Five Ways Leaders Turns Doubters into Doers

Chart Your Course

Effective June 2013, all employees were required to work in the office. said, “A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus, but a molder of consensus.”. Your business is adding a new time-management system, which requires employees to log their hours on specific projects.

Team Decision Making-Case Study and Success Story

Mike Cardus

The problem was, Amida was making consultative decisions ( listening to each argument, then making the decision herself ) while the team thought they were making consensus decisions. Working on teams and reaching agreement on anything can be a challenge.

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Using Good Decision Making Procedures can have a Positive Effect on the Team

Mike Cardus

Team members will be more committed to the course of action, and more willing to do the project work. Resist the temptation to overuse consensus. Am I relying too much on consensus? Have you ever experienced a project manager, manager who was overly reliant on consensus?

Leadership: 6 Pointers on Having Face Time with People


It can be used to build consensus, to educate others or to simply assess progress. Leadership Leading Change Leading People Leading Projects Managing Communication communication lessons Effectiveness growing others people management Quality

Interview: Gaining Agreement on a Blueprint for Change

Change Starts Here

Listen below to hear the approach she took to gain consensus with a variety of stakeholder groups on a politically charged project.

Change in Companies and Teams is Not Only Possible, it is Inevitable

Mike Cardus

When consulting and working on long-term projects with teams, the initial meeting is used to determine: Where is the team right now? It is tough to have them choose just 1 … and if we can get agreement through consensus the team is doing really great. Photo Credit.

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Team Building Without Time Wasting

Marshall Goldsmith

of the project. Help team members prioritize all the behaviors on the charts (many will be the same or similar) and (using consensus) determine the two most important behaviors to change (for all team members). by Marshall Goldsmith and Howard Morgan.

Before Hiring a Design Partner, Consider This

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It''s your job to pour what you know into the project and travel with the team: think of it as an equal partnership. Design Project management Design is a service, not a magic spell.

Memo to the Boss: Don't Do My Job For Me

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These documents define what R&D projects they want to carry out, assign responsibility for them, and give direction to the next level down: the project managers. They gave full reasons for embarking on the project, the user need, the value created, the fit with the portfolio, and a technical specification of the product, all on one page. Suppose you were the project manager,' I said. Before long there was a consensus that a lot of the detail was not very helpful.

4 Steps for Making Change Happen

Great Leadership By Dan

Implementing change today relies on building consensus rather than executive fiat. Find some "out of the way" department or project to experiment on where the variables are controllable, the investment is minimal, and results are easily measured.

Making Decisions Together (When You Don’t Agree on What’s Important)

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Why do so many conflicts arise when people from different functions or units work together on a project? Who will pay for what in a joint project? Will new projects be given priority over existing ones? What project gets the top talent?

Advertisers Should Act More Like Newsrooms

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Based on our analysis of the responses to the 2020 Project , the Super Bowl case isn't just a once-a-year stunt — it's a preview of a model that will scale and become a foundational characteristic of major brand advertising. A fascinating thing happened at the Super Bowl this year.

Solving the Looming Talent Shortage in the Energy Industry

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The consensus solution to the infrastructural challenges is to continue the build-out of a smarter, self-healing digital grid (which President Obama mentioned in his June 25th speech on climate change), while integrating new technologies with the old.

"Feminine" Values Can Give Tomorrow's Leaders an Edge

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Statistical modeling revealed strong consensus that what people felt was "feminine" they also deemed essential to leading in an increasingly social, interdependent and transparent world. Big-time scientists were supposed to project an image of supreme competence.

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That Hit Song You Love Was a Total Fluke

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And I said, kind of surprised because I had just spent months on this project, “Great! After that, a team can come to a consensus.

The Future of Talent is In Clusters

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What's more, most employees don't work in high-performing teams for long periods — team members move on, projects finish, and other pressing needs come to the fore. I would project that by 2020, 30% of work will be performed by permanently employed, self-managed clusters.

Making the Most of Webinars

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In the California Civic Innovation Project' s (CCIP) recent survey of city managers and county administrators in California, we found that webinars attempting to provide information about innovation in local government are not as effective as many other techniques.

Great Leadership Comes with a Counterintuitive Approach

Great Leadership By Dan

Coming to a consensus around vision and direction can be time intensive simply because people who don’t interact are likely speaking to each other for the very first time, and frankly don’t trust each other.

What the NHL Lockout Reveals About Capital and Labor

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Are we getting any closer to a consensus on it between the owners and the players? What the players in the NHL are fighting about here is that the revenues aren't projected to grow so that, at least in the short-term, the players won't get more with a salary cap over the next couple of years.

