The Building Blocks of Successful Corporate IT

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Market leaders and fast followers seek transformational change; cautious adopters and laggards dip their toe into incremental change. Market leaders and cautious adopters proactively seek change; fast followers and laggards take a reactive approach.

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Build Your Bench Strength Without Breaking the Bank

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Many social enterprises start small and grow fast. But it's critically important if yours is a fast-growing organization. But it was growing fast. Follow the Scaling Social Impact insight center on Twitter @ScalingSocial and register to stay informed and give us feedback.

Strategic Choices Need to Be Made Simultaneously, Not Sequentially

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The company was an eager user of my “cascading choices” framework for strategy that I have used for decades and written about extensively, most prominently in the 2013 book I wrote, with friend and colleague A.G. Despite what many think, there are not generically great ways to win — e.g., being a first mover or a fast follower or a branded player or a cost leader.