Innovating Higher-Education

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Posted in Leadership Development Resources [link] MOOCs (Massively Open Online Courses) are a very hot topic in higher education and corporate training. We are in a new age of education, and just [.].

Mandela on Education and Change

Kevin Eikenberry

Change Change Leadership Developing Others Influence Leadership Leadership Communication Learning Personal Development Quotations education Nelson Mandela The world lost a great statesman, visionary, leader, and human being yesterday.

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LeadershipNow 140: March 2013 Compilation

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Here are a selection of tweets from March 2013 that you might have missed: 6 Distractions Leaders Need To Resist by John Bossong. Tom Peters has posted an education "manifesto/polemic.".

LeadershipNow 140: February 2013 Compilation

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Here are a selection of tweets from February 2013 that you might have missed: From @GECoachingGroup: Do organisations limit leadership development to 'hi-potentials'? Closing the Nation’s Skills Gap : Making Higher Education Achievable - PDF report.

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Education? Innovation? Do – Learn – Do – Learn

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“My work with students and the building project made me curious about further education in business, design, and social impact. Light Your World Self Leadership Books Education leaders youth leadership Posted in Light Your World Self Leadership [link] Aron Solomon introduced me to Victor Saad and that was all it took. Victor has hacked his MBA and learned more than he would have in school. Victor’s Leap Year Project “Masters Program” is the wave of the future.

Best Leadership Books of 2013

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The list below represents my picks for the best leadership books of 2013. * * *. The Business of Belief : How the World''s Best Marketers, Designers, Salespeople, Coaches, Fundraisers, Educators, Entrepreneurs and Other Leaders Get Us to Believe by Tom Asacker In The Business of Belief , Tom Asacker describes the job of leadership from the perspective of beliefs—yours and theirs. L EADERSHIP IS is an inside job.

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What's wrong with education?

Jason Womack

In the first three minutes of this video, I tell you why I left the public education system. In the rest of the video, I share ways you can make your best.even better. Efficiency/Effectiveness Lectures/Presentations

Innovating Higher-Education

Mills Scofield

MOOCs (Massively Open Online Courses) are a very hot topic in higher education and corporate training. We are in a new age of education, and just leave it our students to make sure they are front and center!

Why Are 2013 Graduates Considered Unprepared?

Chart Your Course

While the National Center for Education Statistics is projecting nearly 1.8 Meanwhile, of the hiring managers that are looking at 2013 graduates, the majority only plans to hire one or two this year. via Why Are 2013 Graduates Considered Unprepared? By Ashley Bowers.

The January 2013 Leadership Development Carnival: Best of 2012 Edition

Great Leadership By Dan

Welcome to The January 2013 Leadership Development Carnival: Best of 2012 Edition! I chose this post not just because it elicited strong interest from readers in many countries, but because it may help foster personal reflection and inquiry at the start of 2013.

Vote for Multiplier of the Year 2013

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The Multipliers Leader of the Year award is sponsored annually by The Wiseman Groupto recognize the top “genius makers” in business and education.

Education? Innovation? Do - Learn - Do - Learn

Mills Scofield

I told my Middle Eastern parents that I wouldn''t be pursuing the traditional routes of doctor, lawyer, or engineer and left home to pursue a degree and work in education. Risk: From students to self-made education. I was curious: could I create my own education ?

Educational Entrepreneurship – A Conversation with Pamela Price

Survive Your Promotion

Accelerating at a pace that many CEOs dream of for their corporations, homeschooling is the fastest-growing form of education in America. From 1999 to 2007, the number of homeschooled students increased by 74% according to the National Center for Education Statistics (2007 is the most recent data they have) and now includes about 4% of school-aged kids in the United States.

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3 Secrets of Great Leadership in 3 Seconds

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Leadership Coaching Leadership Development Advice Character-based Leadership Education Inspiration Leadership Management Purpose Posted in Leadership Coaching Leadership Development I recently had the honor of participating on a graduate school alumni panel.

2013 Trends and The Power of Women

Women on Business

I was recently asked to think about how 2013 trends will impact women in the work force and how women will impact the trends. But many of the trends are picking up speed now and should become even more pronounced in 2013. Guest Post By: Andrea Simon, PhD.,

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7 Principles of Leadership Development: Education for Leadership

Mike Cardus

Education for Leadership. Education for Leadership. Specific Education for Leadership Elements. Within your organization how do you Educate for Leadership?

