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Rebooting Work: How to Make Work— Work for You

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Rebooting Work by Silicon Valley legend Maynard Webb and Carlye Adler is a sensible look at the changing nature of the workplace and how you can use emerging technologies to take charge of your career. Webb believes that technology presents us with an opportunity.

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The Power of Introverts

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This is Web-based and mobile-based technologies that are used to turn communication into interactive dialogue among organizations, communities and individuals. Social media gives today''s Quiet Influencers a particularly effective and efficient option. These technologies promise to become increasingly potent forces in the future, as well as the present. Books Career Communication Leadership Personal Coaching Self-Awareness Skills Success Tips What is Women

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The Final Piece to the Quality Hire Puzzle

Strategy Driven

A Career Builder survey of more than 6,000 hiring managers, worldwide, reveals some eye-opening global stats about just how much a bad hire can wreak company havoc. Weed out early on; technology helps.

Email Is Not Free

Harvard Business Review

Even if I was efficient and processed each email in 30 seconds, it would still take almost an hour and a half. Anecdotally this clearly affected our company''s efficiency, but we had all the data points to calculate the bottom-line financial impact. Communication Technology

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Hiring and Big Data: Those Who Could Be Left Behind

Harvard Business Review

Big data holds the promise of not only vastly improved efficiencies but also bringing greater objectivity to our very unconsciously biased human decision-making. Hiring Information & technology Talent management

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Four Things the Private Sector Must Demand on Cyber Security

Harvard Business Review

Economists point to problems of collective action and misaligned liability rules that actually reduce the incentives for firms to invest sufficiently and efficiently in protecting the network. Government Information & technology Risk management

Embrace Change, But Still Stand for Something

Harvard Business Review

In the broader world, economic, demographic, and technological changes are forcing us all to cope with change whether we want to or not. Meanwhile, computing power has consistently grown over the past thirty years, changing the way that people shop, learn, and socialize, while also making business logistics much more efficient. You shouldn't set your career path in stone, or else you'll be tremendously vulnerable to external events beyond your control.

The Dangerous Tension Between CMOs and CIOs

Harvard Business Review

That is very bad news for their businesses and, not incidentally, for their own careers. Nearly half (49 percent) of CIOs say marketing pulls in technologies without consideration for IT standards.

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New Research: Flexibility Versus Face Time

Harvard Business Review

ended the company''s telecommuting option for employees early in 2013, and Best Buy followed suit a week later by terminating its groundbreaking, decade-old flexible work program, Results Only Work Environment (ROWE), they joined a growing trend among organizations trading flexibility for face time.

The Rise of the Digital CMO

Harvard Business Review

Nevertheless, analog spending still rules, as confirmed by Gartner''s 2013 digital marketing spending report. Digital experiences and engagement draw consumers closer to a brand and more efficiently drive conversions and transactions, both online and off. Last year, Gartner predicted that by 2017, the CMO''s technology budget will exceed the CIO''s. Information & technology Marketing Social media

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The CIO in Crisis: What You Told Us

Harvard Business Review

CIOs need to understand business better, but the C-suite should understand technology''s potential better. As gerajohm commented, "The best executives I have met have had a great understanding of how to use technology to gain competitive advantage and improve operations.

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It's Time for Tenure to Lose Tenure

Harvard Business Review

Taylor, chair of Columbia University's Department of Religion and author of a book critical of tenure , estimates that a college ties up between $10 million and $12 million of its endowment to support a single tenured professor for a 35-year career.

Make Your Knowledge Workers More Productive

Harvard Business Review

The team leaders could not offer more money, but they could offer employees opportunities to develop their careers, new technologies to work on, and new colleagues to work with. With scarcely any help from management, knowledge workers can increase their productivity by 20%.

Is it Time for Mutiny?

Harvard Business Review

The "traitorous eight" as Shockley would call them ever after, went on to found the set of firms (including Intel and AMD) that made Palo Alto the center of technology innovation. Here, successful performance is defined above all by efficiency. Perhaps you have dreamed of mutiny.

