The 3 Best Leadership & Communication eBooks of 2013


Here are the most popular (meaning helpful) eBooks we published in 2013. Number 2: The Courageous Communicator Quest This eBook is designed to be your guide as you navigate the journey to great leadership and communication. You voted, and the results are in!

eBook 146

New Communication eBook: The Courageous Communicator Quest


So it was with that my latest eBook – The Courageous Communicator Quest – was born. I’ve talked to a lot of folks lately who say they don’t want to just lead – they want to be great leaders – but they struggle with how to get there and do it effectively.

eBook 124

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New eBook: Tips, Tactics, and Strategies for Your Leadership Toolbox


So…in the spirit of making your lives a little easier and getting communication off to great start this year, I’ve collected the most popular posts—and all their actionable tips, tactics, and strategies—into a single ebook reference toolbox.

eBook 150

New eBook: The Workplace Diet - Communication & Leadership Strategies You Need To Cook Up Great Results


It was this thought that inspired me to write The Workplace Diet eBook. The Workplace Diet eBook is divided into bite-sized chapters, so you can pick and choose which challenges you undertake (but feel free to consume the whole eBook in one sitting, too).

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The Courageous Communicator Quest eBook

Eric Jacobson

Leadership and communication expert David Grossman has released his most empowering eBook yet -- The Courageous Communicator Quest -- designed for leaders who don’t want to just lead; but be great leaders.

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New eBook – Bosses: Good vs. Bad, 6 Must-Do Strategies to Lead with Your Inner Angel


Download our new free eBook, Bosses: Good vs. Bad and get 6 must-do strategies to ensure you lead with your inner angel. What many bosses don’t realize is they have a profound impact on their employees’ work-lives and their careers. Not to mention their employer’s bottom-line (think turnover).

eBook 139

Complimentary Resource – How to Create Effective eBooks for your Clients

Strategy Driven

How to Create Effective eBooks for your Clients. Marketing eBooks are a key component of powerful lead generation, and a core service offering of successful online marketing agencies. Download this template now and learn: How to effectively use PowerPoint to create eBooks.

eBook 65

The 7 Most Popular Leadership and Communication Blog Posts of 2013


I’ve reviewed our blog posts from 2013, and I love seeing which topics and interests resonated with you. Here are the top 7 most popular blog posts of 2013, counting down from number 7: Number 7: 8 Tips for Leadership When Communicating During Tough Times.

Blog 149

Stop Information Overload. Join top industry experts and me at the Overloaded 2013 Conference on February 9


I’m excited to be part of the upcoming Overloaded 2013 Conference – where top work-life, information and email overload experts will gather to discuss tips, solutions and best practices in overload management – in San Francisco, CA on Saturday, February 9. Download our free ebook "The Definitive Guide to Taming the Email Monster" and join your overloaded colleagues in San Francisco to discuss strategies you're already practicing

10 Simple Tips To Attract The Best Clients.

Rich Gee Group

Write an eBook for your target market — and give it away. Blog Business Coaching Career Coaching Tip Social Media Ways & Tips Cold Call Communication Connecting eBook Networking Power Meetings Pro-Bono Getting clients is easy, hard, fun, frustrating, energizing and enervating.

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A Teenager’s 4 Lessons On How We Can Face Any Challenge

Tanveer Naseer

For example, when I uploaded the eBook version of my book for sale on Amazon, although on my tablet it looked right, the preview on Amazon showed that the images were missing. Original illustration by Alya Naseer.

eBook 230

[Quote] What is Leadership?

Dave Bratcher

Claimed your FREE copy of my ebook, Picture Book Manifesto on Leadership ? Source: Pintrest. Leave your email address below. Your email: Leadership @davebratcher Dave Bratcher leadership quote

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10 Reasons why Managers are Clueless about Leadership

Great Leadership By Dan

Those that get picked for a post will receive a free copy of my eBook. if you’d like a free eBook, please get me your email address. I recently asked readers to submit their burning leadership development questions. This question from Kathy L.: “Why, Why, with Ken Blanchard, John C. Maxwell, and Warren Bennis books in abundance, do most people in leadership positions have no clue what to do?” I love this question! It’s simple, to the point, and really makes you think.

How to Have Board-Level Conversations on LinkedIn

Women on Business

Once I reached the level of posting strategic content based on my expertise in LinkedIn groups (once a week with content from my Board Guru™ eBooks), I had my first client within 90 days in the fourth quarter of 2012.

