The June 3rd, 2013 Leadership Development Carnival

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Welcome to the June 3rd, 2013 edition of the Leadership Development Carnival! Well, here''s your monthly dose of "speed leadership development". bloggers leadership development carnival development carnival leadership June

LeadershipNow 140: May 2013 Compilation

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Here are a selection of tweets from May 2013 that you might have missed: Why Managers Haven''t Embraced Complexity by Richard Straub - HBR. So what defines global companies and leadership in the 21st century? GE''s Jeff Immelt on Leadership, Global Risk and Growth - Knowledge@Wharton.

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LeadershipNow 140: April 2013 Compilation

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Here are a selection of tweets from April 2013 that you might have missed: Ariens CEO outlines Seven Skills of a Lean Leader. From Fortune > Is there really such thing as a ''global CEO''? Is that Development Goal Really Worth it?

Help Your Global Talent Succeed and Lead - Cultivate Communication Skills

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Guest post by Nancy Vason: As leaders of global businesses, you draw from a deep well of talent. According to the Harvard Business Review , English is now the global language of business, and more and more multinational companies are mandating English as the common corporate language.

28 Leadership Development Recommendations for your Individual Development Plan

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Welcome to the September edition of the Leadership Development Carnival ! Chris Edmonds , from Driving Results Through Culture , says that every leader needs to have " Serve my employees " as their #1 target in their individual development plan. So my development tip is this.

March 2013 Leadership Development Carnival

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Welcome to the March 2013 Leadership Development Carnival! Leadership Development – a Key Strategy in Change Management , by Jennifer V. Uncategorized Leadership Development Carnival

A Look Back At My Top 10 Leadership Insights From 2013

Tanveer Naseer

Click here to read more – How To Embrace Change In Today’s Organizations ) Developing a new understanding of the importance of failure: “Failure can provide us with some unique insights and understandings of what’s truly required from us to ultimately be successful in our efforts.

Leadership Development "Moneyball"

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Here’s some statistics on leadership development based on what I’d consider highly credible research. Companies reporting strong leadership development programs are 1.5 Source: Consulting Psychology Journal, 2003, “The Return on Investment of Leadership Development: Differentiating our Discipline”. An executive development survey found that 43% of CEOs and 71% of senior executives reported that they had worked with a coach.

Accelerating Leadership Development in the Workplace

Lead on Purpose

Contributed by Global Knowledge. Jocelyn Bérard, Global Knowledge’s Vice President is one leader who is working diligently to steer organizations through the leadership predicament towards a green light solution.

Brand Marketing Opportunities and Challenges for 2013

Women on Business

NEWS AND INSIGHTS UPDATE: Are you ready to market your brand and get big results in 2013? It’s just as important to develop and promote your personal brand in order to reach your career goals as it is for a company to market its brands.

Brand 199

2013 Trends and The Power of Women

Women on Business

I was recently asked to think about how 2013 trends will impact women in the work force and how women will impact the trends. But many of the trends are picking up speed now and should become even more pronounced in 2013. companies have a woman CEO versus 9% globally.

Trends 238

Leadership Development is Shortsighted

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Frontline leaders aren’t meeting new job challenges and their organizations aren’t preparing them to succeed according to a new global survey of nearly 300 human resource executives. . Development is Shortsighted.

Local Leadership Impact Part 2

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Posted in Community Involvement Leadership Development One of our key goals for 2013 is that character-based leaders connect. While we believe we connect globally, for most of us, we will make our biggest impact locally.

5 Keys For Developing An Employee Engagement Strategy

Tanveer Naseer

A recent global workforce study by Towers Watson suggests that although traditional employee engagement strategies help foster high performance, companies must now also consider how to sustain higher levels of employee engagement over time to avoid a diminishing impact. Let them know you genuinely care about their future and then encourage their development. The following is a guest post by Employee Recognition Director at Hallmark Business Connections, Jonathan McClellan.

