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Accountants Will Save the World

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Similarly, you don't have to be an energy company or pulp and paper producer to focus on those resources; all companies use water, energy, and paper. Corporate social responsibility Finance WBCSD WFP

Could the Middle East Fuel the Solar Industry?

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"Ten years ago we met in Saudi and said 'someday we'll be sitting in the middle of the desert talking about renewable energy.' The speaker was an academic at Sydney's University of New South Wales, and we met last week at a vast trade show in Abu Dhabi called the World Future Energy Summit.

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When You Should Seek Capital from an Impact Investor

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We came together over a Skoll Foundation-funded project a few years ago to explore business models for social entrepreneurs. Finance Social enterpriseIf you're running a social venture, you're probably familiar with the challenge of raising capital for growth.

The European Union: A Failed Experiment

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In a phrase, it''s time to throw out the EU project itself. Those that fall into an economic slowdown or recession can''t "print money" to finance their safety nets for people who are unemployed or who face extreme poverty. How long can this go on?

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What Your Boss Really Wants from You

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I am fortunate enough to work with these people all the time across a span of industries and professions: finance, health care, education, energy, technology. Your boss wants you to be: Relentlessly focused on making your numbers and completing projects or initiatives in a timely, responsible fashion. It’s 1958, and Patricia Bays Haroski, a State Farm Insurance Company employee, wants people to formally recognize their boss on October 16th. Her goal?

Have a Real Impact; Keep Your Day Job

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Matt Ellis at CBRE, a global leader in real estate services, is designing financing structures that will provide capital for clients' energy efficiency initiatives.

How to Compete When IT Is Abundant

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With the swipe of a credit card, the customer support team can move to Zendesk or; the HR team lives on Workday; the business intelligence group moves to GoodData or Domo; the finance team logs into Netsuite; the marketing department orbits around Marketo and Salesforce''s marketing cloud. supporting customers with new experiences (can my thermostat talk to my energy provider?),

How to Make Fossil Fuel Divestment Really Matter

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But the Rockefellers’ move may have more impact, for a key reason: their stated commitment to transition the divested funds to clean energy investments. Global clean energy investment also peaked in 2011, at $317 billion, and was down 20% from that peak in 2013.

Entrepreneurs: You're More Important Than Your Business Plan

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And we are often happy to review these start-up plans — which include the typical elements such as a product description, competitive analysis, estimate of market size, and projected financials. "Would you take a look at my business plan?".

What to Know About Doing Business in Iran

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sanctions are delaying these projects being financed. of government revenue was derived from energy in the first half of FY 16. However, oil prices have dropped more than 60% since the interim nuclear deal in November 2013.

4 Strategies for Women Navigating Office Politics

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In 2013, we conducted a number of interviews and surveyed 270 female managers in Fortune 500 organizations to determine what they liked and disliked about business meetings. Gail was in her fifth year at a large finance firm when she recognized a disconcerting pattern.