LeadershipNow 140: April 2013 Compilation

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Here are a selection of tweets from April 2013 that you might have missed: Ariens CEO outlines Seven Skills of a Lean Leader. Economists know a lot about efficiency but almost nothing about innovation–yet innovation drives growth @mattyglesias.

Why your employees are not working efficiently!

Bernd Geropp

Why are your employees not working efficiently? Some business owners are unhappy with the performance of their employees: “My employees often do not focus on the right things and they simply do not work efficiently!” To be efficient and to be effective!

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Instant solutions that will make your business more efficient

Women on Business

Management small business work efficiency We''ve Moved! Update your Reader Now. This feed has moved to: [link] If you haven''t already done so, update your reader now with this changed subscription address to get your latest updates from us. link].

The January 2013 Leadership Development Carnival: Best of 2012 Edition

Great Leadership By Dan

Welcome to The January 2013 Leadership Development Carnival: Best of 2012 Edition! I'd say that's pretty darn efficient leadership development. Expect to hear much more from her in 2013.". picked Happy New Year: Holiday Challenge for 2013.

LeadershipNow 140: July 2013 Compilation

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Here are a selection of tweets from July 2013 that you might have missed: From @knowledgwharton Bloomberg''s Peter Grauer: How the ''And Factor'' Defines Leadership. How Interval Training Can Make You Incredibly Efficient at Work by @tonyschwartz.

The December 2013 Leadership Development Carnival: Leadership at the Movies Edition

Great Leadership By Dan

With this focus, the energy of the group becomes immediately efficient and focused. The movies can be a rich source of leadership inspiration and help us identify role models and examples of leadership skills and characteristics that we can choose to develop.

As 2013 marches forward, do you find yourself making another to-do list?

Jason Womack

Small Business Success in 2013. Balance Efficiency/Effectiveness Performance The Little ThingsOr are you spending time “getting organized”? Or are you buying a new app or tool to “make things easier”? Do you need to attend or call yet. another” meeting? You are not alone. These are ways people typically “manage” their time. But when you. really look at the results, is your approach working for you? Are you. happy with the speed at which you are moving toward your goals? Do you.

Tools 125

Management Improvement Carnival – 2013 Edition


In 2013, one of the highlights of her work was “ Value of Vision ” series. James is an experienced operations manager who is passionate about improving quality, reduce cost and increase efficiency of operations.

Tactical Execution Best Practice 7 – Target Non-Value-Adding Work to Improve Efficiency

Strategy Driven

All high-performing organizations continually look for ways to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency. You just finished reading Tactical Execution Best Practice 7 - Target Non-Value-Adding Work to Improve Efficiency !

3 Reasons Your Meeting is a Waste of Time

Let's Grow Leaders

Meetings effective meetings time management efficiency“Okay, we need everyone’s full attention… so here are the meeting rules. No texting. No sidebars. Full participation…” If you have to start your meeting with ultimatums, something is wrong.

2 secrets of achievement: make 2014 bigger AND better

Jason Womack

Efficiency/Effectiveness Goal setting Performance How To Achieve More…. Don''t work so hard. (A

What's wrong with education?

Jason Womack

Efficiency/Effectiveness Lectures/Presentations In the first three minutes of this video, I tell you why I left the public education system. In the rest of the video, I share ways you can make your best.even better.

Effective Handling of Employee Personal Problems is Critical to Maintaining Workforce Efficiency

Strategy Driven

But with empathy and careful planning, successful managers and leaders can minimize the impact of personal problems in the workplace to ensure that your work force remains efficient and that normal productivity is restored as quickly as possible.

Do you ever do NOthing?

Jason Womack

Balance Efficiency/EffectivenessDo you ever do NOthing? And, incidentally, neither do I. Now, don't be concerned.I often do ONEthing. Which is REALLY what people are saying when they say, "I want time to do nothing.".

Are ya practicing on the small things?

Jason Womack

Efficiency/Effectiveness The Little ThingsI wrote a short post on the 2 small things you could practice on/with this weekend to be a little better AND stand out a little more. Here's the link to practice on the small things.

