Rebooting Work: How to Make Work— Work for You

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Rebooting Work by Silicon Valley legend Maynard Webb and Carlye Adler is a sensible look at the changing nature of the workplace and how you can use emerging technologies to take charge of your career. Webb believes that technology presents us with an opportunity.

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Do you ever do NOthing?

Jason Womack

It's quite a world we live in when we need - as Paolo Cardini talks about in his TED Talk - a technology to tune out the technology that disrupts us during our day. Balance Efficiency/EffectivenessDo you ever do NOthing? And, incidentally, neither do I. Now, don't be concerned.I

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The Perils of Perfection

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We saw ''smart bombs'' taking out targets with great efficiency," Frank declares. This is a post by Robert L. Dilenschneider, author of Power and Influence. In it he advises that we must keep focusing on our strengths.

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My New Traveling Office

Women on Business

I do most of my traveling on the plane and things like Virgin Atlantic’s seat plug ins, and various carriers Wi-Fi make traveling a lot more efficient. They haven’t said when it will be available but technology like this would completely revolutionize the way we drive.

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Why HR Needs to Be a Marketer

In the CEO Afterlife

Wal-Mart people can’t deliver that promise without a super-efficient operation. They’re bloggers, content curators, product raters, mobile app makers and technology experts. Great marketing begins with great strategy. Great strategy seldom happens without sacrifice.

Engaging Culture One Conversation At A Time

Tanveer Naseer

He traces this dynamic back to Frederick Taylor, who was both an efficiency engineer and a fierce advocate of workplace democracy. But they caution that such technologies are tools that, if misused, can just as easily be counterproductive. The following is a guest post by contributing editor of strategy+business Sally Helgesen. The intense focus on corporate change during the last decade has given us a greater appreciation of the role that culture plays in organizations.

Learning Methods | Vital Learning

Chart Your Course

Providing properly delivered training helps your employees improve their effectiveness and become more efficient. Technology continues to evolve, creating many new options for delivering training. Flexible Delivery Options. Tailor-made for Your Employees’ Needs.

How to use Measurement to Manage Like a Pro

Lead on Purpose

Katz from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sloan School of Management, notes that metrics are in use everywhere, but if the organization uses the wrong metrics, they will not achieve the expected results. While efficiency and performance are certainly key inputs for effective business processes, it’s still people that you’d have to manage. Guest post by Mary Prescott. I’m sure you’ve heard statements like these before: “My team is exceptionally strong.

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The Right Way to Converse With a Virtual Team

Steve Farber

” Truth is, we can’t talk about connection without addressing technology and its offerings and shortcomings. If you’re serious about leading teams, you need to consider the technology you’re using to help you foster that connection efficiently.

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Teach An Employee Something New Today

Eric Jacobson

Teach him a skill that uses new technology. The benefit to you is you'll have a more skilled team member who is capable of handling more work that can help you to grow your business and/or make it run more efficiently. Take the opportunity today to teach an employee something new.

The Top 5 Ways Enterprise Social Collaboration Can Boost Organizational Productivity

Strategy Driven

If integrated and organized correctly, social collaboration technology can become a game-changer that empowers both employer and employee. It improves the use of resources and efficiencies.

The Ideas that Shaped Management in 2013

Harvard Business Review

The result, I think, is a set of ideas that together are important, useful, and original, and that feel like quite an accurate account of the management concerns many of us shared in 2013. McKinsey may have been hired in 2013 by the Vatican, the Bank of England, and the owners of the Rangers and Knicks, but they’re also acting to stave off threats to their business model. Technology offers real hope for Africa’s economic future.

The Power of Introverts

Coaching Tip

This is Web-based and mobile-based technologies that are used to turn communication into interactive dialogue among organizations, communities and individuals. Social media gives today''s Quiet Influencers a particularly effective and efficient option. These technologies promise to become increasingly potent forces in the future, as well as the present.

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Strategic Planning with Biel’s Document Management

Mike Cardus

We provide innovative document management solutions using digital and microfilm technology. It’s these solutions that help our customers enhance their efficiency and productivity. For the 3rd year in a row I had the pleasure of facilitating Biel’s Document Management Strategic Plan.