Leaders have Freedom to Transform Education

Coaching Tip

" Cage-Busting Leadership " (Harvard Education Press) is of profound interest and value to school and district leaders, a s well as everyone, with a stake in school improvement. Educators make a well-meaning mistake when they focus on academic outcomes without also focusing on cost-effectiveness of programs and personnel.

Education for everyone: An interview with Sal Khan

First Friday Book Synopsis

Bob''s blog entries Big data in education Education for everyone: An interview with Sal Khan Harvard McKinsey & Company''s Insights & Publications MIT Online learning is revolutionizing access to education Personalized learning Here is a portion of the transcript of an interview of Sal Khan, featured online among McKinsey & Company’s Insights & Publications.

An Opportunity: Startup Weekend Ahmedabad 2013


Last week, I was reading about Startup Weekend (SW) – a global entrepreneurship movement that focuses on experiential education for entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs. The event is scheduled from 1 st to 3 rd March 2013 at IIM – Ahmedabad.


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Leadership Development 33Voices business Communication conversation Education Information Moe Abdou slideshare Technology

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Leaders: Still Making Progress On Your 2013 New Year's Resolution?

Eric Jacobson

Which one of the 70 tips for how to become a more effective leader did you select as a 2013 New Year''s Resolution? This list was published last December in my blog, about the time many leaders were identifying their professional and personal goals for 2013.

When the Odds are Stacked Against You, It’s time to Change the Odds – The 2013 Changing the Odds Conference Can Help

First Friday Book Synopsis

As we face decreasing performance in education, inaccessible mental health services for those in need, and a widening achievement gap between low-income and affluent children, it is clear that something must be done. This year’s conference explores how we can cultivate two characteristics in all children that are inextricably linked to success: perseverance and resilience. […]. Randy''s blog entries

TED is our Modern-Day Chautauqua… Lessons from, and Reflections on TEDxSMU, 2013

First Friday Book Synopsis

Chautauqua was an adult education movement in the United States, highly popular in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Named after Chautauqua Lake where the first was held, Chautauqua assemblies expanded and spread throughout rural America until the mid-1920s. The Chautauqua brought entertainment and culture for the whole community, with speakers, teachers, musicians, entertainers, […]. Randy''s blog entries

25 Funny Questions to Get to Know Your Team

Great Results Team Building

Educators Teambuilding If you want to get to know your team better, the first thing you need to do is ask them about their past, their passions, and their purpose for being there.

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The Best Jobs Go to the Best Educated People and Here is Why

Strategy Driven

Quite a bit of debate exists about whether education is obtained in school or through life experience. Assuming that people can be educated in more than one way, what are some of the reasons why the best jobs go to the best educated people? Education Blended with Common Sense.

Responsibility and Respect (The 4th and 5th R’s)

Leading in Context

Ethical Thinking Trends ethical education ethical leadership leading ethically Children Need to Learn Responsibility and Respect Two key principles (in addition to the 3 R''s) that children need to learn in order to to live a successful life are responsibility and respect. As we teach knowledge and information, these areas need to be taught through an ethical frame of reference.

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Yes, In Fact, There is a Crisis Swirling Around Higher Education – (Alarm Bells from Thomas Frank and Sarah Kendzior)

First Friday Book Synopsis

This morning, I have read one lengthy essay, and an opinion piece, on the current plight of advanced education in this country – and the plight of the “underclass” adjunct professors. I spend some of my Saturday mornings “catching up” on “stuff to think about” reading. Sometimes, it can be a borderline depressing exercise.

Effective Leaders Know the Power of Climate Control

Great Results Team Building

Educators Teambuilding Rather than traditional “command and control” style of leadership, Sir Ken Robinson, during a recent TED talk , shared that effective leaders should focus instead on “climate control.”.

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The Second Half: Transition Time

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I have found that retiring after thirty-four years in public education has brought about feelings of unease, [.].