Rethink the Value of Each Customer for Efficient Growth

Women on Business

By understanding the value of each customer, you’re now armed to create more efficient, effective marketing campaigns. From this, you can create more efficient, effective marketing campaigns to grow your company exponentially.

an article on Productivity in the Financial Times

Jason Womack

Efficiency/EffectivenessOh thank goodness…I went to #CoffeeChat with Jodi last Thursday and saw a friend who was reading the Financial Times newspaper. As I was leaving (she had to get to her hike – yup, she’s training for the Rim to Rim, Grand Canyon hike in September, and you’re invited!)

Six Ways to See the World through New Lenses—and Lead More Effectively

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This moment of clear-sightedness led to Ford's trimming its bloated portfolio of 97 models to just 20, selling off Jaguar, Land Rover, and Aston Martin in the process, and focusing on smaller, more fuel-efficient cars.

Rebooting Work: How to Make Work— Work for You

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Technology doesn’t replace the need for human contact but it can make work more efficient and face time more rewarding.

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100% Of Companies Have This Problem

N2Growth Blog

Good process is sophisticated (not complex), efficient (simple) and effective (usable and value added). By Mike Myatt , Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth. Process… just the mere use of the word can spread fear and panic in the workplace.

Five Ways Leaders Turns Doubters into Doers

Chart Your Course

Effective June 2013, all employees were required to work in the office. Armed with ready ideas, the lead team can decide who will post what and when, creating a consistent, time-efficient social marketing strategy. This past February Yahoo!’s

Why Leaders Need To Move Beyond First Impressions

Tanveer Naseer

At first, we’re very attentive to watching how long a given route takes and what delays we might experience to help us decide what’s the most efficient and time-saving way to get to work.

Make a list of “to becomes”


Yet the external environment is changing and there is a demand for your organization to become more efficient, creative, or to work faster. . Leaders need to constantly develop themselves as human beings.

4 Ways To End Destructive Pride

Tanveer Naseer

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for working smart and maximizing effectiveness and efficiency. The following is a guest piece by Ritchie Norton. Why do so many people, businesses, marriages, and even entire empires fall?

Norton 264

Dumb and Dumber

Leadership Freak

Efficiency is never the path to exponential […]. The same people sitting around the same table produce the same results. It’s dumb to think otherwise. It’s even dumber to expect the people who caused the problem to solve it. The future is the past without intervention. Working harder, if you’re already working hard, won’t change much. Change Courage Leading Marks of leaders Success dumb and dumber Leadership Development organizational success

Replacing the Performance Review

Great Leadership By Dan

Month 5 Innovation and continuous improvement Ways and means to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the business • What is one way that you could improve your own working efficiency?

Tipping Sacred Cows or How We Unwittingly Turn Our Virtues Into Vices

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He took the firm “from growing inefficiently to shrinking efficiently.” In an effort to be efficient, he ripped the heart out of the organizational culture. Breeden advises: Julian Fletcher shouldn’t stop being efficient—he needs to start being more sophisticated. He needs to raise his game so he understands how efficiency can harmonize with other complementary leadership traits he needs to nourish.

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Why We Need Strangers

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They arrive filled with different ideas and fresh perspectives based on a new and different set of work and life experiences—ideas, perspectives, and experiences that might actually make us more efficient, effective, innovative, customer-focused, and successful if we were willing to listen.” Part of the reason we get stuck and part of the reason we lack the feedback we need is that we are surrounded by the familiar.

Understanding How Organizations Can Measure Digital Success

Tanveer Naseer

This can include modifying processes to create efficiencies in areas such as accepting customer service inquiries, or publishing a frequently asked question and reference material database. The following is a guest piece by digital and business strategist Joe Wozny.

The Multiplier Effect: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

The Multiplier Effect: Tapping the Genius Inside Our Schools Liz Wiseman, Lois Allen, and Elise Porter Corwin/A Sage Company (2013) How and why a Multiplier environment — with efficient systems — can unlock human potential In Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter, written with Greg McKeown, Liz Wiseman juxtaposes two quite different types […].

