The Big Trends Changing Community Development

Harvard Business Review

This is what is going on now in community development. From the private sector, the trend is toward recognizing the business value of community progress. Meanwhile, a second trend is the growing eagerness of the private sector to play a genuine and substantial role in community development. What began as charity-minded Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs have evolved into pursuits of “shared value.”

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Why You Should Crowd-Source Your Toughest Investment Decisions

Harvard Business Review

Most companies – including the movie studios in Hollywood – over-rely on basic tools like discounted cash flow and net present value. How P&G Presents Data to Decision Makers. Only three or four out of every ten movies made in America breaks even or earns a profit.

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How CMOs Can Get CFOs on Their Side

Harvard Business Review

Just 36 percent of CMOs, for example, have quantitatively proven the short-term impact of marketing spend, according to the 2013 CMO Survey (and for demonstrating long-term impact, that figure drops to 32 percent). In our work with clients across dozens of sectors over more than five years, we have found that the strongest CMO/CFO partnerships develop when both parties undertake five actions: 1. Marketing is in the midst of an ROI revolution.

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An Unexpected Lesson from Mandela: Why Context Matters

Harvard Business Review

I made what I thought was a brilliant presentation to senior bureaucrats and technologists. These were engineers and network planners; surely, they understood economics and net present value analysis. Yes, I was there at a true inflection point, armed with the finest analysis possible, elaborate layers of spreadsheets, and well-crafted presentations. If South Africa was to develop, it could not afford to ignore the technocrats entirely.