In Marketing, the “C” Word Cannot Exist

In the CEO Afterlife

Many years ago I read Theodore Levitt’s The Marketing Imagination. In the book, the renowned marketing professor said there was no such thing as a commodity, only people who think like commodities. This served me well as a branded coffee marketer.

PC vs. Mac: Advertising Genius Remembered

Chris Brady

To me, this is some of the cleverest marketing ever. I stumbled across this compilation of the entire 66 commercials of the famous "PC vs. Mac" days. Notice the subtlety with which the Mac guy wins. [[ This is a content summary only.

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What Kind of Company Do You Want?

Kevin Eikenberry

David Ogilvy is perhaps the most famous advertising executive of all time. His book, Ogilvy on Advertising, is a classic, and many of his ads have been often copied. Leadership Learning Quotations Advertising company of giants David Ogilvy hiring marketing middle manager

Beer Branding: Image is Still Everything

In the CEO Afterlife

Oh sure, everyone tries to resuscitate their beloved brand with scads of Hail Mary endeavors ranging from “cool” package design to “cutting edge” advertising. Marketers of Michelob, Fosters, Miller Genuine Draft, Black Label, and Labatt’s 50 have all walked this path.

Brand 239

Kellogg’s Special K: On a Slippery Slope

In the CEO Afterlife

I have been a big fan of Kellogg’s since my days at the Leo Burnett Advertising Agency in the early 1970’s. The marketers of the day and those of the next twenty-five years worked hard to fortify that stellar reputation.

The Beer formerly known as Albino Rhino

In the CEO Afterlife

This person was offended by the brand name of a whimsical beer marketed by the Earls Restaurants chain. Earls said they would re-name the product by April 24, 2013. Gr eat marketers see problems as glorious opportunities.

Loyalty Beyond Reason Defined

Leading Blog

This is a post by Brian Sheehan, author of Loveworks: How the World''s Top Marketers Make Emotional Connections to Win in the Marketplace. Loveworks follows Brian''s books Basics: Online Marketing (2010) and Basics: Marketing Management (2011). Marketing

How to Make Your Ideas Contagious

Leading Blog

It''s more persuasive than advertising and is more targeted to an interested audience. Making things more observable makes them easier to imitate; products and ideas that advertise themselves. Marketing As leaders we need to understand how to make our ideas catch on. This is most effectively done through word of mouth and social influence. Jonah Berger shares the science behind word of mouth in Contagious and even teaches a class at The Wharton School by the same name.

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043: How to Lead a Likeable Business | with Dave Kerpen

Engaging Leader

Advertising is the tax you pay for not being remarkable.” Likeable Local : a Facebook marketing solution for small businesses. Likeable Media : A Social Media and Word of Mouth Marketing Firm. ” – Seth Godin.

The Myth of Virality and What Marketers Can Learn From Justin Bieber

Strategy Driven

The current social strategy of many Marketing and Ad Agencies goes something like: “It doesn’t matter if the content is good, as long as we get a celebrity to tweet it, the thing will go viral!” The moral of the story for advertisers and marketers alike?

Four Ways to Grow Your Business

Chart Your Course

According to a May 2013 survey from email marketing company Constant Contact, 59 percent of small businesses say running their business is harder today than it was five years ago. Always be on the lookout for new talent or labor markets.

9 Steps For Creating The Best Odds For Success

Tanveer Naseer

— and what you need to do externally — with customers, marketing campaigns, and so on. For example, just because Cynthia has been head of the customer service department for 10 years, doesn’t mean she should remain in that position, especially if the job has changed due to market conditions and Cynthia isn’t able to keep up. ” For example, your inventory has to change with the market, as do your pricing policies.

5 Pitfalls of Marketing Waterfalls

Strategy Driven

As data-driven marketers are taking full advantage of collecting, organizing, and analyzing demand management, many are adopting the classic marketing waterfall model from leading experts such as Sirius Decisions. One size fits all’ marketing waterfalls are too rigid.

Advertising's Big Data Dilemma

Harvard Business Review

The proposed merger of ad industry giants Omnicom and Publicis, forming the world''s largest advertising firm, promises to change the face of Madison Avenue forever. Traditionally, the heart of any successful advertising agency has always been its creative department. Advertising

Arm the Messenger: Helping Your Team Talk Business

Lead on Purpose

After all, word of mouth is the best advertisement for any business — and happy team members who can readily discuss how the company works are a sure sign of success. What kind of competition exists in the market, both locally and nationally, for this product or service? How your company delivers a marketing message, or navigates today’s economy, is important. What do your employees know about your marketing efforts? Guest post by Allison Rice.

