Interact with Employees and Impact Productivity

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Gallup also found, in a separate study ( [link] ), that regardless of the number of hours worked, weeks of vacation time or a company''s flextime policy, engaged workers have a higher overall level of well being. Late last year a great majority of workers told us they were going to look for a new job in 2013, and more recently a similar majority admitted to cruising Internet job boards during work hours.

Give Your Organization a Work-Life Vision

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Culture is what really defines how much latitude people have in terms of managing their work and non-work demands, whether or not there’s a flextime policy on the books. He was the 21-year-old investment banking intern who died in London, August 15, 2013, after having worked 72 hours straight at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. (To More and more companies are acknowledging the importance of work-life balance, at least as far as official policy goes.