Complimentary Resource – Why IT Struggles to Innovate, and How IT Management Can Fix It

Strategy Driven

This eBook explores the root causes of IT inefficiency in enterprise companies and discusses methods IT management has used to overcome them, turning their IT departments into innovation superstars. Why IT Struggles to Innovate, and How IT Management Can Fix It. by OutSystems.

Zero to Two Billion - The Marketing and Branding Story Behind the Growth

CEO Blog

This book is only available for now as an Ebook. My new book was just released - Zero to Two Billion - The Marketing and Branding Story Behind the Growth. I had in the back of my mind that I might write another book someday but it was just not at the top of my priority list so was not getting done.

Brand 179

Cigarette Butt Attitude

Dave Bratcher

Have you claimed your FREE ebook? Attitude is contagious…Good and Bad! Yesterday morning, I had a breakfast meeting at Perkins. As I arrived, I noticed a gentleman in the parking lot with a uniform on and sweeping up small pieces of trash.

eBook 242

Just Launched – Paradigm Flip – Launch Week Discount

Modern Servant Leader

Free copy of Mark Sanborn’s “ Doing Leadership: The Concise Guide to What Leaders Think and Do ” eBook. To get the discount and free copy of Mark’s eBook, simply fill out the form at this link: [link]. I’ve just launched my new book – Paradigm Flip: Leading People, Teams, and Organizations Beyond the Social Media Revolution. It’s a unique perspective on the dovetail of great leadership principles and social media.

20 Tips For Leaders During Turbulent Times:

Great Leadership By Dan

Those that get picked for a post will receive a free copy of my eBook. Last week I asked readers to submit their burning leadership development questions. And boy, did they ever! Over 50 responses in just two days and more coming in every day! I’m going to do my best to get to as many as I can. This question from Bridgette: “My organization is going through yet another re-organization. We are shifting people, projects and changing roles.

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Leadership Styles: Do you lead like a shark or a whale?


Download our Leadership Toolbox eBook, today I was watching Nightline recently and saw a clip about the difference between sharks and whales. There’s the obvious – Jaws vs. Free Willy, but really, it’s not that simple.

How to Manage Holiday Email Expectations for Employees


Check out our free eBook, The Definitve Guide to Taming the Email Monster, today With the holidays approaching, I’m getting ready to take a vacation—not just from work, but from email too.

5 Items on Every Employee’s Holiday Wish List


Our Leadership Toolbox ebook is filled with the best tactics and strategies all in one place It’s officially the month when we’re all talking about which “hot” items are on everyone’s holiday wish list.

eBook 168

In Case You Missed It: Best Leadership & Communication Posts of the Week


I struggled with this question until the January 2013 issue of National Geographic landed in my mailbox with this cover theme: “Why We Explore.”…. Download our Leadership Toolbox eBook, today

eBook 139

Leaders: Follow These 6 Steps to Build Trust with Employees & Improve How You're Perceived


Download our Leadership Toolbox eBook, today A leader’s ability to inspire and motivate employees is based on trust. When people trust you, they have confidence in your decisions. Even in uncertainty, they will be influenced by your leadership.

eBook 171

Five messaging bad habits every boss needs to break


Download our free ebook, "Can You Hear Me Now? You’ve drafted an email or remarks to share at an upcoming team meeting. How do you know that you haven’t made the most common messaging blunders? See whether creating a clear and compelling communication is as simple as cleaning up your own act.

I Was Blind But Now I See (Because I Asked For Input) Part I


Download our ebook, "Improve Your Workplace Diet: Simple Yet Powerful Ingredients to Cook Up Great Results" today We all have them. Blind spots. Things that are unknown to us yet obvious to others, an area of our leadership vision we’re not able to see.

eBook 156

Power and Freedom of New Beginnings

Dave Bratcher

If not, sign up below and get my free ebook on Leadership. What is so refreshing and liberating with new beginnings? Is there anything that gets the day started better than an amazing sunrise? Especially in some tropical location.

Power 193

Bookseller Leadership Mistakes

Coaching Tip

Bottom Line: The Borders CEO was blind to future impact of paper and ebooks being sold through the Internet whereas the Barnes and Noble CEO focused on developing eReader/table hardware rather than focusing on integrating ebook and other online sales opportunities with the company''s retail stores.

