The 7 Most Popular Leadership and Communication Blog Posts of 2013


I’ve reviewed our blog posts from 2013, and I love seeing which topics and interests resonated with you. Here are the top 7 most popular blog posts of 2013, counting down from number 7: Number 7: 8 Tips for Leadership When Communicating During Tough Times.

Blog 149

Winners Are Born In Difficult Times

Tanveer Naseer

In the US alone, US$ 156 billion is invested in learning and development every year, or US$ 1,182 per employee (1). To develop, an individual must go through an explorative journey, where they learn through real life action, develop ownership and internalize new knowledge and behaviors.

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The Widening Gap Between Leaders and Up-and-coming Leaders…and What to Do About It

Great Leadership By Dan

people), innovative practices such as job rotation, leadership development through coaching, mentoring, action-learning, and next-generation behavioral performance evaluation must all be considered. Never in our time has there been a greater need for outstanding leaders.

Crisis 286

Ask a Great Leadership Development Question - Get a Free Book!

Great Leadership By Dan

I''ll make a deal with you. After 6 years and almost 800 posts, it gets harder and harder to come up with new topics to write about. Every now again I get tapped out and need some inspiration. That''s where you, Great Leadership readers and supporters come in.

After the Talent Review…Now What?

Great Leadership By Dan

Instead of rating everyone on a performance and potential matrix and then leaving the discussion of development needs and actions for a follow-up meeting, as the team is assessing each person, take a few extra minutes to summarize the person’s strengths and development needs and 1-2 high impact development actions (from the list below). Action learning programs are often used for high potentials, where they work on real company issues and learn at the same time.

Review 196

Team Building Without Time Wasting

Marshall Goldsmith

Leaders are finding themselves members of all kinds of teams, including virtual teams, autonomous teams, cross-functional teams, and action-learning teams. by Marshall Goldsmith and Howard Morgan. Teams are becoming more and more common and important.

Retain Your Top Performers

Marshall Goldsmith

Young leaders engage in an “action learning” project in which they work on real-life problems facing the firm. Leaders are debating the changing nature of work and the perceived decline in job security (the lifelong career at a benevolent company is a fading memory) and the erosion of corporate loyalty. Employees are wondering, “If the company is willing to dump me at its convenience, why shouldn’t I dump the company at my convenience?”

DiSC Team Activity: Steady Changing S–Steadiness Development Activity

Mike Cardus

Contact Mike … to discuss how to increase the learning and utilization of your DiSC training program. and more… Contact Create-Learning to discuss how to make your DiSC team building and leadership program effective. __.

Team 117

Your Team Needs an Intervention

Harvard Business Review

Straight out of Argyris''s classic HBR article about why smart people can''t learn," this room is full of people skilled in all elements of leadership except collaborative work and unfamiliar with the messiness of honest, open-ended discussion. But lessons learned in a classroom or on a ropes course rarely translate to the crucible of real life. This is what organizational development types call "action learning," and it has two essential ingredients.