The Final Piece to the Quality Hire Puzzle

Strategy Driven

Weed out early on; technology helps. So, isn’t it time that you examined the root causes of your bad hires and learned how to incorporate science and technology into your hiring practices? Your company’s hiring managers are working tirelessly to write accurate job descriptions.

The Secret to Successful Recruiting

Strategy Driven

While workplaces are swiftly becoming more and more advanced in cloud computing, using social media for marketing purposes, and generally becoming au fait with modern technology, there is one area which is sadly lacking when it comes to technological advancement. Efficient.

Resource Management – High overtime? You may have too many people.

Strategy Driven

In fact, managers are far more comfortable having bloated staffs rather than either an understaffed organization or one with a staffing level demanding cutting edge efficiency in order to get the work done.

Teach Something New To An Employee Today

Eric Jacobson

Teach him a skill that uses new technology. The benefit to you is you''ll have a more skilled team member who is capable of handling more work that can help you to grow your business and/or make it run more efficiently. Take the opportunity today to teach an employee something new.

Celebrating Diversity

Marshall Goldsmith

As the poor countries become more efficient, they gain the purchasing power to buy more goods and services from the rest of the world. The removal of trade barriers leads to an increasingly efficient market. A world building long-term value: with countless people working together to advance our culture, building on what has been learned in a manner that is positive, efficient, and productive. - To create a positive global community, we need to meet three key challenges.

The Three Most Innovative Companies of 2013

Harvard Business Review

Editorial driven approaches at MIT Technology Review and Fast Company can trip over hype (recall how Fast Company in 2009 named “Team Obama” its most innovative company ?). You can even give a hint – two of the three are technology companies from America’s West coast, and one is from Asia. Its core e-retailing model, with its hyper-efficient supply chain, turned the retail world on its head.

How Local Governments Are Using Technology to Serve Citizens Better

Harvard Business Review

Some innovative local governments have realized this and are using technology and a customer-focused mind-set to innovate and better serve citizens, whether for setting up a business or renewing a driver’s license. Technology Government Article

Research: Technology Is Only Making Social Skills More Important

Harvard Business Review

Automation anxiety reached new heights in 2013, when Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael A. Although the jury is still out about robots stealing jobs , the pace at which AI and deep learning technologies have been advancing isn’t ebbing concerns over a future of disappearing work.

Can Lending Technology Revive America???s Small Businesses?

Harvard Business Review

Small businesses are also instrumental to our innovation economy; small firms produce 13 times more patents per employee than larger firms and employ more than 40% of high technology workers in America. The potential of new technology to fill the gaps in small business lending is high.

Solving the Internet's Congestion Problem

Harvard Business Review

It is outpacing the internet's, and Internet Service Providers', ability to efficiently deliver it. Or do we need better technologies that can be more efficient at using the internet we've already got? Needless to say, I believe in this technology.

Is Collaboration the New Greenwashing?

Harvard Business Review

Technology has dramatically simplified our ability to access, analyze, and act on ever-expanding volumes of information, and to do so more effectively by connecting and collaborating. How General Mills Uses Food Technology to Make an Impact in Africa. Social enterprise Technology

To Go From Big Data to Big Insight, Start With a Visual

Harvard Business Review

Asking important questions and avoiding unnecessary ones is essential to moving forward effectively and efficiently with big data. Without visualization, we are much less efficient in getting to the questions whose answers teach us something.

Escape the Moore's-Law Traffic Jam

Harvard Business Review

Information travels across bigger microchips with less efficiency at slower speeds, while consuming more power. Although both companies are working towards 3D interconnect, neither has figured out how to volume-manufacture the technology. Competition Information & technology Technolog

Platforms Are the New Foundation of Corporate IT

Harvard Business Review

It embodies the long tail realities of major business and technology decisions, resulting in an IT department struggling to manage multiple costly and incompatible infrastructures. Functionally, digital technologies are front-office, customer-facing, and demand-generating.

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Is Your Organization Ready for Total Digitization?