Leadership Development for 5 Year Olds?

Great Leadership By Dan

Those that get picked for a post will receive a free copy of my eBook. I recently asked readers to submit their burning leadership development questions. This question from Jason Ewing, from : “In your opinion, at what age do people truly begin to develop leadership skills? I coached young children in a summer track and field league for about 6 years. The youngest age group was 5-6 years old.

The Stories Behind Independence Day

Coaching Tip

Kindle ebook). Nook and iPad ebook). all ebook editions) . Every large or small community both of civilized and barbarous men has its traditional heroes.

eBook 136

Leadership: 6 Clues It’s Time to Adopt a Strategic Messaging Platform


Download our "Mastering the Art of Messaging" eBook, today To be best-in-class we must think standard operating procedures. That’s one of the commonalities we see with our clients who are taking a lead globally in the communications arena.

eBook 151

21st Century Communicator: Principle #2 – There is no ONE leadership style


Avoid these 7 deadly leadership sins and perfect your leadership style today by downloading our free ebook Business leaders frequently ask me, “What one leadership style is most effective?”. If only life were that simple.

Paradigm Flip – New Book Releases Tuesday December 10th

Modern Servant Leader

At the bottom of this post , I tell you how to get an advance copy of half the book, a 50% discount off the full book when it releases next week and a copy of Mark Sanborn’s Doing Leadership eBook - all FREE. A free copy of Mark Sanborn’s Doing Leadership: The Concise Guide to What Leaders Think and Do eBook. Greetings Modern Servant Leader readers.

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Be a Dog…Without Fleas of Course

Dave Bratcher

Stay up to date and get my ebook for FREE! Why is our dog so crazy? The picture above is the kinder-gentler version. This animal has continued to eat and grow. His name is Henry and he is the best dog we have ever had, although he is still CRAZY.

Course 211

Starting Thought: Move Over, Micromanager Boss, And Make Way For A Master


Download our free ebook, Improve Your Workplace Diet , today I caught up with my nephew recently who was sharing with me how he changed jobs (and bosses) within his company. He moved from a micromanager to one who trusts his people to do their jobs well.

Weekly Round-Up: On Company Values & How To Be A Great Leader


Download our free eBook on good vs. bad bosses & get 6 must-do strategies to ensure you lead for good, not evil Welcome to my weekly round-up of top leadership and communication blog posts.

8 Tips for Leadership When Communicating During Tough Times


Download our Leadership Toolbox eBook, today Whether we like it or not, we’re still in a time where many organizations are feeling under attack and protecting every asset.

Tips 164

Passing the Leadership Baton Gracefully

Great Leadership By Dan

Those that get picked for a post will receive a free copy of my eBook. “Successful transition is the last act of a great leader.” - Francis Hesselbein I recently asked readers to submit their burning leadership development questions. This question from Joseph: As a leader, we''re supposed to developing our replacements. When it''s time to go, how do we transition gracefully?

21st Century Leadership - Leaders: One way to get people to follow you


Download our A-List ebook, Part 1: Communication Your Way to Great Leadership - Getting to Know Your Employees Why do people follow leaders? Hint: it’s not because of that really great PowerPoint presentation of the new strategy you gave at the quarterly all-hands meeting.

eBook 156

7 Ways to Help Fix Poor Communication


Get more on defining the outcome and several other steps in our recent ebook, The Courageous Communicator Quest. When leaders call us for help with any type of communication, our first step is to understand what’s going on.

Millennials: 3 Characteristics that Define how they Approach the Workplace


Download Part 1 of our "A-List" ebook series and begin to communicate your way to great leadership, today At more than 80 million strong, millennials — those born roughly between 1982 and 2000 — are a true force to be reckoned with in the workplace.

eBook 164

I’m supposed to be the teacher…Right?

Dave Bratcher

Have you received my FREE ebook on leadership ? When was the last time you learned something from an unlikely source? . Maybe this happened through an interaction in a drive-thru window, at the movie theater, or while shopping at the local hardware store.

eBook 170

Weekly Round-Up: Change Management Danger Points, Inspiring Employees & more


David Grossman. __ For some additional thoughts on Leadership, check out our popular ebook, The Se7en Deadly Sins of Leadership, today Welcome to my weekly round-up of top leadership and communication blog posts.

eBook 146