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Four Tips for Better Strategic Planning

Harvard Business Review

Strategic plans are often filled with empty phrases such as “Leverage our World Class Operating Capabilities” or head-scratching aspirations like “Reshape Our Pricing and Trade Strategy to Effectively Drive Demand While Maintaining Market Access.” To counter this dynamic, the CEO of a large financial services firm banned her organization from using a list of words and phrases such as “leverage” “synergy,” “disintermediation,” and “robust” (to pick a few of the most overused terms ).

The Solution to the Skills Gap Could Already Be Inside Your Company

Harvard Business

In a 2013 Deloitte survey of executives at large companies, 39% said they were either “barely able” or “unable” to meet their needs for talent. For instance, a data center operator might make a skills pivot that could lead to a role as a data scientist as some at AT&T have done. Developing employees Employee retention Leadership development Professional transitions Digital ArticleIs the developed world on the verge of a skills crisis?