The Brief and Fascinating History of What You’re Wearing and Where It Gets Made

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Then came ill-advised decisions — like making a flip phone when market research showed that no one wanted flip phones — and an accretion of layers of management that operated by consensus. The inventions, Antonio Regalado writes in Technology Review , range from automated cars to balloon-based data networks to images of keypads that can be projected onto a user''s hand.

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We Took a Vote. You're Fired.

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Instead, the decision to fire (or hire or promote) someone is based on group consensus. It''s an attractive value proposition: It''s projected to be a big part of the 13.4% growth in digital ads between 2013 and 2014. Leave Your Title at the Door. Let''s say you have a coworker who’s disruptive or isn''t pulling his weight.

Why Is Resilience So Hard?

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Yet despite the overwhelming consensus and supporting evidence that resilience is vital for success in today’s business environment, the truth remains: resilience is hard. Some experienced anger and even rage, projecting the blame outward. Resilience has long been touted as an essential capability for bouncing back from leadership setbacks. Earlier this year, Rosabeth Moss Kanter advanced the conversation with an excellent article on the topic.

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What a Good Moonshot Is Really For

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Google''s moonshots include expansive projects like its driverless car and Google Glass efforts. At the heart of the future-back process is a consensus view of your company''s desired future state.This isn''t scenario planning, where you consider a range of possibilities. More than 50 years ago, U.S. President John F.

The New Kind of Worker Every Business Needs

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The most capable synthetic biologists in the BioCurious community work not only on their own pet projects; they also help others learn to do so by offering classes in subjects like Molecular Biology, Bioinformatics, and Bioprinting. We proudly show people our unusual organizational chart (more a constellation of project networks than a linear hierarchy) because it casts IFTF as a platform on which project teams and other work structures can self-organize, tackle issues, and solve problems.

How the Crowd Is Solving an 800-Year-Old Mystery

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But there was an even bigger problem: with no consensus on what Khan''s burial ground actually looks like, Lin''s machines would simply be guessing, no matter how smart the algorithm they used. The project is still live and more than 28,000 individuals have contributed image analysis data. Indiana Jones, the great (fictional) archaeologist, used his own brains and creativity to tackle the toughest intellectual puzzles in his quest for the Holy Grail.

Reinhart, Rogoff, and How the Macroeconomic Sausage Is Made

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In the 1990s, the consensus seemed to be that for the U.S. This, to a certain extent, is what the Reinhart-Rogoff project of the past few years (most notably their book This Time is Different ) has been all about. After watching a presentation by Kaggle founder and CEO Anthony Goldbloom at a conference last year , I went up to the front of the room to ask him a question about macroeconomics.

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How to Complete an Individual Development Plan | Thoughts for the.

Nathan Magnuson

IDPs also allow employees and organizations to communicate and reach consensus on what constitutes a developmental win. Some examples from all three could include leading a new project, supporting a project on another team (or a joint team), doing a rotational assignment, attending a seminar, joining a professional association or networking group, completing a new certification, becoming a board member for a non-profit in your industry, or reading a book.

Your Brain Is Hooked on Being Right

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I'm sure it's happened to you: You're in a tense team meeting trying to defend your position on a big project and start to feel yourself losing ground.

The Success Delusion

Marshall Goldsmith

We often: • Overestimate our contribution to a project; • Have an elevated opinion of our professional skills and standing among our peers; • Exaggerate our project’s impact on profitability by discounting real and hidden costs. I have often heard Ed Zander, the CEO of Motorola, teach his high-potential leaders the value of encouraging participation, while also being clear that every decision should not be made by a vote or through achieving consensus.

8 Tech Trends to Watch in 2016

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In 2013, technical glitches caused a three-hour stop at the Nasdaq. The blockchain is a sort of distributed consensus system, where no one person controls all the data.

The Tech Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2015

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Toward the end of 2014, Google researchers unveiled a new project that uses neural networks and deep learning to identify multiple elements of a scene without human assistance. Smart virtual personal assistants: SVPAs started entering the market in 2013.

How One Hospital Improved Patient Handoffs for the Long Term

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By the end of 2013, nurses reported over 20% of patient handoffs still had missing information. The handoff project successfully reduced the number of handoffs with missing or inaccurate information, and the team has been able to sustain these improvements. We saw slight agreement that the new handoff protocol was an improvement, yet there was consensus that a few changes needed to be made. Janis Christie/Getty Images.