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Create Career Sustainability One “Tweak” At a Time

Mills Scofield

The New York Times calls her “one of the smartest, sophisticated thinkers” and Mashable lists her as 1 of the Top 14 Career Experts on Twitter. But, ultimately, it undermines the very career longevity and success they are trying to achieve, personally and for their team.

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Mindful Mondays: Seven Things I’ve Learned About Life and Leadership from Three Years of Yoga

Next Level Blog

I got into it because I was looking for a way to stay in shape when my knees and other health challenges more or less brought an end to my thirty five year career as a runner. I thought I was in pretty good shape but my first yoga class seemed like it would never end.

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Leadership Caffeine: The Difference Between Finishers and 70-Percenters

Management Excellence

There’s a class of professionals in the world one of my former bosses labeled as “70-Percenters.” Here are 5 key behaviors of finishers: Career Getting Ahead Leadership Leadership Caffeine 70-Percenters accountability character Fortitude

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What’s Your Leadership Narrative?

Mills Scofield

As I mentioned in my review, this is a Must Read book for anyone at any stage in their career. You don’t have to have a leadership narrative; plenty of executives and companies get by without one. Culture Disruption Dorie Clark Networking Personal Brand Reinvention career

Extreme Leadership Summit, 2014!

Steve Farber

I’m thrilled to announce our speakers for The Extreme Leadership Summit 2014, coming April 11-13 in Chicago (Please note the new dates.). Founder, Extreme Leadership Institute. Career expert.

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Will You Be Ready?

Tanveer Naseer

It’s a dilemma that this graduating class is familiar with because you’ve dealt with this issue for the last five years as members of our community here at Heritage.

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7 Principles of Leadership Development: Managers as Mentors

Mike Cardus

An earlier post listed the 7 Principles of Leadership Development in no specific order of importance : Necessary Skilled-Knowledge. Education for Leadership. Strategy for Leadership Development. We asked ourselves to look back at our careers.

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Leaders Who Follow Rules

Lead on Purpose

Great leadership skills are those that are developed over time. Although textbooks and classes can help you improve the kind of leader you want to be, it takes real-life practice and implementation to make you great. Without the respect of those who follow you, there will never be real greatness to your leadership. He has a passion for various subjects like education, career and technology, Parenting etc. Leadership Trust respect responsibility skills

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Virtually Selling

Coaching Tip

Arthur Miller’s 1949 Pulitzer Prize-winning play, Death of a Salesman , placed the occupation at the heart of the American middle class and its longing for social mobility. . Source: Bloomberg BusinessWeek, January 14, 2013 and "Ask the Coach". 2013 Business Resolutions.

How to Confront an Employee Performance Problem

Great Leadership By Dan

This post was recently published on SmartBlog on Leadership: In all of the work I’ve done in management development over the last 20-plus years, if I had to pick the one thing that managers at all levels either won’t do, can’t do, should do or could do it better, it’s having the will and skill to sit down with an employee and have the tough conversation about performance. In fact, at some point in our careers, we all do.

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Seven Steps to Start a Consulting Business

Chart Your Course

As they reach the winter of their careers, their choices are certain to impact the economy. Classes start Sept. The baby boomer generation has been discussed, dissected and debated since its emergence in the mid-1940s.

Why You Should Conduct Talent Review Meetings and 10 Best Practices for Doing Them

Great Leadership By Dan

valued by an organization’s leadership, just take a peek at the agendas for their business review meetings, board meetings, operations reviews, quarterly shareholder meetings, sales meetings, or any other kind of management meeting that permeates a busy executives’ calendar. Hold your leadership team accountable. However, they caught on quickly to the importance of managing talent and most learned to be world-class talent managers themselves (or they didn't last long).

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Trust Issues

Coaching Tip

Surveys and statistics abound: only 22% of the public trust government.only 10% of employees trust management.50% of a class is suspected of cheating. John Agno: Can''t Get Enough Leadership. Two Leadership Self-Coaching Guides for Career Women. Books Business Coaching Career Ethics Leadership Memes Self-Awareness What is Work life

The Danger of “YES” and How to avoid it

Dave Bratcher

As someone who has participated in hours of sales training over my career, the one phrase which sticks in my mind is, “With every No you receive you are one step closer to hearing a Yes.” Do you like the word “Yes” or “No” better?

Dancing Your Way Through A Revolution

Mills Scofield

I had just learned about Che Guevara and the Latin American revolutions in history class, and was immediately enthralled. I expected you to be like " and decided to feed my curiosity as I began my academic career at Brown University.

