Energy Leadership: Anabolic vs. Catabolic


In Energy Leadership: Transforming your Workplace and your Life from the Core , Bruce Schneider outlines two forms of energy that show up in our lives: anabolic and catabolic. Anabolic Energy. Catabolic Energy. Energy Leadership.

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The Power of Human Energy: Angela Ahrendts at TEDx Hollywood

First Friday Book Synopsis

In her TEDx presentation, Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts talks about the positive and transformative power of human energy. In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a library of talks, filmed at independently organized TEDx events. With 30,000+ videos from organizers in more than 130 countries, speakers cover topics from sanitation to technological wizardry […].

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Picasso and Project Management

Strategy Driven

So what does any of this have to do with Project Management? The common theme from the above is with projects themselves. Just like art, there are projects that have major impacts on society, like the Sistine Chapel (Pyramids, Moon landings, etc.). While other types of projects are more the paint by numbers type. Projects (and Project Managers) also have many different ways to reach the end goal. Projects are works of art and not scientific theory.

Muster Energy for Change After the Luster Fades

Change Starts Here

Much energy is generated at the beginning of a change initiative to draw attention to the need for change, generate excitement about the vision, and coordinate activities. Thinking the initiative can coast without additional effort, managers and others drop the energy level.

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Impatience as a Leadership Virtue

Let's Grow Leaders

Patience is the support of weakness; impatience the ruin of strength -Charles Caleb Colton “Karin, we should be able to have this project done by the end of the year.” They were the experts, and the project involved heavy IT lift–never fun.

2013 – Top Change Posts of the Year at Enclaria

Change Starts Here

Here’s a list of the most popular posts at Enclaria for 2013. When Does a Project Justify Using Change Management Tools? Muster Energy for Change After the Luster Fades. Who Does What on Change Projects? Thank you for reading my blog this year! Have you read them all? The top 5 Enclaria blog posts from this year are: Three Ways to Frustrate Employees Going Through Change. Four Reasons Leaders Need Change Agents.

How to tackle a big project

Deep Imprints

I have a project that I’ve been avoiding for several weeks. It just saps the energy out of everything I do. Getting things done also creates its own energy -when you start to accomplish things, you find. Tonight, I finally tackled it. I hate that feeling of impending work that I don’t want to do. Read More » Coaching discipline goals time management

7 Common Energy and Time Wasters for Leaders

Ron Edmondson

Wasting time and energy may be one of my biggest pet peeves as a leader. I firmly believe if we get rid of common energy wasters we can dramatically improve our performance as leaders. It could be attending a meeting…or supervising a project.

It’s Not Impossible – It Just Hasn’t Been Done Yet

N2Growth Blog

Where the absence of an outcome or a discovery exists so does a lack of creativity, critical thought, focused energy, effort and resources, and ultimately a lack of leadership. By Mike Myatt , Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth.

The First Thing Leaders Need to Do When Leading a Big Change

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from Phil Buckley : Most leaders will lead their organizations through multiple big change projects. The first thing leaders need to ask themselves is, “What do I bring to the project?” Taking stock of their qualifications will focus their energy and build confidence.

Conversation 2: What Is This Project or Team Really About?

Steve Farber

–all those things we learned back in Project Management 101. And if you can tap into that need and help to fill it for your team members, they’ll put much more energy and creativity into their work. Watch what happens to the energy of the team.

Why Creativity Thrives Under Constraints

Tanveer Naseer

There’s always excitement around a new project. Just about every influence on our once new and exciting project also brings a constraint. It’s enough to pull all the energy and excitement right out of us. We can lose interest or become frustrated by our once shiny new project.

Quiet Time: The Introvert’s 5 Keys To Influence


Take a look at the new book by this author, Quiet Influence: The Introvert’s Guide to Making a Difference (Berrett-Koehler, April 2013); I find myself pumping my fist and saying “yes!” 2. Sustain your energy. By Jennifer Kahnweiler, Ph.D.

Why you need to stop telling them what to do


Every time a new project comes along or something new needs to get done, there they are, calling, sending email, knocking on your door to get your directions. This conserves mind-energy for other things).

