Ambiverts win - Daniel Pink at World Innovation Forum.

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Management consultants get paid by the syllable. So they coined the word "Disintermediation"". But 2013 we still have 1 in 9. I have blogged often about one of my favorite writers and speakers - Daniel Pink. I wrote a review of his book a Whole New Mind. And I shared one of his videos. And blogged when I last hear him speak live. I guess you could say I am a bit of a Daniel Pink groupie. Today he spoke about sales - a topic near to my heart.

Innovating the Toyota, and YouTube, Way

Harvard Business Review

Toyota wasn't just looking for superior quality and just-in-time inventory management from suppliers, they were vested in helping suppliers become more innovative and creative. In terms of people, processes and technologies, Toyota and Google's YouTube have little in common.

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Apple's Trojan Horse

Harvard Business Review

Now that we''re done, or nearly done, disintermediating old media like the newspaper, and supply chains like the book store, it''s time to solve that vexing problem of having to get ourselves from one place to another. But even great management cannot protect these airlines.

I Wasn’t Hiding From You, Boss. I Was Just Being Productive.

Harvard Business Review

Hiding From Managers Can Increase Your Productivity HBS Working Knowledge I''m sitting here, alone, in HBR''s library, writing about how my decision to relocate from my open workspace is making me much more productive. Bernstein suggests that employees can actually be more productive when they''re outside the gaze of their managers — and that being outside this gaze can, in the end, make your company more transparent. Oz Was Right?

Four Tips for Better Strategic Planning

Harvard Business Review

As a result, managers are uncomfortable actually moving into action or committing resources, preferring to stay with the business they know rather than possibilities that may or may not pan out. To overcome this inertia, ask managers to include specific, short-term experiments, whose results will communicate what works and what does not. No great strategy was born without careful thought.

Reinvigorate a Disengaged Sales Force

Harvard Business Review

The issue facing most sales forces is not disintermediation. The role of data is not to make a manager sound "analytical." A stunning 70% of U.S. workers say they are "not engaged" or "actively disengaged" with their work, according to Gallup''s ongoing study of the American workplace from 2010 through 2012. Sales reps — the people who represent your firm with customers — are not an exception.

The Solution to the Skills Gap Could Already Be Inside Your Company

Harvard Business Review

In a 2013 Deloitte survey of executives at large companies, 39% said they were either “barely able” or “unable” to meet their needs for talent. In a recent interview, Benko discussed AT&T’s efforts and offered advice for HR leaders and individual managers on how today’s workforce can avoid obsolescence. How talent management is changing. Is the developed world on the verge of a skills crisis?