High Speed Rail Versus Austerity

Harvard Business Review

Philadelphia would benefit from the population increase and all the amenities that private enterprise would build to support it. The rapid transport will allow for a more efficient allocation of business activity across space, helping firms to control costs.

Let's Be Realistic About Measuring Impact

Harvard Business Review

With a mission to fight poverty in New York City, the foundation puts each of its 200-plus grants through a cost-benefit analysis every year. Robin Hood uses these figures with caution, employing them as placeholders for estimating benefits until better research comes along.

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Business Resilience Comes from Working with Nature

Harvard Business Review

But there are more subtle benefits: forests also clean our water and coastal wetlands and reefs provide natural defense from storms and floods. So a city or company looking to safeguard its water supply, for example, could invest in protecting or restoring lands instead of building a new water treatment plant (which is exactly what the New York City did when it bought land in the Catskill Mountains in 1997 — this initiative avoided up to $8 billion in costs for a new filtration facility?and


If Data Is Money, Why Don’t Businesses Keep It Secure?

Harvard Business Review

Like money, it can flow easily across borders and it commands an intrinsic value — the insight generated from personal data helps deliver benefits to individuals, businesses, and governments alike. Understand how regulation alters the data cost-benefit analysis.

Teaching Teenagers to Develop Their Emotional Intelligence

Harvard Business Review

Their rate of psychopathology is five times that of 75 years ago, according to one meta-analysis. A 2013 survey of more than 123,000 students at 153 colleges showed that more than half experience overwhelming anxiety, and about a third feel intense depression during the school year.