Leading for a Higher Purpose

General Leadership

Eyewitness accounts confirm that raising the flag on the fourth day of the bloody battle of Iwo Jima ignited a wave of energy and enthusiasm that could be heard across the island. “The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others.”

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Three steps to engaging employees in what matters to them


Three places to begin: Observe their energy as they work. What if you spent one day this week REALLY paying attention to each person who reports to you to look for the high energy signs that show which activities excite them at work? You might be hearing a lot about employee engagement.

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Five Ways Leaders Turns Doubters into Doers

Chart Your Course

Effective June 2013, all employees were required to work in the office. A former Google executive- wasn’t Mayer supposed to bring new energy to Yahoo!, Your business is adding a new time-management system, which requires employees to log their hours on specific projects.

Meeting Zombies. How to Avoid Your Brain Being Eaten

Mike Cardus

They enter the meeting with energy, enthusiasm…or at least a pulse! The team leader / project manager being prepared for the meeting. You have been a meeting zombie, I have been a meeting zombie…We both are guilty of spreading the Zombie virus to others in the meeting room.

Ten magical thoughts to let go of


They sap your energy. Letting go of them allows you to be able to use that energy for things that are more positive, realistic, and productive. Some may want to be coached, others may want a challenging project, time off, recognition, or all of the above.

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Are you stuck in a sheep cyclone?

Survive Your Promotion

End a Failing Initiative – Sometimes a project has died but no one wants to admit it.

Inconsistent Bossing: A Surefire Way to Disengage

Great Leadership By Dan

Bosses can take a moment when they arrive to work (or whenever necessary) to self-evaluate their mindset, see where there thoughts lay to make sure they don’t project their own whimsical emotions on others. The same ripple effect can of course occur when projecting negativity.

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050: Keys to Personal Productivity | with Erik Fisher

Engaging Leader

Time and energy. App: Toodledo used by Jesse in combination with the 1MTD approach and with Basecamp for team projects. Most of us don’t have the luxury of only being leaders … we need to get work done personally as well as through other people.

Being The Hare

Survive Your Promotion

The many projects and passions that I’ve been excited about over all these years have started to hang together. Focus on the People – The best part for me about a new project or idea is the new people it brings me in contact with. photo credit: wolfpix.

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Your career will soar if you avoid leaders’ #1 blind spot

Michael Lee Stallard

They feel employees’ enthusiasm and energy — or lack thereof — and recognize the bad results of an organization with overall morale problems. Armed with this knowledge, the best leaders find jobs, ongoing responsibilities or temporary projects that help their employees progress toward their career goals. They respond with enthusiasm and energy when their supervisor shows he or she cares.

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It’s not about “time management”. Engaging & leading the “scatter brain”.

Anese Cavanaugh

I get questions from subscribers and participants all the time about random things that relate to leadership, presence, energy, collaboration, dealing with their mom, changing something that they’re afraid to change, etc.

Sustainable and effective leadership

Lead on Purpose

The story weaves the pressure he feels from the board together with a difficult project he’s doing on his home and his love for rock climbing to tell a real-life story that’s easy to internalize. Fighting too much: Spending too much time and energy denying current realities.

Shifting, optimizing & changing culture…it doesn’t have to be hard

Anese Cavanaugh

Energy. The energy of the organization and in team meetings. Your energy. ” “…When we’re clear in our vision and intentional with our energy, we’re so much more effective in our work in this world.

The 6 Benchmarks of High Performance Teams

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

4) Passion: Energy, enthusiasm, and confidence. There is a high and sustained level of energy, enthusiasm and confidence about their work and the way team members work together. In 1996 , 51% of US employees were reported to be members of team. By 2006 , it had increased to 84%.

A Herd Mentality Helps Teams Crash Through Distractions

Great Results Team Building

Successful teams may have an idea of the direction or destination they are moving toward, but their focus and energy must be placed on the next immediate action that will lead to that success. The herd mentality provides an energy and purpose and sense of safety.

