Complimentary Resource – Forrester Research Report: The Business Impact of Mobile Engagement

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Forrester Research Report : The Business Impact of Mobile Engagement. Click here for more information on Forrester Research Report : The Business Impact of Mobile Engagement. Relate Articles: Complimentary Resource – Forrester Report: E-Signatures Q&A.

Think SoLoMo or SoCoLoMo – Social Commerce, Local & Mobile – For Digital Success

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Forrester Research: US Cross-channel Retail Forecast 2011 to 2016. Forrester Research: US Online Retail Hits $200 Billion. Forrester Research: US eCommerce to Reach Nearly $300 Billion by 2015. In an evolving digital work place, it is critical for leaders to think of their products, services and leadership in terms of SoCoLoMo. This is a take off of the popular SoLoMo, which stood for So cial Lo cal and Mo bile, with the Co addition standing for Co mmerce and / or Co ntent.

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Mars Incorporated: A Sweet Place to Work

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It is still 100% family-owned -- now by the three elderly offspring of Forrest Mars Sr., 95 on the 2013 list, Mars boasts employees who love not only the products they make but also the office culture and the company's long-standing principles. Source: FORTUNE, February 4, 2013. ? FLW, Mars Chocolate North America Continue Sponsorship For 2013 Season.

Complimentary Resource – Top 10 Trends in Email, Mobile & Social Marketing

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Complimentary Resource – The Effect of Poor Customer Service and What to Do About It

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One CEO???s Reflections On Measuring Impact And Purpose

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The following is a guest piece by Daniel Patrick Forrester. Daniel Patrick Forrester is the Founder and CEO of THRUUE. A Look Back At My Top 10 Leadership Insights From 2013 The Language Of Leadership.

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New Research: You're Doing Customer Experience Innovation Wrong

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In a recent Forrester survey of 100 customer experience professionals, nearly half of respondents said that their executive team''s strategy for customer experience is market differentiation. "Innovation" has become a buzzword in the customer experience field.

Yes, Marketers, There Is Life After Mommyblogging

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Boomers averaged $650 spent online vs. Gen X at $581 and Gen Y at $429, according to Forrester Research. In 2013, the world of "influencer marketing" is a crucial element of the marketing mix. "We buy stuff too."

Morning Advantage: You're Too Busy to Innovate

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Seriously, Governments Should Be Playful (Forrester). Einstein famously said that if given an hour to solve a problem, he'd spend 55 minutes defining it and 5 minutes on the solution. That's "exactly opposite of what the vast majority of executives today would do," writes Jeffrey Phillips in the blog Innovate on Purpose. Most of them would simply define a solution, implement it and have 15 minutes to spare for checking email." The problem, he argues, is that we've become too efficient.

Quality vs Frequency: What's Your Mobile Strategy?

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Many health insurers are in this spot, since they typically rate at the bottom of scores like the Forrester Customer Experience Index. Your customers are in the midst of a mind shift. First they get a smartphone. Then they learn that they can ask for any information and get an instant result.

Despite Dire Predictions, Salespeople Aren’t Going Away

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Forrester Research predicted that one million B2B salespeople will become obsolete by 2020, lost to e-commerce. For example, between 1995 and 2013, the top five pharmaceutical companies shed more than 55% of their salespeople in the US.

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How to Rebrand Yourself as Creative When You’re Not Perceived That Way

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In a 2013 study , after respondents were exposed to images for just three seconds, they rated a man wearing a bespoke suit as “more confident, successful, flexible, and a higher earner” than a man in an off-the-rack suit. In fact, a study by Adobe and Forrester Consulting showed that 82% of leaders surveyed saw a strong link between creativity and business results. The contemporary business world lauds those who are seen as creative.

What Apple Gets Right with Its Smartwatch

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My own research at Forrester Research has focused on synthesizing a much more complete and empirical description of people’s fundamental needs based on research in psychology, economics, and neuroscience. Forrester survey data shows that interest in wearing a wrist-based computing or sensoring device had grown from an already-high 28% in 2013 to an impressive 42% in 2014, all before the Apple Watch was a thing.

How Big Data Brings Marketing and Finance Together

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When Raja Rajamannar became CMO of MasterCard Worldwide in 2013, he moved quickly to transform how the credit card giant measures marketing. His artillery: Advanced Big Data analytics. MasterCard had always been a data-driven organization.

Why Amazon Should Unbundle Prime

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Amazon claims it has at least 20 million Prime members, having signed up 1 million new subscribers in the third week of December 2013 alone. Forrester Research estimates that Amazon loses between $1 – $2 billion on Prime annually, presumably this loss figure does not take into account the marketing benefit of higher sales.