Four Ways to Create a Culture of Trust and Openness

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Posted in Change Management Leadership Development Team Dynamics In today’s fast-paced, globally-connected business world in which we live, an organization’s successes and failures can be tweeted across the Internet in a matter of seconds.

Succession Planning Development Plans: Skill Gaps or Experience Gaps?

Great Leadership By Dan

Well, unless you create and implement a targeted, robust, realistic, and measurable development plan, all that work will have been for nothing. The most common way to create development plans to address those gaps is to identify 1-3 key skills, or competencies, that the candidate is lacking that need to get better at. For each skill, you’d have a set of development actions to address the skill. New experiences will always develop many new skills, not just one.

5 Ways CEOs Can Build an Ethical Culture

Leading in Context

Ethical Organization ethical culture ethical leadership ethical leadership context ethical leadership development ethical leadership in a global society By Linda Fisher Thornton CEOs are in a unique position to make ethics a priority through their everyday actions, but simply modeling ethics isn''t nearly enough. Here is a starting list of 5 actions CEOs can take that move organizations toward an ethical culture.

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Dealing With Complexity in Leadership

Leading in Context

Dealing with work complexity has become a major leadership development issue. Ethical Leader Ethical Thinking complexity ethical leadership ethical responsibility ethical thinking global ethics global mindset systems thinkingAnd it has ethical implications. As our work becomes more complex, so do our ethical dilemmas.

Ethics 253

Leading the Conversation About Ethical Leadership

Leading in Context

By Linda Fisher Thornton Dialogue is a powerful tool for developing ethical organizations. Ethical Organization complexity ethical leadership development ethical mindset ethics training what is ethical leadership what is global leadership Workplace issues are complex and opinions will always vary about what ethical behavior means. This combination creates a kind of "murky uncertainty" that keeps employees from giving us their best, most ethical performance.

Ethics 258

What If…?

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Development [link] For those of you that know me, you know I ask Why a lot (annoyingly so at times!). Leadership Development Actions Coaching Difference Growth influence Self Development

It's Time We Develop A New Relationship With Work

Mills Scofield

It's Time We Develop A New Relationship With Work. While the growing levels of anxiety, fear and stress we see in today's workplaces are partly due to the prevailing uncertainties surrounding the global economy, it is also a manifestation of that disconnect between what we do and why we do it.

English Football (Soccer) and Executive Development

N2Growth Blog

The leagues are structured in a hierarchical format, with the Premier League being the top 20 clubs, which include such globally recognised names as Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Manchester City, among others. EXECUTIVE DEVELOPMENT. My main job was developing talent.

Integrating Design Theory & the Scientific Process

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Deb has 20+ years of experience in strategic planning, execution and innovation with manufacturing, service and high-technology companies from large global companies to early-stage. Light Your World Character Courage Difference Inspiration leaders Self Development

Development of Coaching Competencies at SAP

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SAP (Systems-Applications-Programs) AG , a global provider of business software, has implemented coaching programs based on effective personal development accomplishing business goals while meeting the challenges of the coachee''s professional role in an optimal way.

Proactivity, Performance and Potential

Leading in Context

What could we accomplish if we proactively developed ethical leaders and an ethical culture? Ethical Organization Ethical Thinking 7 Lenses ethical leadership ethical leadership in a global society leading ethically what is ethical leadership By Linda Fisher Thornton The Manifesto This week, I want to continue to explore the mindset behind The Leading in Context® Manifesto. Here is an important quote from it about the positive impact of ethical leadership: "Imagine the potential.

Ethics 225

Leading Like Manwani in a VUCA World

Great Leadership By Dan

Humble to a fault, I would label him as one of the most successful global leaders I have ever met. Every two years DDI measures leadership at a massive scale in the Global Leadership Forecast surveying leaders and HR professionals in more than 2,000 companies across 16 countries.

Are You a Thought Leader?

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Mike Myatt is America’s Top CEO Coach, recognized by Thinkers50 as a global authority on the topic of leadership, a Forbes leadership columnist, author of Leadership Matters, CEO at N2growth, and is a Senior Fellow at the Gordian Institute.