Tips for Motivating Employees

Lead on Purpose

Whatever you do , start working today for a more positive work environment and higher group efficiency. Guest post by Marcela De Vivo.

My New Traveling Office

Women on Business

I do most of my traveling on the plane and things like Virgin Atlantic’s seat plug ins, and various carriers Wi-Fi make traveling a lot more efficient. The 2013 Dodge Dart can have Wi-Fi installed so that you can hook up your devices within 150 feet of the vehicle.

Travel 216

How to be Healthy and Stay Healthy

Women on Business

We have talked about scheduling before and making sure you use your calendars efficiently, and schedule in everything but, don’t forget to schedule time for you YOU!!! Stay out of the stress trap and stay healthy!

How To 243

What is Your Innovation Style?

Great Leadership By Dan

You contribute by organizing the new projects and developing efficient systems that ensure the work or product is completed with precision and accuracy. Guest post from Shoya Zichy: Innovation is critical to an organization''s growth and competitive advantage.

Unintended Consequences: Fix This, Break That?

Let's Grow Leaders

Improve customer service, reduce efficiency Improve efficiency, damage morale Improve morale, increase costs Results don’t improve in vacuums. Results lag in a key area. You energize the team to fix it. Results improve. Fantastic. Now other results are plummeting. Beware of unintended consequences. Unintended consequences lurk around every corner. 4 Ways to Avoid [.] The post Unintended Consequences: Fix This, Break That? appeared first on Let's Grow Leaders.

Morale 175

The Joy of Strategy: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

The Joy of Strategy: A Business Plan for Life Allison Rimm bibliomotion books + media (2013) “There is surely nothing quite so useless as doing with great efficiency what should not be done at all.” ” — Peter Drucker I selected the Drucker quotation for the title of this review because so any of the decisions […].

Getting Innovation Right: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Getting Innovation Right: How Leaders Leverage Inflection Points to Drive Success Seth Kahan Jossey-Bass/A Wiley Imprint (2013) “There is surely nothing quite so useless as doing with great efficiency what should not be done at all.” ” Peter Drucker Those who have read any of Seth Kahan’s previous books (notably Getting Change Right) already know that [.].

The Power of Habit - The Myth of Self Discipline

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I really thought I was efficient in deleting spam and doing the most important emails first but tabs makes it easier. I love early mornings. I get so much done. There are so many high payoff things I like to do in the morning that for years, I would push myself to wake up earlier and earlier.

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Why HR Needs to Be a Marketer

In the CEO Afterlife

Wal-Mart people can’t deliver that promise without a super-efficient operation. Great marketing begins with great strategy. Great strategy seldom happens without sacrifice. Sacrifice is the natural path to differentiation.

Dave Ulrich: A third interview by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Dave Ulrich is a Professor at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan and a partner at the RBL Group, a consulting firm focused on helping organizations and leaders deliver value. He studies how organizations build capabilities of leadership, speed, learning, accountability, and talent through leveraging human resources. He has helped generate award winning […].

Leading Successfully… Start with the Right Strategy

Great Leadership By Dan

Regardless of which approach a particular organization prefers, good leaders stay aware of those inclinations, incorporate them into their strategies, and then leverage those to maximize the efficiency of the implementation and execution. Guest post by Jimmy Brown, Ph.D.

Let’s Stop Confusing Cooperation and Teamwork with Collaboration

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

Coordination and cooperation is essential for effective and efficient work accomplishment, and some research supports the notion that some face-to-face time makes a big difference. Often the words collaboration, coordination, and cooperation are used to describe effective teamwork.

Cooper 309

How To Have A Perfect Day, Every Day.

Rich Gee Group

If it was such a good day — you were effective, efficient, and energized — can you put those pieces into play again and produce another powerful day? Did you ever have a day not only hit your expectations, but surpass them? Yesterday was one of those days for me.

How To 195