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The Big Picture of Business: The Colonel and Me

Strategy Driven

He told me that I must think like a world-class visionary, grow into the role and not just remain a radio DJ. ” KFC was a watershed in my career (at that point 21 years long). Business Know-How Comes From Experience – The Value of Life-Long Mentoring.

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The Best Leadership Books of 2015

Leading Blog

The Lean CEO : Leading the Way to World-Class Excellence by Jacob Stoller Lean is not just a manufacturing system. H3 Leadership : Stay Hungry. by Brad Lomenick Brad Lomenick reflects on his leadership journey in H3 Leadership. Best Leadership Books of 2013.

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How to Explain Your Career Transition

Harvard Business Review

Shifting careers is often hard to explain. The most important step in getting others onboard with your career transition is crafting a compelling narrative. My whole career, I''ve been a bit of a nonconformist," he says. Career planning Managing yourself

How Military Veterans Can Turn Their Skills into a Corporate Career

Harvard Business

Transitioning from a military career to the corporate world can be a fraught process for the nearly 360,000 U.S. In addition to networking their way into new professional circles and learning new cultural mores, veterans have to face down the even more fundamental questions: what career will best suit them? Those leadership abilities, she knew, could be applied inside a corporation — and she was ultimately able to make that case successfully.

Idea Entrepreneur: The New 21st Century Career

Harvard Business Review

Al Gore created the Climate Reality Project Leadership Corps to bring his ideas about environmental sustainability to people around the world. Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak , based in Delhi, believes that world-class sanitation is necessary for India to realize its full potential. Career planning Entrepreneurship Leadership There is a new player emerging on the cultural and business scene today: the idea entrepreneur. Perhaps you are one yourself — or would like to be.

How to Break Through a Career Impasse

Harvard Business Review

Many of the successful managers and professionals who come back to business school at mid-career are looking for more than honing their leadership skills. Many are stuck in their careers. One class discussion that gets the light-bulbs flashing is a case study analysis of a brilliant functional expert, Harris (not his real name), who gets sent to an elite business school’s general management program with the promise of a promotion into a P&L role upon his return.

StrategyDriven Editorial Perspective – Gather Ye Sugar Plums While Ye May; Your Personal Discretionary Budget will be Impacted by Washington

Strategy Driven

But a more recent estimate is that more than 6 million uninsured people will pay the tax penalty, largely middle class workers including approximately 10 percent at or below the poverty level. Spend well this Christmas/Holiday Season and be merry.

Making Better Decisions

Joseph Lalonde

T his post originally published Friday, November 1, 2013 at A leader’s impact, career, reputation and legacy are all determined by the decisions he or she makes. You might think the same thing about world-class athletes.

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How to Reinvent Yourself After 50

Harvard Business Review

It’s true: reinvention is different later in your career. If you’re still earning for retirement, you can absolutely pursue reinvention, but may want to consider more subtle shifts, such as taking classes on the side to expand your skills, rather than taking several years off to get a doctorate. Career planning Managing yourself

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Women Need to Realize Work Isn't School

Harvard Business Review

But the very skills that propel women to the top of the class in school are earning us middle-of the-pack marks in the workplace. Welcome a less proscribed, full of surprise, career path. A career path is far less scripted, and often full of surprises.

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Leaders, Choose Your Words Wisely

Harvard Business Review

Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University taking a Management Policy class. I was not only taking a full load of classes but I was also working two jobs. Communication Leadership

Lean In — To a Balanced Life

Harvard Business Review

Last year, in my junior-level management class, I showed Sheryl Sandberg’s TED talk, in which she presents the main ideas from her book Lean In. Grrr), it was a great class experience. We had an in-depth discussion about gender and career choices. By doing so, Sandberg argues, they limit their abilities to earn or to rise to positions of leadership – and ironically, many fail to establish the career trajectory that would allow them to better control their work lives.

Why Men Work So Many Hours

Harvard Business Review

Nine percent of working moms clock more than 50 hours a week during the key years of career advancement: ages 25 to 44. For upper-middle class men, notes sociologist Michèle Lamont, ambition and a strong work ethic are "doubly sacred.

Mayer, Sandberg, Slaughter: Driving Change, at a Cost

Harvard Business Review

Slaughter, Sandberg and Mayer are at different stages of their careers and lives, and have very different ideas around a woman''s relationship to work and home. Here''s what we found when comparing the 3 women: Brand Passion Index for April 2012- April 2013. Gender Leadership BPI

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Nonprofits Need to Compete for Top Talent

Harvard Business Review

Year Up is empowering urban young adults with the skills, experience, and support to move them from poverty to professional careers in one year. Invest in leadership.

Is It OK to Yell at Your Employees?

