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Do You Have the IT For the Coming Digital Wave?

Harvard Business Review

IT is already being asked both to industrialize traditional infrastructures and systems fast to save costs, and to innovate customer experiences and operations with new digital technologies. Company and unit leaders need to ensure that IT is in a leading position on all key digital projects.

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A Board Director's Perspective on What IT Has to Get Right

Harvard Business Review

Improving Operational Efficiency. For mature, large-scale, multinational companies, there is a virtuous cycle of efficiency improvements that frees up resources, which can then be deployed for growth and innovation projects. The New CTO: Chief Transformation Officer.

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The First 90 Days in a New CIO Position

Harvard Business Review

The following are a few key areas on which I''ve focused in my first 90 days that I think would be valuable for other new CIOs to consider as they plan for their own organizations'' future: Create a Sound Service and Project Management Framework. The New CTO: Chief Transformation Officer.

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The Brief and Fascinating History of What You’re Wearing and Where It Gets Made

Harvard Business Review

For a time, having a BlackBerry was the ultimate status symbol in business, as well as the ultimate addiction: One former global account manager recalls a CTO referring to the blinking red light as "digital heroin." Then came ill-advised decisions — like making a flip phone when market research showed that no one wanted flip phones — and an accretion of layers of management that operated by consensus.

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