Why Are Some Sectors (Ahem, Finance) So Scandal-Plagued?

Harvard Business Review

initiative — prohibitions against off-label marketing under the False Claims Act — swept through the pharmaceutical industry. Ethics Leadership Risk management LIBOR

Autism's Competitive Advantage, and Challenge, in the Workplace

Harvard Business Review

These include perfectionism; preoccupation with details, rules, orders, lists, organizations or schedules; excess devotion to work; inflexibility about matters of morality, ethics or values; reluctance to delegate tasks unless others submit to exactly his way of doing things; and rigidity and stubbornness. But is it honorable, ethical and even legal to hire people knowing that making them better as a person may make them less valuable as an employee?

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Don’t Coach Integrity Violations – Fire Them!

Marshall Goldsmith

A very wise leader, Alan Mulally, the former CEO of Ford and Fortune’s #3 greatest leader in the world 2013, once told me, “The key to your success is having great customers. For example, a pharmaceutical company called me recently.

Solving the $100,000 Cancer Drug Problem

Harvard Business Review

These researchers opined that high prices are preventing patients from being treated, and they questioned the ethics of pharmaceutical companies.

Business Can't Solve the World's Problems — But Capitalism Can

Harvard Business Review

Business will move the great masses of humanity forward with advancements in pharmaceuticals, materials, process, and technology — but it will almost always leave 10% behind. This we call ethics.

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