PR 312

What Leaders Need To Do To Create A Thriving Organization

Tanveer Naseer

Of course, the ability for an organization to create value not only impacts how innovative it can be, but also whether it can succeed and thrive in today’s fast-paced, interconnected global economy. Guy Kawasaki and Tanveer Naseer – MHLC 2013 3. “It’s

Loyalty Beyond Reason Defined

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They don''t obsess over their purchases, they simply see them as an essential part of everyday life, because -- and this is crucial -- they have developed a relationship with a brand that is built on respect and love.

8 Ways to Have a Successful Partnership

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In a marketplace gone global, productive partnerships are more crucial than ever. His website is * * * Like us on Facebook for additional leadership and personal development ideas.

Winners Are Born In Difficult Times

Tanveer Naseer

At best, leadership development is a fun day out, at worst it is a gut wrenching, annoying exercise that leaves you cringing as someone teaches you to suck eggs. In the US alone, US$ 156 billion is invested in learning and development every year, or US$ 1,182 per employee (1).

Six Ways to See the World through New Lenses—and Lead More Effectively

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Here, the authors share how to develop that perspective: How we see the world—our leadership perspective—shapes our thoughts, decisions, and actions. Learn more at * * * Like us on Facebook for additional leadership and personal development ideas.

Quiet Time: The Introvert’s 5 Keys To Influence


Take a look at the new book by this author, Quiet Influence: The Introvert’s Guide to Making a Difference (Berrett-Koehler, April 2013); I find myself pumping my fist and saying “yes!” These scientists and engineers develop innovative products and breakthrough ideas.

Diversity of a Different Persuasion

N2Growth Blog

In the 2013 PricewaterhouseCoopers Annual Corporate Directors Survey it was reported that the average age of board directors is 68 and mandatory retirement has risen to 72-75. The reality they have grown up in is far more complex, global and faster paced than that of yesteryear.

There’s More To Goal Setting Than Making Them SMART

Tanveer Naseer

The following is a guest post by Doug Sundheim. When I talk to clients about effective goal setting someone invariably mentions that good goals are SMART goals – specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time bound. I agree these are critically important to strengthening goals.

Goal 253

It’s Time to View Leadership as a Profession

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DDI’s own Global Leadership Forecast 2011 reported that only about 38 percent of. profession, both the American Society for Training and Development and the. see a leadership standards board with national or global certification processes. Guest post from DDI's Richard S.

Film 342

3 Leadership Attributes Revealed Through Serving Others

Tanveer Naseer

You can’t change global poverty; that kind of work is reserved for USAID and international organizations. The following is a guest piece by Chi-Dooh Li.

How Courageous Leaders Address Fear In The Workplace

Tanveer Naseer

Certainly, the ability to develop and refine new competencies is a necessity in today’s work environment where the skills we use today might lose relevance in favour of another. The Role Leaders Play In Developing Great Teams.

Make a list of “to becomes”


. Leaders need to constantly develop themselves as human beings. There is so much external change for them to adapt to that the need to be intentional about personal development is essential.

The Benefits Of Being A Social Leader For Today’s Organizations

Tanveer Naseer

However, in addition to these, there also 3 important skills leaders can learn and develop from being active on social media; skills that social leaders have demonstrated as being critical to their organization’s success in today’s highly competitive and interconnected global economy.

4 Ways Leaders Can Change An Organization’s Culture

Tanveer Naseer

As simple as it sounds, this approach will not only accelerate the behavior change that matters most, but also evolve and align your culture more effectively than forcing a major and potentially disruptive culture change effort on a broadly diverse global organization.

Mike Myatt on Hacking Leadership


Why do we need to “hack” leadership rather than embrace it, develop it, or learn about it? Consider a ”hack” to be a practical application of learning and development.

The Latest Trends in the Executive Coaching Industry


As the head of a large executive coaching firm, I travel globally meeting with organizations and coaches, as well as speaking at and attending various coaching conferences. As in the 2005 study, in 2012 leadership development remained the #1 reason for hiring a coach.