The Value of Vision Series – Daniel Burrus

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Futureview is your ability to project yourself into the future and then look back at your present position from that future point of view. A few years ago, I had the opportunity to converse with Neil Armstrong, the first man to set foot on the moon.

The Big Picture of Business: The Colonel and Me

Strategy Driven

The first which I attended was at the Armstrong-Johnson Ford dealership. One resulting project was ‘KFC Kalendar,’ an advertising campaign that showcased community events and public service announcements to diverse communities.

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Small Businesses Need Big Data, Too

Harvard Business Review

Our three-year project was designed to build awareness among small firms about the value that data could have for their businesses. Our project is an example of a fruitful collaboration—among the University of Kent, the University of Ulster, dunnhumby, and the government funding body.

Is There Hope for Small Firms, the Have-Nots in the World of Big Data?

Harvard Business Review

We saw the value of data firsthand in a study we did with Gillian Armstrong of the University of Ulster and Andrew Fearne of the University of Kent in the Northern Ireland region of the UK. After our project ended, they went back, as one firm owner put it, to “Square One.”.

The Rise of Compassionate Management (Finally)

Harvard Business Review

At TED, Karen Armstrong’s talk about reviving the Golden Rule won the TED prize in 2009 and has given rise to a Charter for Compassion signed by nearly 100,000 people. You’re projecting your perspective and assumptions onto that person.”. Don’t look now, but all of a sudden the topic of compassionate management is becoming trendy. A growing number of business conferences are focusing in on the topic of compassion at work.

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The People Who Practice Everyday, Everywhere Innovation

Harvard Business Review

We found those qualities in abundance — and are delighted, along with our partners at Harvard Business Review and McKinsey & Company, to announce 24 finalists (in alphabetical order): Don't Use Your New Innovation Project to Change Your Business Model — Build On What You Do Well and Ensure Your Success. Story by Toney Armstrong, Memphis Police Department. Project Bushfire — Focussing the might of an entire Organization on the Consumer & Customer.

Who's the Best at Innovating Innovation?

Harvard Business Review

by Toney Armstrong, Memphis Police Department. Project Bushfire — Focusing the Might of an Entire Organization on the Consumer & Customer. Most companies put innovation at the top of their agendas. But how many devote the energy and resources it takes to build innovation into the values, processes, and practices that rule everyday activity and behavior? Not many, as we argued when we launched the Innovating Innovation Challenge in October.