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Advertisers Must Be Inventors

Harvard Business Review

Outside of live televised events, advertising is easy to avoid. Advertisers have to imagine more and more scenarios in which traditional ads just don't have a place anymore. We're not pivoting fast enough towards the new marketing normal.

60 Work from Home Tax Deductions You Don’t Want to Miss

Women on Business

Marketing and Advertising Tax Deductions. Any money that you spent on direct or indirect marketing and advertising throughout the year is considered a tax deductible expense. Marketing material printing costs. Marketing consulting services.

With So Many Job Openings, Why So Little Hiring? – Bloomberg

Chart Your Course

By Peter Orszag Aug 13, 2013. “An odd puzzle is taking shape in the labor market: Over the past three years, the number of job openings has risen almost 50 percent, but actual hiring has gone up by less than 5 percent. Companies are advertising a lot more jobs, in other words, but not filling them. With So Many Job Openings, Why So Little Hiring? This is an interesting article from Bloomberg and worth the read.

Gerard J. Tellis: An interview by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Tellis is Director of the Center for Global Innovation, Neely Chair of American Enterprise, and Professor of Marketing, Management & Organization at the Marshall School of Business, the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA. He specializes in innovation, advertising, global market entry, new product growth, and pricing. Gerard J.

The Best Advertising is Sincere

Harvard Business Review

Each June, the agency where I've worked for almost a decade, Ogilvy & Mather , hosts a visiting professor for a kind of reverse internship, throwing a seasoned academic into the mix of our NYC flagship office, teeming with 1400+ bloodthirsty marketers. Advertising and the Internet of Things.

Complimentary Resource – Top 10 Social Media Truths For 2014

Strategy Driven

by Prestige Marketing Inc. 10 social media rules that stay true through any trend in online marketing. Besides practical insight on how social media serves business development and online marketing, read on for: Essentials or rules that all businesses should follow in social media.

When Advertising Meets the Meme

Harvard Business Review

Advertising creatives have always known the power of memes, even if they didn't always use the term. For decades major marketers, with their command of the airwaves and commitment to repetition, were often the ones to launch memes. Expect more advertisers to follow suit.

Can Advertising Change the World?

Harvard Business Review

But persuading people is what advertising is designed to do. The scale of the guerilla marketing effort was not random: the roughly 10,000 garments hanging on the building represented the amount of clothing sent to landfill in the UK every 5 minutes. Advertisers Must Be Inventors.

Seven Steps to Start a Consulting Business

Chart Your Course

Whether you need printed or digital resources, marketing or tax help, there are countless businesses and online service providers to help. Marketing, Marketing. Marketing is critical to connecting with current customers and reaching new ones.

Advertising and the Internet of Things

Harvard Business Review

The co-founder and executive director of MIT's Auto-ID lab, Kevin Ashton, coined a term in the mid-1990s — the Internet of Things — that has increasingly attracted the attention of marketers. What's new is how this example reframes the definition of advertising.

Paradigm Flip – New Book Releases Tuesday December 10th

Modern Servant Leader

Marketers. As a marketer, you influence consumers. Advance Praise Marketers. Why not kill two birds with one stone by maximizing low-cost, word-of-mouth advertising through strong, principled, social media leadership? “… If you’re on the way up, read it carefully; if you’re on the way down, read it quickly.” — Chris Cook , President: Fairly Painless Advertising. Greetings Modern Servant Leader readers.

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Advertisers Should Act More Like Newsrooms

Harvard Business Review

Typically, Super Bowl advertisers meticulously plan every aspect of their presence months in advance of the big game. Recently, the Wharton Future of Advertising Program asked more than 175 industry leaders to describe their vision of what advertising would be like in the year 2020.

The Future of Advertising

Harvard Business Review

In today''s media-saturated world, consumers are rejecting aggressive, interruptive advertising. In this environment, the keys to advertising are engaging consumers by focusing on where they are and connecting with them when they will be receptive. Drawing on a decade of working with advertising and marketing executives, Jeffrey Rayport argues that companies need a new way of thinking about advertising in the digital age.

Cracking the Mobile Advertising Code

Harvard Business Review

That phrase is increasingly shaping marketing decisions, and for good reason. Those numbers have mobile advertisers salivating. Despite the popularity of apps, brands spend more than ten times as much on paid search advertising as they spend on ads on apps. As an advertiser, the fragmentation makes it difficult to get to a critical mass of viewers and the turnover forces advertisers to constantly evaluate new apps. What marketers should do. "Mobile first."