Harvard Business Review

At Boeing, all enterprise technology (including digital) investments are managed by the CTO, which enables significant synergies. Convergence usually requires the introduction of new organizational structures to create efficiencies and synergies and to increase reuse of resources.

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A Board Director's Perspective on What IT Has to Get Right

Harvard Business Review

I''m often struck by how many articles exclusively focus on new or emerging technology and their productivity or efficiency effects. DIG is responsible for emerging technology, collaboration methods and technology (e.g., Improving Operational Efficiency.

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A Global Online Network Lets Health Professionals Share Expertise

Harvard Business Review

With guidance from Paul English, chief technology officer of Kayak, we borrowed a common tool from business — professional virtual communities (PVCs) — and adapted it to leverage the wisdom of the crowds. As of July 2013, there were 50 private communities.

Marketers, Let Your Egos Go

Harvard Business Review

It''s hard to argue that any computer or technology can create that kind of emotional connection or weave that kind of story. What we can''t deny is that technology is now penetrating the marketing industry like never before. Advertising Marketing Technology

The First 90 Days in a New CIO Position

Harvard Business Review

Perhaps the most exciting (and challenging) aspect of working in a progressive IT organization is the pace of technological change. Additionally, we must support the research needs of our faculty by ensuring that we''re providing world-class technological research capabilities.

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How To Really Measure a Company's Innovation Prowess

Harvard Business Review

MIT Technology Review didn't pick a winner, but on its recent list of top 50 "disruptors," the magazine mixed stalwarts such as General Electric and IBM with up-and-comers, Square and Coursera. Operating efficiency (sales over assets). Who is the world's most innovative company?

IT Cannot Be Only the CIO's Responsibility

Harvard Business Review

Of course, this response would be fine if the challenge were merely to deploy technology (on time and to budget) and ensure it continues to function properly for as long as required. Technology? This only results in technology being deployed on time and to budget and works.

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Solving the Internet's Congestion Problem

Harvard Business Review

It is outpacing the internet's, and Internet Service Providers', ability to efficiently deliver it. Or do we need better technologies that can be more efficient at using the internet we've already got? Needless to say, I believe in this technology.

Should Your CIO Be Chief Digital Officer?

Harvard Business Review

By helping business leaders to improve their businesses, the CIO becomes an obvious candidate to fill any open role that involves technology, process, or strong governance. Other companies have multiple employee collaboration platforms with different rules and technologies.

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Email Is Not Free

Harvard Business Review

Even if I was efficient and processed each email in 30 seconds, it would still take almost an hour and a half. Anecdotally this clearly affected our company''s efficiency, but we had all the data points to calculate the bottom-line financial impact. Communication Technology

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Invest in Digital Marketing to Control Your Destiny

Harvard Business Review

The Obama campaign's techniques, tools and technologies deserve detailed and dedicated attention from every organization that takes data-driven decisions seriously. We knew what to do," said Harper Reed, the campaign's Chief Technology Officer. "We Barack Obama Innovation Technology

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Revealing Leadership Insights From Thinkers50

Tanveer Naseer

Technology has clearly paid a huge part in this, but the biggest driver of change in how organizations are run is the ceaseless quest for improvement; to manage more efficiently and effectively to better achieve business results.

We Can Now Automate Hiring. Is that Good?

Harvard Business Review

Then, as the labor market changed, automation was simply the most efficient way of dealing with a deluge of candidates. Another reasonable approach is to automate even more and to use technology to handle some of the more standardized tasks associated with selecting the best candidates.

Rethinking Security for the Internet of Things

Harvard Business Review

Technologies like microkernels and hypervisors (which allow individual components to fail and be restarted without affecting other parts of the system) are already commonly used to increase the reliability of embedded systems. Information & technology Internet

The Coming Branded-Currency Revolution

Harvard Business Review

Market leaders will be those who best help consumers manage and spend Branded Currency from their portfolios, offer the best exchange rates, create the most liquidity, and make the most efficient markets. Customers Information & technology Marketing Coupons. Gift cards. Loyalty points.