The Ultimate Leadership Tip (From a Trend Too Compelling to Ignore)

Terry Starbucker

Aaker , entitled “ Millennial Searchers “ This was the key passage that caught my attention (my bolding for emphasis): Millennials appear to be more interested in living lives defined by meaning than by what some would call happiness.

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Personal Needs vs. Customer Relationships

Strategy Driven

Marketing scholars Jennifer Aaker and Susan Fournier reveal how closely business relationships and interpersonal relationships mirrored each other in an Internet-based psychology test. Many companies talk about the need to establish strong ‘relationships’ with their customers.

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Just Adding a Chief Data Officer Isn’t Enough

Harvard Business Review

David Aaker’s helps explain why in his book, Spanning Silos: The New CMO Imperative. The proliferation of C-suite roles is an indication of the increasing strategic and operational complexity organizations face.

Morning Advantage: The Habits of Highly-Effective Mediocre People

Harvard Business Review

There’s a lot to take away from this interview with Stanford professor Jennifer Aaker, especially with regards to scheduling our time. As Aaker’s research has shown, “people who spend more time on projects that energize them and with people who energize them tend to be happier.” Aaker’s workaround? James Altucher wears many hats — he’s built 20 companies, he’s written nine books — but in his own eyes, he’s a mediocre person. But he’s totally cool with that.