Remembering Ronald Coase

Harvard Business Review

But I''ve just finished work on a new book with Paul Nunes on the new age of disruptive innovation (based on our March 2013 HBR article, " Big Bang Disruption "). The Problem of Social Cost," Coase once told me, was the reason he spent his career not in an economics department or a business school but at the University of Chicago School of Law. Coase had observed first-hand the efficiencies to be gained by internalizing market transactions.

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3 Ways Pixar Gains Competitive Advantage from Its Culture

Michael Lee Stallard

If any doubt existed that Disney’s magic was back, it was put to rest with the 2013 release of the blockbuster movie Frozen. Pixar could see these guys were driven to make great films but knew they didn’t have access to the kind of technology Pixar had so they went after them. As seen on Fox Business. To infinity and beyond: That’s where Pixar Animation and Walt Disney Animation Studios are headed, provided they maintain the type of leaders that have gotten them this far.

An Interview with Diane Gherson, CHRO at IBM, on Driving Organizational Transformation

HR Digest

The contribution of technology in improving customer experience is well documented, but little has been done in using it for enriching workplace experiences. Diane Gherson is a trailblazer when it comes to introducing agile technologies in the gamut of Human Resources. Her vision has lead IBM to venture into innovative management systems, ones that empower the employees and facilitate continuous learning through technology. Digital technologies forced-disruption of all that.

For Professionals Returning to Work, There’s Power in the Cohort

Harvard Business Review

Andrea Chermayeff wishes she’d kept a diary during the fall of 2013. Morgan, MetLife and Morgan Stanley — piloted re-entry internship programs for professionals returning to work after a career break.

How Singapore Became an Entrepreneurial Hub

Harvard Business Review

Today, there’s an investment seemingly every week; venture-capital investment in the tech sector increased from less than $30 million in 2011 to more than $1 billion in 2013. The clean, efficient city has some livability advantages over Shanghai, Manila, Jakarta, or Bangkok.

What I Learned from Trying to Innovate at the New York Times

Harvard Business Review

As someone who had spent most of his career working in and cofounding startups, it was big, heady stuff. They measure efficiency, productivity, quality of the network, quality of inputs and outputs. zbysiu rodak.

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The Critical Skills for Leading Major Change in America’s Health System

Harvard Business Review

For these leaders — and young people aspiring to careers as health care managers — one very practical question emerges: What are the critical skills for leading major change in our health system? The first concerns the challenge of creating the meaningful use program for the HITECH Act when I served as national coordinator of health information technology from 2009 to 2011, at the beginning of the Obama administration. At a time of profound volatility in the U.S.

When Did the U.S. Stop Seeing Teachers as Professionals?

Harvard Business Review

” The work of teachers also substantially accords with renown public administration expert Frederick Mosher’s definition of a profession : “[…] a more or less specialized and purposeful field of human activity which require some specialized education or training (though it may be acquired on the job), which offers a career of life work, and enjoys a relatively high status. J PAT CARTER/Getty Images. Teachers have had enough.

What Apple Should Do with Its Massive Piles of Money

Harvard Business Review

I know that finance professors at business schools throughout the nation teach MBAs and executives that, for the sake of economic efficiency, a company should “maximize shareholder value.” Yet these careers and the returns that they can generate are not guaranteed. In your testimony to Congress on May 21, 2013, when you explained Apple’s tax practices, you said: “You can tell the story of Apple’s success in just one word: innovation.”

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Four Reasons to Believe in a Second American Century

Harvard Business Review

Early in my career, a lot of commentators were sure Japan was on its way to becoming number one. New technology has turned the U.S., Private companies like SpaceX are building some of the world’s most sophisticated and efficient rockets (and will resume launching people into space), while Orbital Sciences and the United Launch Alliance retain the lead in satellites. Despite evidence to the contrary, Americans like to think our nation is about to be eclipsed.