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Four Tips for Better Strategic Planning

Harvard Business Review

As a result, managers are uncomfortable actually moving into action or committing resources, preferring to stay with the business they know rather than possibilities that may or may not pan out. To overcome this inertia, ask managers to include specific, short-term experiments, whose results will communicate what works and what does not. The strategic planning process is an important part of most organizations’ operating rhythm.

The Solution to the Skills Gap Could Already Be Inside Your Company

Harvard Business

In a 2013 Deloitte survey of executives at large companies, 39% said they were either “barely able” or “unable” to meet their needs for talent. In a recent interview, Benko discussed AT&T’s efforts and offered advice for HR leaders and individual managers on how today’s workforce can avoid obsolescence. How talent management is changing. Is the developed world on the verge of a skills crisis?