Blogging on Business Update from Bob Morris (Week of 9/30/13)

First Friday Book Synopsis

Bob''s blog entries "McKinsey Quarterly: Top Ten Newsletter (Third Quarter 2013)" "Six Lessons for Managing CEO transitions" "The Corner Office" "The luck factor in all human experience" Adam Bryant Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Had His Top Execs Read These Three Books Are you a Diminisher or a Multiplier? I hope that at least a few of these recent posts will be of interest to you: BOOK REVIEWS Out Think: How Innovative Leaders Drive Exceptional Outcomes G.

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An Independent Spirit

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” (Claiming an Education, 1977)” – Adrienne Rich A few weeks ago, I had an interesting conversation with my friend, Mike Henry, Sr., [.]

To be a Good Teammate, Accept No Excuses

Great Results Team Building

Educators TeambuildingOne of the most important skills to be a good teammate and improve mental toughness involves the decision to set high expectations and never make or accept excuses. Winners are both intentional and accountable.

Blogging on Business Update from Bob Morris (Week of 9/16/13)

First Friday Book Synopsis

I hope that at least a few of these recent posts will be of interest to you: BOOK REVIEWS A Life In Leadership: From D-Day to Ground Zero: An Autobiography John Whitehead The Art of Business: In the Footsteps of Giants Raymond T. Yeh with Stephanie H. Yeh Reply All…And Other Ways to […].

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How to Create a Culture Where People Can Grow

Great Results Team Building

Educators Teambuilding In an ideal world, every leader would be able to choose only the best people who were best suited for specific tasks and who always interacted well with their teammates. But most leaders do not live in an ideal world.

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Leadership Profile: Malala Yousafzai

Nathan Magnuson

Character Courage Influence Inspiration Leadership Profiles assassination courage education initiative Jon Stewart Malala Malala Yousafzai Nobel Peace Prize Pakistan purpose Swat Valley One of the leadership questions I often hear is this: how can I be a leader when I’m so young?

How to Encourage Team Members to Lead

Lead on Purpose

Educate your staff — Not everyone has innate leadership skills, but these skills can be developed. Product managers need to educate others (especially sales) about their products. Leadership Team Building education encouragement example goals success teamwork Guest post by Lindsay Traiman. Leadership plays a vital role in every company. To have a successful business, it is important that every team member is prepared to step up and lead when necessary.

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Peter Gray: Part 1 of an interview of him by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Peter Gray, research professor of psychology at Boston College, has conducted and published research in a wide range of fields, including neuroendocrinology, animal behavior, developmental psychology, anthropology, and education. He is author of a highly regarded college textbook, Psychology (Worth Publishers), now in its 6th edition. Most of his recent research and writing has to [.].

The 15 Best Free Team Leadership Podcasts

Great Results Team Building

That said, if you have tired of top 40 music and sports talk radio and would like to motivate yourself with a varied collection of interesting ideas, experiment for a few days with using your drive time as an opportunity to expand on your education. Educators Teambuilding

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WHE17: The Cost of Medical Errors: Educating Employees about Patient Safety | with Leah Binder from The Leapfrog Group

Engaging Leader

How can you educate your employees about patient safety and influence them to choose the hospitals with a better track record in terms of safety, quality, and value? In 2013, 1437 hospitals across the country completed The Leapfrog Hospital Survey. All hospitals are not the same!

3 Steps to Making Your Teammate Feel Like a VIP

Great Results Team Building

Educators Teambuilding Every strong leader knows that to get the best out of the people on their team you need to make each one feel like a VIP. Everybody wants to feel like they are important.

Debriefing Questions are the Magic of Team Building Events

Great Results Team Building

Educators Teambuilding Have you ever seen a magician pull a rabbit out of his or her hat? That rabbit was there all along – but the magician likely went through a very entertaining or even interactive set of activities and comments that led up to the moment the rabbit actually appeared.

The Leadership Lesson They Don’t Teach In Business School But Should

N2Growth Blog

The sad reality is that in many cases, the education, training and development leaders receive today is woefully inadequate. By Mike Myatt , Chief Executive Officer, N2growth .

Stone Soup - A Folk Tale About Teamwork

Great Results Team Building

Educators Teambuilding Once upon a time, somewhere in Eastern Europe, there was a great famine. People in one small village jealously hoarded whatever food they could find, hiding it even from their friends and neighbors.