It’s Not Impossible – It Just Hasn’t Been Done Yet

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As I’ve said before, a leader’s job is to disrupt mediocrity – not embrace it, to challenge the norm – not embolden it, to weed out apathy – not reward it, and to dismantle bureaucracies – not build them. By Mike Myatt , Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth.

How to Avoid Starting a Turf War When Implementing Change

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In other cases, someone else is already working on a similar project, and you’ve been tasked with absorbing it into your initiative. Reframe your participation as extra support for them, not additional bureaucracy for them to deal with.

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Great Quotes: Making Ideas Happen by Scott Belsky


The term ’project management’ makes most creative people cringe. Elaborate Gantt charts and byzantine procedures plague bureaucracies large and small. Depending on your approach and your mind-set, the experience of organizing and managing a project can be miserable or deeply satisfying.

Retain Your Top Performers

Marshall Goldsmith

Young leaders engage in an “action learning” project in which they work on real-life problems facing the firm. In addition to reducing bureaucracy, high-performing, high-tech companies provide freedom in dress codes, scheduled hours, and lifestyle choices. Traditional compensation plans must be challenged, needless bureaucracy eliminated, and intrapreneurial opportunities provided.

7 Ways to Get Young People to Serve

Ron Edmondson

Think people impact…not project completion. They tend to rebel against bureaucracy and embrace working together through fellowship. I hear frequently that it’s hard to get the younger generation to serve in the church.

6 Silent Productivity and Profitability Pitfalls, part 6 of 7

Strategy Driven

Thanks to the bureaucracy and lack of listening that exists in most companies today, we have created working environments that stifle the creativity, original thought, and innovation that make our human capital so valuable. Silent Killer #5: Suppressing Innovation.

6 Silent Productivity and Profitability Pitfalls, part 4 of 7

Strategy Driven

To most people, bureaucracy is a bad word, synonymous with ‘red tape’ and wasted time. Silent Killer #3: Bureaucratic Styles.

How to Manage Someone You Don't Like

Harvard Business Review

Can the over-achiever shoulder some additional projects? Consider staffing him to your toughest project, or asking him to serve as your right-hand person on an important initiative.

When Big Companies Fall, Entrepreneurship Rises

Harvard Business Review

In August 1987, for example, under severe United States pressure, the Israel government abruptly and controversially cancelled the Lavi fighter development project that was to be Israel's answer to the F-16 and the societal equivalent of NASA's moon program.

Should You Take That Innovation Job?

Harvard Business Review

Or will you end up drowning in bureaucracy, pining for the white-knuckled start-up pace you''re used to? Since 2009 we''ve conducted close to 500 innovation-related projects with about 100 large companies. These conditions create a need for demonstration projects that showcase the impact innovation can have. You''ve been working at a small start-up for a while now when a large, deep-pocketed corporation comes knocking, asking you to join its innovation team.

Morning Advantage: Why Carnival Stays Afloat Amid Scandal

Harvard Business Review

Claire McCaskill claims that many of the contractors' services and projects "did little — sometimes nothing — to further our military mission," a KBR spokesperson argues that they "performed with honor and sacrifice in a hostile, complex, ambiguous and unpredictable environment.". To be upfront, I doubt I'd enjoy a cruise. I'm not particularly into the lawlessness of international waters , nor do I enjoy being forced to endure poolside activities with hoards of strangers.

Driving Front Line Innovation in Health Care

Harvard Business Review

Stinson''s challenge is common at big organizations, but overcoming bureaucracy and breaking down silos is especially critical in healthcare. This involved establishing a new 18-member Central Innovation Group of leaders from different areas of the hospital, a team that was tasked with prioritizing and advancing ideas and projects through various stages.

The Steep Psychological Price of Starting Your Own Company

Harvard Business Review

This quote is only one of the candid and deeply felt points relayed by the entrepreneurs interviewed for this piece on the anxiety, depression, and stress that often go hand-in-hand with building a start-up (95% of which don''t meet their projections). Papers, Please" is a video game about bureaucracy. Too High?

How SAP Labs India Became An Innovation Dynamo

Harvard Business Review

Frustrated employees were complaining about the lack of amenities — such as child care facilities — on campus and the stifling bureaucracy which, for instance, made expense reimbursment a time-consuming process. Most of these projects were initiated and executed within one week by utilizing existing resources — thus requiring limited additional budget. In April 2010, V.R.

The Job the EU Should Actually Be Doing

Harvard Business Review

Its historical justification long faded, the EU project is facing an existential crisis. This bold approach, which would reimagine Europe as a governance union, could reignite support for the European project and give it the convincing narrative it currently lacks. We must focus on the long-term viability of the European project; and this requires courage, and a vision we can articulate. The European Union has run out of steam.

Who's the Best at Innovating Innovation?

Harvard Business Review

An inspiring story of transformation from a traditional bureaucracy to a vibrant innovation culture in which the insights and observations of every individual from edge to edge not only matter, but produce immediate impact and make the organization continuously smarter. Project Bushfire — Focusing the Might of an Entire Organization on the Consumer & Customer. Most companies put innovation at the top of their agendas.

Reflections on Dr. Deming’s Hospital Notes – What Has Changed Since 1990?

Deming Institute

Lean methods, such as value stream mapping and improvement projects carried out by cross-functional teams can break down barriers and increase understanding. Guest post by Mark Graban. About ten years ago, somebody sent me a PDF file of Dr. Deming’s “Some Notes on Management in a Hospital.”

What’s Different About Enterprise IT in Africa

Harvard Business Review

The public service agencies in many emerging markets have yet to take on service-delivery roles, and remain formal bureaucracies. Much of the corruption that vendors feel is inherent in tender, procurement, and public-private-partnership IT projects in emerging markets is not all due to unethical government bosses.

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Aligning Your Organization with an Agile Workforce

Harvard Business Review

In this excerpt from their book, Agile Talent , Younger and Smallwood explain how to align your organization with the needs and expectations of a workforce that is increasingly external, project-based, and flexible.

What Companies Should Ask Before Embracing Wearables

Harvard Business Review

It sometimes seems as if Frederick Winslow Taylor’s unfinished project is around right the corner: A time-and-motion utopia in which managers can track almost any aspect of employee behavior on a second-by-second basis. In 2013, at the U.S.