Leadership

Ron Edmondson

Here is the post: The 5 Shadows of Leadership. In life and in leadership, the shadows can often overtake us to the point where we get lost in the darkness of our own lives and begin to reflect the darkness onto those around us. What shadows of leadership have you explored?

7 Impractical Leadership Principles and Why I Use Them

Ron Edmondson

Honestly, good leadership isn’t always practical. Here are 7 impractical leadership principles I practice: I don’t meet alone with the opposite sex – Unless there is someone else in the office, I don’t meet with females alone. Business Innovation Leadership

Tenacity in 2012

Lead on Purpose

To succeed in leadership you have to work hard and continually hone your interpersonal skills. You find ways to motivate successful teamwork and positive interaction. How will you show tenacity in 2012? —. Leadership Purpose persistence success tenacitySuccessful people share several common traits; tenacity is at the top. Merriam-Webster defines tenacious as “persistent in maintaining, adhering to, or seeking something valued or desired.”

Top Ten Leadership Songs for Your iPhone Playlist

Great Results Team Building

This list of top ten leadership songs for your iPhone playlist is meant as a starting point for you to later identify other songs that offer interesting and relevant lessons or insights for leaders. leadership must capture the commitment and passion of their team).