Lisa Bodell: An interview by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

A globally recognized innovation leader and futurist, Lisa founded futurethink in 2003 to provide a simple approach to the otherwise complicated topic of innovation. Working with leading brands such as Starwood, Merck, and Sprint, futurethink has become the largest source of innovation research, tools, and training curricula in the world. She is also the author […].

Customer Intimacy, Meet Operational Excellence

Harvard Business Review

As a direct marketer we have been good at customer intimacy. What is more important to company success, a strong external focus on customer experiences or an internal focus on effective and efficient operations? Of course, it''s a false dichotomy — you need both.

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Make These Changes to Help Digital Marketing Fulfill Its Potential

Harvard Business Review

The promise of digital marketing continues to grow as big data gets bigger and is turbo charged with mobile and social. In theory, digital marketing should be more precise and better than traditional analog marketing. So why is digital marketing still so ineffective?

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The Branding Power of the Prank

Harvard Business Review

I even thought we might induce them to choose us for their next spoof by doing three things: sharing fonts and templates to make it easy to mimic the graphic design; lending lists to help them direct-market to the people who would be most likely to buy; and giving them access to archives and editors so they'd get an up-close look at our worst excesses. Branding Online marketingThis year, more than ever before it seems, businesses got into the spirit of April Fools' Day.

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Why the Print Catalog Is Back in Style

Harvard Business Review

Penney’s recent announcement that it is resurrecting its print catalog reflects a trend of retailers returning to the print medium as an important sales and marketing tool. According to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), catalog mailings grew in 2013 to 11.9

Publishing Is Not Dying

Harvard Business Review

If marketers want to produce content, they need to think like publishers. After all, content isn’t an extension of marketing, it’s an extension of publishing. were more profitable in the pre-digital age because of the fragmented broadcasting market, but they do make money today. Even The New York Times —which, as I’ve noted , has not run its business well— achieved 8% net margins in 2013—not great, but not exactly a tragedy either.

Businesses Can No Longer Avoid Becoming Political

Harvard Business Review

In other words, business leaders have been dealing with the direct, market-based risks presented by major economic, technological, and demographic trends. Some people in advanced economies have benefited from these trends: those in a position to benefit from markets expanded by globalization, whose productivity has been increased by technology, or who can readily shift capital to where it is most productive. This wasn’t a matter of marketing alone.