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Motivate with a Memorable “Vision Phrase” that Matters

Michael Lee Stallard

The foundation is projected to touch the lives of 50,000 children by 2014. Another example is Zach Freeman, a 2013 graduate of TCU’s Neeley Business School with degrees in supply chain management and entrepreneurial management, who founded Veterans Moving America, a “values-based company” that strictly hires American veterans to do residential moving work.

Narrowing the Chasm Between PR Professionals and Wikipedia

Harvard Business Review

A few organizations in the PR industry have overtly sold their ability to “create and fix Wikipedia pages” in ways that violate the very spirit and purpose of the Wikipedia project. Not only is Wikipedia’s open-editing policy significantly different from traditional models, but the project also aims for accuracy and objectivity and has a communally accepted conflict-of-interest policy.

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The Leadership Blind Spots at Wells Fargo

Harvard Business

They had a fuller discussion in 20132014 — around the time when media reports of the illicit behavior first surfaced. Stumpf testified that he personally became aware in 2013 when, after two years of ineffective solutions within the business unit, the volume of fake accounts was still increasing. Senior leaders were so focused on financial impact that they couldn’t see the ethical damage. Ethics Leadership Boards Digital Article

Don’t Write Off the (Western) Focused Firm Yet

Harvard Business Review

In his article “ Why Conglomerates Thrive (Outside the U.S.) ” in the December 2013 issue of the Harvard Business Review , J. The forces of lawmaking, jurisprudence and, yes, ethics bring about sufficient transparency, market efficiency and fair business behavior for the conglomerate not to be worth its salt.

We Took a Vote. You're Fired.

Harvard Business Review

It''s an attractive value proposition: It''s projected to be a big part of the 13.4% growth in digital ads between 2013 and 2014. Ethical Quandaries. Even more disturbing, one in six say they''ve been personally bullied into doing something counter to their ethical values or their customers'' interests. Leave Your Title at the Door. Let''s say you have a coworker who’s disruptive or isn''t pulling his weight.

Don’t Try to Be a Publisher and a Platform at the Same Time

Harvard Business Review

So in early 2014, Jonathan Glick coined the ungainly word “ platisher ” to describe hybrids of digital media platforms and publishers. For an example, look at Medium , a platisher that raised $25 million in 2014. One reason Kickstarter outstripped its competitors was its well-curated selection of genuinely cool projects. So perhaps it was inevitable that, in 2014, Kickstarter quietly softened its guidelines.

The Tech Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2015

Harvard Business Review

Toward the end of 2014, Google researchers unveiled a new project that uses neural networks and deep learning to identify multiple elements of a scene without human assistance. Smart virtual personal assistants: SVPAs started entering the market in 2013. “It’s like Uber for _”: In spite of harsh criticism about its business practices, 2014 was a banner year for Uber. Is your company poised to build the next Uber?