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Happier Employees in 1 Simple Step

Survive Your Promotion

Closes the door) The TargetMart project numbers just came back – the results are horrible! If your next project results are this bad you’re fired. Thinks “I’d better spend all my time and energy on finding a new job and keep my head down until I can get out.”). Closes the door) The results are back in on the TargetMart project and the numbers weren’t what we hoped for. Pat: I’m glad you asked – it was a tough project.

Are you the weakest link? 3 ways to “hold your space” in leadership.

Anese Cavanaugh

The lowest energy “wins” You walk into a room, and the room feels heavy, “down”, tense, yucky. Unless you “match” that energy. You’re excited about a project and you get push back, naysaying, “it’ll never work”, “who are you to”… And you keep going. Unless you “match” that energy. Unless you “match” that energy. That project feels harder and not as compelling.

Kayaking, Currents, and Reaching Your Team Destination

Great Results Team Building

And even when we became aware of the tide, and gave a bit more energy to keeping the front of our kayaks pointed toward our destination, the surroundings provided a number of distractions that drew our attention away from that goal on a couple of occasions.

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What I Wish I Knew as a CEO That I Learned Later in HR

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

When I first took over the HR role I was amazed at the number of projects that were underway in the HR organisation, and the fact that many of these, even if highly successful, would actually achieve little in solving a critical business need.

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Eighth Annual Hay Group Study Identifies Best Companies for Leadership

Great Leadership By Dan

Leaders work hard to connect people with projects that are personally meaningful to them. Actively applies sustainable and energy-efficient policies. Hollywood has the Oscars, Television the Emmys, publishing has the Pulitzer prizes, and leadership development has its own annual awards. There are a few of these annual leader rankings, and quite frankly, it’s difficult to keep them straight.

Why Sleepy Leaders Are Bad Leaders


Tony Schwartz , founder of The Energy Project cites research that argues that 95 percent of humans require 7-8 hours of sleep per night. It’s a tempting thought: the more we work, the more productive we are. For those in senior leadership, it can be irresistible.

Re-Imagining New Leadership Possibilities in 2014:

The Empowered Buisness

Weak visions are meaningless superlatives or vague language that have no energy and fall flat on your organization. Both of these visions are sadly bland and generic that they could have been thought of by high school students as a homework exercise for their economics project.

The most obvious, yet crucial, “thing” overlooked in leadership

Anese Cavanaugh

You’ll also know, that words like “self-care”, “energy”, “presence”, and “authenticity” infiltrate all things leadership in my book. ” Or, Pause, if just for a millisecond with a quiet thought trying to connect “What the heck self-care and energy are doing in the same sentence as leadership?” Your self-care directly impacts your energy inside. Which impacts your energy and presence outside.

Join Me in Des Moines?

Steve Farber

If you’re in the Midwest of the US–or just have a hankering to travel there–please join me at The Extreme Leadership Intensive in Des Moines, IA on July 18 & 19, 2013.

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The Value of Vision Series – Daniel Burrus

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

Futureview is your ability to project yourself into the future and then look back at your present position from that future point of view. The atmosphere crackles with an optimistic, can-do energy. Futureview: A Roadmap for Growth and Prosperity. by Daniel Burrus.

We Lead Through Competition

Coaching Tip

Hirschman said, "This sentence admirably epitomizes several of the histories of economic development projects in recent decades. When we do not ''''allow'''' our fellow beings, then we are not in connection with the “ Source Energy ” that fuels our own creations.

When Employees Become Disengaged – TTI Success Insights

Chart Your Course

In laymen’s terms, I enjoy expanding my knowledge, but if I’m investing my time and energy into a project, I like to see some kind of return on my investment. Employee Engagement: A Key Ingredient for Personal Motivation and Business Success. By Amber Walz Do you know for certain that all of your employees are “engaged employees?”

Not Adhering to the Rule of 150

Coaching Tip

Office cliques can affect workplace culture in a variety of ways.according to nationwide survey conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of CareerBuilder from May 14 to June 5, 2013, among a representative sample of nearly 3,000 full-time, private sector U.S.

3 Ways to Improve Your Organization’s Culture


Big producers, wealthy clients, and large deals are all part of who they are and what they project. Misalignment will cause stress and conflict that consumes energy and holds you back from attaining goals–personal and organizational.