025: True Fans Part 2: How to Build True Fans

Engaging Leader

Although this may sound like only a marketing topic, it’s truly about leaders – doing what’s right both for your team and for your career. In this episode, we discuss: Why your business should NOT need advertising.

Godin 141

February Shows Advertisers Still Love Broadcast Channels

Harvard Business Review

But advertising on broadcast TV remains a $72 billion business, and radio mass advertising constitutes $17 billion in spending. As such, there will always be a market for "free". This distinction has important implications for consumers and advertisers alike. Advertising

The Power of Real-Time Advertising

Harvard Business Review

Now that the Super Bowl is over and we know who won the game, everyone's asking who won the marketing battle that surrounds it. The idea of improvisational marketing is a dangerous one to many of the big brands that advertise around the Super Bowl, for obvious reasons.

Cracking the Mobile Advertising Code

Harvard Business Review

” That phrase is increasingly shaping marketing decisions, and for good reason. Those numbers have mobile advertisers salivating. Despite the popularity of apps, brands spend more than ten times as much on paid search advertising as they spend on ads on apps. As an advertiser, the fragmentation makes it difficult to get to a critical mass of viewers and the turnover forces advertisers to constantly evaluate new apps. What marketers should do.

How Advertisers Can Maximize Mobile Conversions

Harvard Business Review

In the beginning, mobile advertising was all about conversions. Smartphone adoption aside, a big reason rich media display ads have become so popular with advertisers is that they produce click-through and engagement rates that are significantly higher than PCs. Advertising Marketing

Personal Needs vs. Customer Relationships

Strategy Driven

Indeed, if a department attracts new customers, it wins the lion’s share of the marketing budget, but it is well documented that it costs some companies five to ten times more to attract new customers than to retain an existing one.

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The POWER of Sales Success. It’s all within you!

Strategy Driven

The power of service is realized through actions, not advertisements. Marketing & Sales buy gitomer buygitomer Jeffrey Gitomer marketing and sales strategydriven

Power 97

Salespeople have questions. Jeffrey has answers.

Strategy Driven

The biggest mistake anybody in advertising makes is walking into a sales call with some kind of a media kit that shows how big a quarter page ad is, or how big a billboard is, or how many 30-second commercials there are. Jeffrey, I sell broadcast television advertising in a small market.

CRM 85

Better Data Can Help Advertisers Avoid Cringe-Inducing Ad Placement

Harvard Business Review

Parents too often find themselves caught off guard during commercial breaks by advertising that is inappropriate for children. This is obviously bad for the parent, but it''s bad for advertisers too, because they have failed to reach their consumer. Advertising

Great Advertising Is Both Local and Global

Harvard Business Review

With increasing heterogeneity in every market and global exposure just one tweet away, all brands, even local ones, must begin to think globally or suffer the consequences. Though the ad never aired in China, the use of Gere, a pro-Tibet activist, outraged Chinese consumers and caused Fiat to lose traction in the booming Chinese auto market. It has spawned more than 70 TV ads, hundreds of outdoor and print ads, and numerous other adaptations across the marketing mix.

Welcome to the Future of Advertising Insight Center

Harvard Business Review

With the explosion of new media and technologies and the rise of empowered (and skeptical) consumers, marketers are finding that the old bag of tricks no longer works so well. And they're inventing fundamentally new ways to pursue advertising's principal job: persuasion. Advertising

What a Decade of Super Bowl Advertising Looks Like

Harvard Business Review

According to Hyundai's vice president of marketing in a recent New York Times article , it goes beyond the obvious need to make money — it's all about when you make money. In general, though, companies spend far more on advertising during the Super Bowl than any other U.S.

Five Ways the Advertising Industry Is About to Transform

Harvard Business Review

Technology has prompted tremendous change in the advertising industry—change that would have been inconceivable even a decade ago. People are accessing, consuming, and sharing content in more varied ways than ever, and marketers have scores of new opportunities to understand, reach, and engage with consumers. The next evolution in digital advertising must be driven by innovative platforms that more effectively help marketers move their businesses forward.

We Asked, Marketing Execs Answered: If You Could Solve One Challenge in the Advertising Business, What Would It Be?

Harvard Business Review

The creation of a successful advertising or marketing campaign requires a tricky formula. And the decision-makers often face a myriad of choices, as we've been exploring in the Future of Advertising Insight Center. Read on for their answers: Christa Carone - Chief Marketing Officer, Xerox Corporation. The challenge we're seeing is that "paid" is no longer the hero in the marketing mix. Advertising agencies have highly creative people — lots of them.