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What the Marketing Agency of the Future Will Do Differently

Harvard Business Review

Everyone is curious about how big data is going to play out, what's in store for wearable technology and just what, exactly, the screen of the future will look like — and how consumers will interact with it. How do agencies ensure their future by being able to help brands sell more and build stronger loyalty in such a disrupted and disintermediated world, where every individual is consuming so much media from so many different channels?

The Solution to the Skills Gap Could Already Be Inside Your Company

Harvard Business

The challenge is obvious: the quickening pace of technological change has shrunk the shelf life of skills acquired by today’s university graduates to just a few years. In a 2013 Deloitte survey of executives at large companies, 39% said they were either “barely able” or “unable” to meet their needs for talent. The cycle time for new technology has compressed and will continue to do so. Is the developed world on the verge of a skills crisis?