Harvard Business Review

Yelling was an integral part of their leadership and management styles. Does that make Sir Alex’s leadership less worthy of study and emulation? For world-class symphony orchestras, world-class conductors’ critiques are seldom sotto voce. But the notion that raising one’s voice represents managerial weakness or a failure of leadership seems to be prima facie nonsense. Communication Leadership Managing people Steve Jobs. Jeff Bezos.

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The Rise of Social Entrepreneurship in B-Schools in Three Charts

Harvard Business Review

At INSEAD, two students Philippe Dongier and Katie (co-author of this post) sent a school-wide email asking if anyone was interested in cultivating coursework and careers related to nonprofits.

We Are All Part of the Work/Life Revolution

Harvard Business Review

When Slaughter's Atlantic piece — chronicling the difficulty maintaining a high-powered career while still being able to nurture her teenage sons — became the most read article in that journal's history, the field of work/life, long in the shadows, catapulted to center stage. When asked to describe their dream jobs at the start of my class recently, one man said, "Stay-at-home Dad.".

The Eight-Minute Test That Can Reveal Your Effectiveness as a Leader

Harvard Business Review

I know I have some weaknesses (as everyone does), but are any of them so appalling as to derail my career? That will give you some sense of what your leadership skills may be and how they compare to others, right now. The survey will also measure your current level of engagement and satisfaction in your leadership role. A score in the 10th percentile (meaning you''re worse than 90% of the people taking the test) may indicate a flaw so profound it could derail your career.

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Hiring and Big Data: Those Who Could Be Left Behind

Harvard Business Review

After Udacity founder Sebastian Thrun’s very public defection from the MOOC church, he was lambasted for conducting a for-profit “experiment” at San Jose State without thought to whether completion rates might differ across racial and class lines.

Class 11

Leading Teams Toward Success Using People, Products, and Profits

Leading Blog

World class products and services don't create themselves. When your team identifies a product concept that is worth pursuing, leadership becomes the championing of execution over the touting of an idea. Likewise, leadership is a choice. You have to decide if leadership is really something you're ready to shoulder. Careers can be short or long. This si a post by Ken Goldstein, author of Endless Encores : Repeating Success Through People, Products, and Profits.

Who’s Running Your Business in China?

Harvard Business Review

And that means providing world-class training, clear and lucrative career paths and, increasingly, a work-life balance that allows people to enjoy the fruits of their success.

Can You Push Diversity Without Creating Resentment?

Harvard Business Review

BCG predicts a billion middle class Chinese and Indians by 2020. The leadership teams of most companies are still dominated by male home country nationals, in a 20th century legacy model of sending expats around the globe to run local operations.

When Is It a Good Idea to Bring Back Your Old CEO?

Harvard Business Review

In the 2012 Chief Executive Study, called " Time for New CEOs ," we found that 71% of incoming CEOs that year were insiders, and a full 25% had worked at the same company for their whole career. And only 16% of the incoming class of new CEOs in 2012 had previous experience being one. They can feel assured that their companies are in good hands while they take the proper amount of time to figure out the company''s longer-term leadership needs. In recent weeks both J.C.

An Old-Boys’ MBA Is Not High-Value Management Education

Harvard Business Review

Promoting gender equity in the leadership of private and public organizations is one of the most pressing business, economic, and social challenges we face at present. It’s clear that the loss of talent that occurs when women face career advancement barriers poses a threat to firms’ long-term competitiveness. Our primary focus is on providing world-class management education.”. How much value does your MBA provide?

Can Building Great Products Help You Build Great Teams?

Harvard Business Review

Silicon Valley was built on amazing products, not on stellar leadership skills. It’s true that if a start-up fails — or is sold — the need for enduring leadership may never arise. Great managers can help improve job satisfaction and employee retention by leading their organizations with a strong vision, strategic execution and opportunities for career growth. Similarly, effective leadership takes time, tenacity and regular engagement with the people you’re leading.

We Are All Part of the Work/Life Revolution

Harvard Business Review

When Slaughter's Atlantic piece — chronicling the difficulty maintaining a high-powered career while still being able to nurture her teenage sons — became the most read article in that journal's history, the field of work/life, long in the shadows, catapulted to center stage. When asked to describe their dream jobs at the start of my class recently, one man said, "Stay-at-home Dad.".

New Books from HBR Press for August

Harvard Business Review

If you think LinkedIn is just for job hunting, you''re missing out on the many ways you can take advantage of this social network to build the professional relationships you need to advance in your career. Are you a member of the new class of global entrepreneurs? Primal Leadership, With a New Preface by the Authors: Unleashing the Power of Emotional Intelligence. Managers and professionals across the globe have embraced Primal Leadership. Leadership Managing yoursel